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  1. The “critical work,” we have to do where I work feels really pointless to focus on right now, but at least I was able to work in the back of house all day by myself. I did get quite a bit accomplished, so I’m happy with that. Gave me plenty of time to just zone out and listen to another soundtrack. I went with Zelda: Breath of the Wild today, and good lord I forgot how much music was in that damn game! I only got up to the Korok Forest music, which is the start of disc 4.
  2. The demo survey is up for Bravely Default II. I’m going to be as thorough as I can when filling it out because I think BD2 can be a really great game just like it’s predecessors. It needs some fine tuning for sure. https://form.square-enix.com/a.p/196
  3. Of course, the other way people could have gotten lots of money was with the magical mystery power of duplication. Can’t have that anymore though. No fun allowed.
  4. You can’t judge the other Bravely games by BD2’s demo and the impressions around it. They play totally different right now. Bravely Default and Second have the battle system nailed down, but BD2 is like that kid who’s in the awkward phase of life who’s half way between being a child and a teenager.
  5. I finished off the demo for Bravely Default II this evening. The battle system definitely needs some work, but while the game currently feels rough around the edges I have a feeling the demo feedback will really help improve the full game, much like how Octopath’s demo feedback shaped the game for the better. There were things I wasn’t too keen on, but for the 4 hours I got out of the demo I had fun with it. Definitely makes me all the more excited for what awaits in the full game, and I look forward to seeing how the devs can improve upon the game once the survey is available to fill out. Knowing how demos work for these games, I’m going to try and complete all that I can. You usually get rewards in the full game for completing different parts of the Bravely demos, which I’m okay with as I want to keep playing the demo some more. Once you finish the Thief Asterisk boss (who was a real bastard, but again, I blame it more on the battle system as of now) you can keep exploring the demo, and there’s even some new side quests. I’m going to try and max out all the jobs for everyone (which is pretty easy actually) and see if I can defeat the giant golem monster in the north east part of the map and his whopping 72,000 HP. Plus there’s the side quest you can take in town for fighting a giant sand worm in the dungeon you can explore, so I’ll give that a shot too. As of now, Default II is definitely my most hyped game for 2020. I can’t wait to learn more about the game.
  6. The ice cream lady? 31 flavors? I at first thought Dwaine said Carol Burnett, but that may be because I’ve been watching clips of it on YouTube lately.
  7. Make sure you have some notes handy for what you want to see improved after playing the demo. The game is fun, but the battle system need some work. Default doesn’t feel worthwhile since you can’t select everyone’s actions at the start of a turn, and if you get unlucky you can lose a party member right away before they can even get to their turn. I hope with the future survey we can convince the dev team to return to the 3DS games battle system where everyone chooses their actions at the start of a turn.
  8. 38 turns later I beat him. I definitely think the rest of the games with post game dungeons/bosses have handled the turn limit and difficulty a lot better. DQ3’s problem is that due to the physical only classes not getting abilities and attack skills that boost their damage output, you have to rely on normal attacks for them and constantly use oomph. DQ3 is the only game I’ve had trouble with the turn limit. DQ5, 6, 7, the final super boss in DQ8 3DS, the battles in 11...none of them were a problem.
  9. I’ve beaten him with a level 45-50 team on the GBC. Hero, Warrior, and two Sages. I managed to beat him so I could revive Ortega and I THINK a second time for the Ice Cavern dungeon (I think that’s how you unlock the ice cavern, it’s been years so I don’t remember without looking it up), but I know I got Ortega back at least. Xenlon/Divinegon is a real bastard. Only managed to beat him once on the SNES fan translation just to get the final Pachisi track, but that was a far harder time than the GBC version. I swear that the GBC version is the easiest version of Divinegon, but that’s probably just my imagination. Anyway, I may try again tomorrow and see if can take him down. I can only imagine how hard it would be with a three party team of Jesters. 😳
  10. #$*!ing Xenlon in DQ3, man. I think of all the bonus bosses in a DQ game that I’ve fought, Xenlon is the most difficult. I went back to my first file and have grinded my non-magic using party members up so they had some spells to use, and after getting them back up to how they originally were...I still can’t beat this damn dragon! He does so much damage and moves so much faster than you do. Now I remember why I never bothered with the bonus dungeon content in DQ3 after experiencing it the first time on the GBC version. I think attempting to battle Xenlon is going right out the window for the time being. I’m going back to Okami HD.
  11. I think I’ve done the most grinding in all my time playing DQ3 via the Switch version. All to help me defeat that BS Dragon at the top of the post game dungeon.

    I can only imagine how long it would actually take someone to reach level 99 in this game.

    1. ignasia


      Heh.  For me, it's the Mobile version.  Whenever I water my mom's plants, which is a 1, 2, or 3x a week proposition (she doesn't trust gardeners to handle her land...so I do it for now).  Anyway, it was a 3, then 4, then 5, now almost 6 hour job (she keeps adding plants).  All I do is grind in DQ3.  I've created a series of females based on former relationships.  3x sages (all stats maxed except for MP), 3x MA's (all stats maxed except for MP), 3x Thieves (all stats maxed except for MP), and now working on 3x Jesters.

      All of them have every spell and skill in the game prior to picking final classes.   The Jesters just completed Sage, so I started as Jester -> Sage, now Merchant, then Thief (I'll be farming more seeds at this point to maximize the final class), then finally Jester again.

      The easy route to level 99...it's not as good as the original games, as Rimuldar does not have the super mobs of Liquid Metals, but you can still get those in the latter floors of the Tower of Rubiss 5F at roughly the same rate around what's left of what spawned in Rimuldar in the previous remakes and original game.  The best spot is Zenith's Dungeon 3B and 5B.

      Or you can farm Goopi's and the Boss Troll or Stone Guardian respawns.

      Or you can just risk the first outside section of the second half of the bonus dungeon (Zoom to Zenith, walk South, exit out side to the tower of Xenlon.  Just stay outside there and battle whatever.  The gold stone guardians and metal wyverns are the main source of EXP, and the mage's kazinging them will increase your EXP yield.

      The other option is to do Zenith Dungeon 4B and the higher rate of Metal Wyverns.  Though if you're doing that, 3 and 5B should be considered.


      Don't forget Puff! will kill any metal that doesn't run on the second round.

    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      I’m not a fan of the random encounters in the bonus dungeons. There are some real bastard enemies, but I’ll consider the tower portion where the Abracadabers show up.

      Thanks for the tip on the Rubiss Tower 5th floor. I ran into some 6 LMS groups and managed to beat some of them. I hate that Puff/BeDragon slows down the users of it and you have to hope Acceleratle can get them to act fast enough.

  12. That may due the trick. You get a set party of characters to control but you can customize their skill sets, and at level 30 you can change them to other job classes if you want.
  13. We often get complaints about that from the next door neighbor eal about that.
  14. (Sees Platty reminding me I haven’t finished Etrian Nexus)
  15. So I’m listening to your episode right now @Bururian. I’m glad you still remember me trying to get you to play Etrian Odyssey games. Sorry if I was really pushy about that a few years ago. I figured you’d get some enjoyment out of it, but I’m glad you gave it a shot anyway just for ol’ Yangus. 😀 ...But #$*! you to @Plattym3for claiming Classic Mode in EO Untold didn’t have any of the new content they added! Classic Mode lets you access everything other than the new story mode only dungeons, one of the house keepers (who isn’t that great anyway, the other two have far better options for bonuses), and monsters from the story mode only dungeons. You have brought shame upon our small Etrian shack nestled in the corner of the Den, you uncultured swine!
  16. Something funny for those in need of a laugh. Different parts of Paul Blart 2 as synced up with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. I came across this video a while ago and laughed so hard over how it surprisingly DOES sync up with the album! Sounds like this comes from snippets of a podcast, but either way this #$*! is hilarious.
  17. Well, I’m having a lucky day today. Got to work and they told me we’d be leaving at 1 or 1:30 since there isn’t much of the critical work to do, and we’ll be paid for a whole day’s work. Can’t say I blame our head manager for making that call since, like I said yesterday, we’re running into roadblocks. Figure today will make a good day to make a crockpot of that veggie soup recipe I found since I’ll be home way sooner than I was expecting to be. I also got The Art of Cuphead book in the mail this morning before I left for work. I had pre-ordered it months ago and forgot all about it due to what’s been happening, so I was surprised to see it had arrived. I’m looking forward to cracking it open and looking through everything while listening to the game’s soundtrack.
  18. Ah #$*!. Now there are cases of the virus in the county of Iowa I live in. Damn it.
  19. I’m absolutely loving the Bravely Default II demo. There are some things that need fixed for Quality of Life sake, but visually and mechanically the game is MMMMMMMM MMMMMMMM GOOD! Absolutely loving the music too. It’s so wonderful to have Revo back as the music composer after how lackluster Bravely Second’s soundtrack was. My one wish with BDII is that it’s a much more compelling game than Bravely Second was. Second just felt off with how it tried to slap humor into almost every scene for one thing, and while there were times where the game had the same vibe going for it that Default had, they felt like they were buried in rather than being a natural part of the gaming experience.
  20. That Good Job! game they showed off in the Direct today looked pretty good. Might pick that one up down the road. I’m always down for a puzzle solving game where you can do pretty much whatever to solve the problem. I’m also considering that Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics too. I could easily take that to my family get togethers and we could get have a good time with that. Most of my family aren’t into gaming like I am, but I think the Clubhouse Game Collection would be an easy way to play a number of games with them and would be easy enough for my relatives to pick up and play.
  21. Have you ever tried a 3 Jesters/Bunny Girls/Gadabouts run of DQ3? I ALMOST did it for the Mr.FoopIII’s playthrough but I backed out. I feel like I don’t know DQ3 absolutely well enough to try it even though it’s one of my most replayed DQ games. Oh, I’m DEFINITELY playing the demo tonight. I’m very eager to see what awaits with the game and what changes they’ve made to the combat system. There’s a lot I’m hoping for with Bravely Default II, and right now it’s my most anticipated game of 2020.
  22. That’s pretty cool. I’ll have to look up and see what animal species they made her. Edit: Just looked into it and found out she’s a wolf in the game. That’s cool of Nintendo to include a reference to her.
  23. Something more wholesome and uplifting. You guys may have seen this already, but on my work break I watched part of this video. This 87 year old woman has played Animal Crossing New Leaf for over 3,500 hours over 4 years. It’s very impressive, and you can tell she put a lot of work into her town.
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