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  1. New demon trailer: Copy pasting a translation comment below: “Genma Amanozako (CV: Naomi Ohzora): A Japanese goddess believed to be the origin of tengu and amanojaku. It is said that she was born when Susano-o vomited built-up ferocious spirit from his body. When enraged, she can break any weapon, no matter how sharp, with her fangs. It appears her unique skill, "Heavenly Reversal," is a Dark-damage counter which lowers Attack.”
  2. Atlus is doing a new mini series on YouTube focusing on demon designs/characteristics on YouTube. First up is Jack Frost. Really like that they gave him a Jack Frost version of the Bufu/Ice spells.
  3. Finally seeing more of Shin Megami Tensei V yesterday made me happy. It was great to finally see some gameplay, and the game is looking wonderful. Glad it will be releasing this November. To celebrate, here’s the artwork they released to tie in with the game. Doi’s artstyle really fits with the series now that Kaneko isn’t behind the wheel anymore, and I’m looking to see what new demon designs the game will have.
  4. Strange Journey Redux: So, totally because of the Nintendo Direct yesterday and ACTUALLY SEEING SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI V GAMEPLAY, I popped SMT Strange Journey Redux back in my 3DS XL. Finished off Sector Delphinus, had a hell of a time fighting its boss, Asura, and am now making my way through Sector Eridanus. This is the longest part of the game by far, and boy, I already remember why I hate this part of the game. I’m using a map to get through the warp maze section. Not doing that off trial and error again! Haha Collection of SaGa: Speaking of games I haven’t played in awhile, I got the ur
  5. Kazuya being added to Smash Ultimate was a great way to start today’s Nintendo Direct. Looking forward to Advanced Wars Rebooted, Metroid Dread, the new Mario Party, and Shin Megami Tensei V.

  6. Phantasy Star IV: Haven’t played for a few days, but tonight I managed to get a new space craft on the snow planet and traveled to a new space station. This second space station, like the first one you go to, helps control the weather for a planet, and communication has been lost between the two space stations. Turns out Dark Force was behind the second one’s problems! I’m kind of surprised Dark Force showed up already, mainly because Zio (the bad guy I killed) was worshipping this thing. With my limited knowledge of Phantasy Star, I know that Dark Force is pretty much THE big bad of the
  7. Why does it look like the final boss is God going for an Elvis impersonation? It’s the hair that’s doing it.
  8. Good grief, Phantasy Star IV’s difficulty suddenly jumped up. Made it to the new planet to continue the story and man, random encounters have gotten a lot tougher. At least to compensate the game had a new party member with healing spells, and it does seem like random encounters give a good amount of EXP at the moment. Might be the time to do some level grinding.
  9. I recently saw some Strive ranked gameplay on YouTube from Dotodoya (who I watch for his Dragon Ball FighterZ videos) and I was not impressed with Guilty Gear Strive at all. I had not seen much gameplay but I fell down a rabbit hole of information and...boy, this was not what I was expecting from a Guilty Gear game. It reminds me too much of Street Fighter with the slower gameplay, and I don’t like that. Also, personal gripe, I don’t like Faust’s redesign. I like the silliness of Faust, but the new look he has with the creepy factor and overly shadowed design while still having silly atta
  10. Phantasy Star 4 - Boy, a lot of stuff has happened. Confronted the bad guy Zio and got my butt kicked (a hopeless boss fight all the way) and I lost two party members. I did get a new character thanks to Demi the robot, and she has already been a heck of a party member. Nice variety of skills to attack and support. Her cheery personality is a nice change to have in the party. Game got real emotional with cutscenes just now too after reuniting with Rune the mage. He was a party member early on but left not long after first joining. However, after said cutscenes it seems like he’s going to
  11. I mean, you do what you wanna do. It’s your gaming time.
  12. Phantasy Star IV has been good. PS2 was alright but it’s much harder. I enjoyed it though and would like to go back and finish it. It’s very Dragon Quest II NES like in terms of difficulty.
  13. Finished off Later Alligator. Pretty good and funny indie game overall, but there was some dialogue that didn’t quite hit the mark for me, not to mention how some characters were handled. That’s subjective though, and even those times the dialogue or characters didn’t do anything for me I wouldn’t say it was outright bad. Many of the characters had some pretty funny lines and interactions with you and with each other, and the variety of designs kept everyone feeling unique considering every character is an alligator! I thought this was a one and done game in terms of seeing all the conten
  14. Made a corn casserole for dinner to eat along with some pork chops on the grill and a salad. Hadn’t made the corn casserole for a while but it was good.
  15. That’s what the games you’ve tried to play have done to you. Anyway, my two cents on what’s listed: Ys - I’ve only played two games thus far from it (Memories of Celceta and Lacrimosa of Dana) but I’ve really enjoyed both. It’s got a nice blend of action RPG and the story elements that make Falcom games interesting to read through. I’m not too big on action RPGs, so Ys being a series I’ve really enjoyed with each entry I’ve played is a positive. Plus they have some great soundtracks. -Final Fantasy - Kind of in the same Platty. I’ve played and enjoyed the first 6, absol
  16. I know some people who have asthma and wearing a mask never bothered them or made them feel like they couldn’t breath. Maybe their asthma wasn’t that extreme (one guy was a co-worker of mine who was in the middle of his college years), but just from what I’ve heard from folks the mask wearing never bothered them.
  17. I made a layered Mexican pie last night. You mix your hamburger or chicken together with kidney beans, black beans, onions, Rotel, corn, basically whatever you want, and add in enchilada sauce. You start with tortilla shells, the mixture, cheese, repeat until you reach the top of your baking dish. Let it cook 35-40 minutes and you’re good to go. I’m guessing you could use lasagna noodles too and essentially make a Mexican inspired pan of lasagna, but I really liked the tortilla shells. Put my spoonfuls on a bed of lettuce and topped with some extra salsa and sour cream and it was good to
  18. SaGa Frontier - Started Asellus’s story. Her story seems to have much more text to it than the others I’ve played thus far, helping set up the Mystic’s realm and culture and the strange situation Asellus has wound up in. I haven’t really used Mystic race party members much, so I’m curious how this story mode will go since I don’t know how the growth of Mystic character stats works. Oh well, live and learn. Phantasy Star 4 - Started this up on my Genesis Mini. I normally wouldn’t jump in to a later game in the series like this since I’m not very familiar with Phantasy Star, but...well, I a
  19. T260G’s story has been completed! Shortest time so far for beating a story in SaGa Frontier. T2’s final boss was difficult to figure out how to fight, but I realized how best to fight it and the best times to heal against it. Had to rearrange my party and gear for my mechs, but the team and my one human ally, Gen, saved the day! T2’s story had a nice ending to it, and some very pretty music to tie it all together. Not sure who I’ll play as next, but I’m thinking either Emelia or Asellus. Figure it’s time one of the lady protagonists got a chance in the spotlight.
  20. SaGa Frontier - Made some good progress in T260G’s story. Finished off the 3 locations the game pointed me towards, and after recruiting Dr. Leonard to the party a new dungeon became available with more story info. Did some side exploring after that to get enough money to make good use of the gold market and then headed off for the mysterious HQ location that kept appearing in all of T2’s data research earlier on. Seems this will be a nice place to try and gain new skills for my Mech party members, but I’m wondering if I’m at the point where I need to drop Riki in exchange for another human or
  21. I mean, if that event was for western fans, wouldn’t they have had subtitles or direct voice overs instead of live interpretations? I imagine they would have done it like a Nintendo Direct or have the style of delivery they had for each individual person they talked to from each announced game. I never got the impression the 35th event was for western viewers only, which is why they had the interpreter speaking over Horii and the other man when they were on screen. I said this elsewhere, but they should have handled the DQ10 portion better. A warning ahead of time for “No plans for a west
  22. Those games would look nice with an HD 2D Octopath Traveler style look. It would be fun to watch your monsters following you around the overworld if they were given a bit more animation (and actual diagonal movement sprites) as you explored. Seems they are making this style of remake for Dragon Quest 1 and 2 as well (as Yuji Horii actually got the whistle blown at him for spilling the beans on that), so maybe when it comes down to it we’ll see an Erdrick Trilogy HD 2D release in one package.
  23. Why would it be remade if it ended up being canceled? Because of the graphical look it’s going to have? I guess not having real connection with DQ10 apart from the symphonic suite makes me feel neutral to the whole Offline version they are making. I have a feeling that’s the game we’ll get, which I’m totally fine with.
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