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  1. I’m really liking the music in the Link’s Awakening remake. This version of the song is awesome, and I love how the melody jumps around between different instruments. This is one of my favorites tunes from the original, so I’m glad they did it justice even though you only hear it for a short amount of time in the game!
  2. First person mode was kind of neat in the PS4 version (mainly for taking any snapshots like we did in our contest last year), but you can see how good the game looks without it in the environments and whatnot. Maybe it will be added in later to the Switch version for those who really want it. Before that though, I’d rather see them add a zoom feature to the camera mode.
  3. Bishop Ladja appeared out of nowhere and Kafrizzle’d the topic. Just like he did to Pankraz...
  4. Well, you are a teenage robot after all. Your programming can’t quite process feelings yet. Though that could also be from your teenage side... 🤔
  5. I just stick with Messenger. There’s enough Discord already with the people I talk too on there.
  6. Yeah, IX is the most likely next main series game that will get a remake. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is one on Switch within the next few years.
  7. Looking forward to listening to it once it hits YouTube!
  8. I see. Would it be better to finish the game first before playing any of the DLC? I’m a long way off from beating the game, but if the DLC challenges are more geared towards end game I have no problem waiting before I buy the DLC. Anyway, progress report: 1. Got to the Akkala Tech Lab and started the furnace there. Made a few of those insta-kill arrows for Guardians and then flew across the ocean to the giant maze in the northeast corner of the map. The dungeon crawling-esque experience in the maze about made me turn on some of my Etrian Odyssey music on my iPod @Plattym3! 2. Found the monster part salesman at Skull Lake. Ended up running into his shop outside of Zora’s Domain before I quit for the night and managed to buy the two monster masks he had available. I wonder how well they will actually work, but with how goofy they look I may try and wear one during an important cutscene just for shits and giggles. That was always funny when it accidentally happened in the Dark Souls games. 3. Found the Great Fairy Fountain in the Akkala region and upgraded a bunch of my clothes and armor. I was actually really close to finding and activating it a few weeks ago, but I ended up flying off to the north of the Dah Hesho shrine to the center island in the lake rather than going just a bit further east to find the fountain. I thought I had gone to the east of that shrine, but nope; when I was quickly looking for help online one source mentioned searching the Akkala region around that shrine. Felt kind of dumb I totally missed it, but now I have access to level 2 upgrades at the fountains and now have somewhat of an idea where the other two are.
  9. Load times are ok on the PS4 version. Main thing that took the longest to load was when you selected one of the three games. Loading some levels took longer than others too, but never anything that was borderline terrible. I wondered if the Switch version would have longer loading times; kind of a bummer it does. I was hoping it would be quicker thanks to the cartridge versus disc of the PS4 version. Since some of you guys have played Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I’ll ask this here: how worth it is the DLC for all the content in both packs? I don’t plan to buy it any time soon, but after playing the game for nearly 50 hours and knowing of the DLC for almost 2 years now, I’m curious how others would rate it. I’m also curious if stuff like Master Mode is it’s own save file, or does it delete your save file when you want to start the game in Master Mode. As far as I can tell, the game only has one save slot (not counting all the autosaves), or does it actually have a few save slots like Mario Odyssey does.
  10. No, you flat out love the character. The more you deny it and try to say otherwise the more the rest of us know you really like her.
  11. Nah. Much like Maribel’s feelings for the DQ7 hero, Platty (and eal) may voice their dislike of the character, but secretly really love Maribel.
  12. Yeah, that’s a good one to bring up. That moment will be especially strong in the Definitive Edition thanks to the orchestral music. Of course, losing Charmles is much more emotional. He was the life of the party for the short time he was with you.
  13. I was sad when Prince Charmles is no longer able to tag along with you in DQ8. Him being in the party was the highlight of the game.
  14. If the PS4 versions were going to be released, I think it would have happened already.
  15. There is a fan translation of the DS original, which I mentioned in my post above. @Plattym3was playing it earlier this year and said it -both the game and translation- was pretty good.
  16. It’s not small. There is plenty to explore. Don’t judge it before you can fully play the game.
  17. I’ll get the PS4 remaster eventually. I was pretty much glued to Ni No Kuni 2 last year and got a good 90 hours into it, and it ended up being one of my favorite games from last year. It gave me a Dragon Quest vibe with how the story played out and the character interactions/details being most prominent when you took the time to talk to them in Evermore, both for playable characters and NPCs. Graphics were amazing (though I’m a Stuido Ghibli fan, one of the few anime related things I like), music was excellent, and the various styles of gameplay were a lot of fun. Time flew by while playing it, and it’s one of my favorite gaming experiences on PS4. I certainly feel like I’m in the minority on that too, since NNK2 is one of the divisive games I fall into the love it camp, much like a Chrono Cross and Zelda: Skyward Sword. So I’m looking forward to finally playing the original since I never had a PS3/haven’t tried playing the fan translation of the DS original. The fact Studio Ghibli was involved got me excited, the soundtrack (which funnily enough I’ve had on my iPod for years thanks to the iTunes release) has some pretty good tracks, and many other things about the game seemed like fun. I’m sure someone will tell me “Oh NNK1 is so much better than NNK2!” or some other such nonsense, but I’ll reserve judgment until I can play it myself. Really, I’d rather the first game be great in its own right, having its own strong points while NNK2 has its own strong points too that I enjoy. That way you get two games from the same series that, while pretty different from one another, provide a fun adventure in their own style. No idea when I’ll play it, but sooner or later I’ll finally play Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. 😃
  18. Wait...is that a mod for Shin Megami Tensei? Because that looks like a modded version of SMT1 for the Super Famicom. Either that or Atlus was able to strike a deal with Disney back in the day for demon versions of Mickey and Donald! 😜
  19. Normally I wouldn’t complain about something like this, but I’m really not a fan of the English voice acting in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I mean, it’s cool Sean Chiplock is in the game, but honestly everyone just sounds really bland and/or awkward. Mipha’s voice was really bad, and The King of Hyrule’s voice really didn’t fit him either. I’m also hit and miss with Zelda; why she has a random British accent is beyond me. I guess what brought this on was when I met the Great Deku Tree earlier today. I was pretty underwhelmed with the voice choice/actor’s portrayal of the character. I’ve always imagined the Deku Tree had a loud, kind, and old sounding voice, something I’ve thought of in games like Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker. Breath’s voice...yeah, no. I was hoping the voice acting would actually be something I’d like after it was revealed VA was going to be in the game, but frankly I’m not impressed. I was skeptical when it was revealed at E3 one year the game would be fully voiced, but I figured it wasn’t fair to judge before I played the game for myself. Now that I have played it, i really wish there was a Hylian voice/grunt speak option, kind of like what Mario Odyssey had for the cutscenes you couldn’t control the text in. Bowser “speaking,” in those cutscenes was totally fine. I hate to be negative on what may be a minor thing in the grand scheme of Breath of the Wild, but...well, I just don’t like it. Hopefully Breath of the Wild 2 will have a no voice or Hylian-esque voice option. Either that or I’m just going to swap the spoken language to something else right away.
  20. A character you meet in Dragon Quest XI. Eventually you meet her in Act 2 of the game.
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