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  1. I haven’t had that happen in awhile now actually.
  2. And I got a notification from the mobile version of the Den about your post. It’s a chain reaction.
  3. I’ve gotten back into Dragon Ball FighterZ the last few days. The game is still pretty fun to play, and I even managed to get all the Spring capsule prizes while they’ve been available.

    I’m also glad they finally added Kid Goku. Yeah it’s another Goku added to the roster, but I’ll confess this was the one character I had hoped they’d add. He’s pretty fun.

  4. Season 2 of Aggretsuko will be out on June 14! I enjoyed the show more than I was expecting too, so I’m looking forward to season 2. https://www.siliconera.com/2019/05/21/the-aggretsuko-second-season-will-arrive-on-netflix-on-june-14-2019/
  5. I’ve had these two songs from Chrono Cross in my mind lately. This game has my favorite Mitsuda soundtrack.
  6. I have the entire weekend off, which I’m thankful for since I was sick all last week and early this week. Had a day off on Wednesday, but didn’t have much time to relax since I had errands that day. So I was pretty happy to have a full weekend off. Been taking it easy today. Got to enjoy some good food on the grill for lunch before the stormy weather kicked in again, made homemade punch, and finally managed to finish off Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon and platinum all three games in the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. Really enjoyed the trilogy, and after playing through it my favorites still go Ripto’s Rage, the original, and then Year of the Dragon. All three are as fun as I remember and I’m glad I finally got the trilogy. Tomorrow will be a good day too. I’m going to a Harry Potter music concert in the afternoon with my mom as a late Mother’s Day celebration since I had to work all day on Mother’s Day, and we’re planning on checking out one of the local restaurants that’s downtown in the city the concert is at. Should be a fun Sunday!
  7. New recipe time! This time I made homemade punch courtesy of my grandma’s recipe. It’s always a refreshing drink for the hot weather, and since summer is around the corner I figured today would be a good day to give it a try and make it.
  8. ‘appy birfday, guv! Hope it’s a diamond of a day for ya, @Bururian.
  9. Spyro 3’s progress has been the slowest of the three games for sure. I’ve reached Evening Lake (the third hub world) and have completed Bentley’s level. Man, I don’t remember if he was like this in the original, but Bentley’s little brother is a turd. Not gonna lie, it was fun smacking him with the club Bentley uses as a weapon. 😈 Anyway, I need to backtrack to a few levels now that I have several of the animal characters unlocked, namely ones that require Sgt. Byrd and Bentley. Gotta get those 100% ratings. I’ve platinumed the other two games in the trilogy, so what’s one more, right?! RIGHT?!?!?! (Actually getting trophies and whatnot in the games are pretty easy. Most of them are things you’d do normally anyway. A few oddball ones I had to look at the trophy lists for, but nothing ridiculous or totally out of the way.)
  10. Localization time and the lack of consistent releases in the west is a big factor.
  11. Not to mention embarrassing for the girls if the person playing the Switch is out in public with the system.
  12. I did.....in the far off future. 🤪
  13. I’m going to put my job complaining in spoilers, so ignore it everyone. Just need to vent. Other than that, I got my mom a nice Mother’s Day gift. Several family members went out to my grandparents and we had breakfast with my grandma, so it was a good time. She seemed happy we came out and surprised her.
  14. 2 Spyro games down, one more to go! I’ve really been enjoying the Reignited Trilogy, and visually it’s exactly what I imagined the original Spyro trilogy would look like if it ever was remade.

    Time for Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon!

  15. But peach salsa is so good. Not as good as pineapple salsa though.
  16. See, I like my mangos with a peachy twist to them. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_AbtH_d4z00
  17. @ealwe have the perfect topic for you. Get in here and share what manga you’re watching, boy! 🤪
  18. Spyro 2 progress is going alright. I’m now at the 3rd hub world (Winter Tundra) and have the final set of levels before going after Ripto. Spyro 2 is my favorite game of the PS1 games, and playing through it on the Reignited Trilogy has been great. Some challenges for orbs have thankfully been made much easier (looking at you Breeze Harbor trolly orb challenge!), and the levels feel very vibrant and truly alive. A lot of the minor details in the levels are nice additions.
  19. I finished watching Tuca and Bertie this morning (thanks Wednesdays being my day off from work), and overall I thought it was pretty good. You can tell its by people who worked on Bojack Horseman, and while the show is a lot more on the silly side it still tackles some heavy issues in a mature way. A few times there were some odd blends, but I chalk that up to it being the first season of the show. I got quite a few laughs from the show thanks to the dialogue and background jokes, and am glad to see another show in the style of Bojack. Hopefully we’ll see a season 2 of Tuca and Bertie next year!
  20. Finished and platinumed Spyro 1, now on to Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage. I kind of forgot Spyro 1 was a shorter game, and considering I’ve only fully played through it once before I’d say I did pretty good beating it time wise. My new work schedule means my main gaming time is the later evening hours, so Spyro 2 and 3 will be a bit slow going since they are a lot more content heavy. It was also really easy to platinum the 1st game. Nearly every trophy was something you would have normally done in a level or at least attempted to do. There were a few I thought were odd and probably wouldn’t have gotten if I hadn’t seen the trophy list, but otherwise most of them came from simply playing the game.
  21. I picked up the Spyro: Reignited Trilogy on Saturday. Aside from taking forever to install to my PS4 (#$*!ing 4 hours of waiting, WAY longer than even Read Dead 2 took which took 2 hours), it’s been pretty fun. It looks like what I imagined Spyro remakes would look like, I’m liking the option to switch between the new arrangement soundtrack or the originals from the PS1 releases, and other details. It plays very smoothly, which you definitely want for a 3D platformer. I didn’t own the originals growing up, but I had a number of chances to play them at friends/a cousin’s house, so I remember these games fondly as those rare opportunities to play a PS1, and years later I got them for my PSP via the PSN. They were as fun as I remembered them, though a bit odd to play on a PSP admittedly. I’ve mainly played Spyro 1 in the remake trilogy, but so far, this is another smash trio of remakes much like the Crash N. Sane Trilogy before it. Kudos to Toys for Bob and Activision putting some love and care into these remakes. Definitely glad I finally picked up the Reignited Trilogy.
  22. Since I’ve been in a Falcom mood, I’m going to use the Yangus of Falcom games for a profile picture: Dogi, Adol’s adventuring friend from the Ys series.

    Now if only he had his own equivalent to COR BLIMEY!

    1. ignasia


      Dogi the Wallcrusher at your service!

      That's more or less the only consistent turn of phrase he uses that I recall.  Indeed, no innately funny line, as it requires delivery and demonstration for the punch line to really work as comedy.

      I guess you can just go...Oh Yeah!


    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Haha. Now I want to see Dogi burst through a wall while I’m running through an area in Ys 8 and shout “Oh yeah!”

  23. Haha, yeah I thought her name sounded cheesy too. Still better than being named Hummel. He doesn’t even hum! It’s false advertising. Her name is pronounced “Reh-co-tah,” the last two syllables sounding like “coat,” with an “ah,” sound at the end of it. The weirdest name pronunciation is the titular Dana in the game’s title. I thought it was “Dan-nah,” like Dan with an “ah,” sound at the end, but apparently it’s “Dawn-nah.” I wasn't sure how to say her name until some cutscenes in Chapter 3 happened.
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