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  1. I’ll be curious to see what happens with the new Monsters game. I can see Square Enix USA actually giving a #$*! about it because they can promote the hell out of Erik being the main character since he’s from DQ11. But on the other hand, depending on the console it releases on and because it’s a Monsters game, Square Enix could easily pretend to ignore it and be like “What Monsters game? You guys are nuts.”
  2. If only he could have worked that magic so we could have gotten all those 3DS Dragon Quest games Square Enix USA conveniently ignored. Hopefully he can work his magic so we get the upcoming Monsters game Erik from DQ11 is starring in.
  3. The upcoming Dragon Quest Your Story movie could be the reason. Since it’s based around DQ5, people will either check out the mobile version or replay the mobile version, so adding in an accessory like this could be tied in with the film. Or maybe Yuji Horii was like, “You know what sucks? Trying to recruit metal monsters on DQ5. Let’s add an accessory to help with that problem!” And then he snapped his fingers and magic happened.
  4. So one goal for my day off was completed: I finally finished Super Mario Odyssey, and honestly I think it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played. The final area of the game was unexpected and was really fun, and once the credits finished A LOT of stuff became available in the shops and to find in the kingdoms. I’ve barely scratched the surface of postgame (only had the chance to go back to the Cap Kingdom and some of the Cascade Kingdom), so it looks like Wednesdays will continue to be Mario Odyssey Day for a while longer! I’m thinking the game deserves a Yangus’ Thoughts. Maybe I’ll wait and finish more of what’s been unlocked now, but I have a lot I want to talk about and share it. I had so much fun with the game, and many times it put a big smile on my face. Absolutely loved it and am happy I’ve finally been able to play it. Unfortunately things weren’t perfect; a big storm blew in and knocked out the power for about 5 hours, but thankfully I was able to get everything done I needed to around the house before that happened. I’m not looking forward to another 6 day stretch starting tomorrow since I wasn’t able to relax much today apart from the time I got to play Odyssey, so hopefully I can power through the next week.
  5. Had two days of 11 and a half hour shifts at work. We had to completely rearrange the entire store layout, and since I’m the stock supervisor I had to take items to and fro depending, so I was pretty much on my toes the whole time. Luckily today I was able to hang out in the stockroom more thanks to the large amount of shipment we got in, and I managed to get a lot done back there too! I’m pretty happy with that, we got free lunches since the District Manager bought for us yesterday and today, and all the extra hours of pay the last two days is pretty sweet too. I’m allowed to listen to my iPod while in the back (I always keep one earbud out so I can hear my radio/anyone who needs me when they come to the back) so today I alternated listening to The Runaway Guys play Mario Party 4 and my Suikoden soundtracks. I don’t watch/listen to Let’s Plays much, but I’ve always liked ProtonJon and NintendoCapriSun so I enjoy listening to TRG now and then. It was also really nice to listen to my Suikoden music again; haven’t listened to those albums in awhile and man, totally forgot how great the music is from Suiko 1 and 2. Miki Higashino, you are a wonderful composer. I’m glad I have Wednesdays as my guaranteed day off. I’m planning to try and finish Mario Odyssey and see if I can finish off Cuphead as well.
  6. I had found the DQ8 guide book when I was nearing the end of my first playthrough of the PS2 version (or the start of the 2nd, it’s been too long so I can’t remember exactly) and I found the alchemy recipes to be the most helpful part of that book. The guide may be awful for actually telling you how to make progress, but it’s super helpful as a resource for item locations, recipes, and what have you.
  7. -Octopath Traveler. This was a game that sold me on the Switch. It being made by the folks who made the Bravely games is a plus since I enjoyed both. -Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, which is essentially the Definitive Edition since it has all the DLC from the other versions of the game and the new content from the PS4 version. Only issue the Switch version has is frame rate similar to the Vita version (pretty sure it’s portable only, would have to double check), but after playing that version for so long I probably wouldn’t notice any issues. Not sure when I’ll pick up this version, but it’s definitely one I’ll get in the future since I’ve become such a fan of Falcom games. -Dragon Quest XI: Definitive later this year in September. Got over 200 hours in the PS4 version and will likely clock in just as many with the Switch version, if not even more what with all the new content and us finally getting content that was exclusive to the 3DS version. -Fire Emblem: Three Houses. I’m waiting to learn more about the game before I get it, but I am genuinely interested in this game. While I’ve been kinda 50/50 on my enjoyment of Fire Emblem games, the latest entry seems interesting and I like some of the ideas they are bringing to the game. Only other one that springs to mind right now is Xenoblade Chronicles 2, but it’s not a game I’m interested in. I liked the first one though, but I never did finish it.
  8. Ok, Classic mode has been completed with all the characters in Smash Ultimate/DLC characters who are currently available. Smash Ultimate has been my go to game after work since it’s quick and easy to get in and out of matches/single player content. I’m close to having all the spirits unlocked, but I’m starting to hit a brick wall on earning them. I’m also not super happy that a number of challenges on the challenge board are online only. Unless I get Nintendo Online or whatever their new service is, that panel of challenges may go unnoticed. Super Mario Odyssey continues to impress. Since I have Wednesdays off it’s become a day of gaming and Super Mario Odyssey has been the lucky winner for awhile. I got through several kingdoms (Snow, Seaside, Luncheon, Ruined Kingdom), and almost have 400 Power Moons. As of now I’ve reached Bowser’s Kingdom, and...well, wasn’t expecting the theme for it, but it looks cool, particularly the background and skies. This Mario game is becoming a favorite game of all time for me, as every new Kingdom I go to is a treat to explore and play through. Despite it being out for nearly 2 years, I’ve managed to avoid spoilers on the game (other than some footage from trailers but those don’t make sense without context) and man, I’m really glad I did. I’ve loved seeing what surprises the devs put in, the platforming challenges, the return of Mario characters/enemies (including a surprise appearance of a Yohsi’s Island character), the many costumes Mario can wear, the absolutely stellar soundtrack....man, there are so many wonderful things about this game I can’t properly express it!
  9. Its cool to hear Cuphead is getting an animated show on Netflix. I’m stoked to see what will become of it and if it has the same love and charm put into the animation and music as the game.

  10. The game is back in stock on Amazon by the looks of it. https://www.amazon.com/Dragon-Quest-Builders-Nintendo-Switch/dp/B01NASEX0C/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?keywords=dragon+quest+builders&qid=1562774575&s=gateway&sr=8-4
  11. Yep. It’s just like how they removed Mewtwo’s Japanese voiced lines in the English dub, causing him to only have 17 lines versus the 20 he’s supposed to have. Bayonetta is a strange case too. In the Japanese dub short hair Bayo has the JP voice, but long hair Bayo still uses the English voice. Found that out when messing with options in Ultimate. Honestly I’d be cool with it being like that in the English dub. Or better yet, a setting to change individual voices just so I can have Roy’s Japanese voice back. No offense to his new English VA (who does a damn good job sounding like him), but I miss Roy’s JP voice in the English dub.
  12. Got my pre-order in just in time. Normally I wouldn’t have gone for digital only, but I wanted all those special building options that were only for the Switch version. I missed out on the ones for Builders 1 Switch, not letting that happen again! At some point I’ll pick up the PS4 version, but for now I’m looking forward to the Switch release!
  13. You need to invest a specific amount of points into each skill before you see any bonuses. For the hero for example, once you get the minimum for the first sword skill level, you’ll get an increase of +5 damage for swords. Keep leveling it and eventually you’ll earn skills like Flame Slash and Metal Slash. You’ll want to focus on a specific weapon for each character. Going swords for the hero and axes for Yangus is a good place to start if you are unfamiliar with the game. You should also invest points into each character specific skill. Yangus’s Humanity skill line for instance will give him support abilities he can use to help the party in battle, while the hero’s Courage skill line gives him some useful spells only the hero has access to. The skill point system isn’t broken; you just need to hit the right amount of points for each skill level. I can respect you want to play blind, but you should consider at least looking up a skill point/skill level guide as a reference for how many points you’ll need for the next skill level up. As for alchemy, you don’t earn them from monsters or buy them; that’s not how the game gives them to you, nor is it said in the game. You earn new recipes by talking to NPCs or reading books from bookshelves. What you earn from battles/buying in shops are specific materials you can use for alchemy, but all recipes are earned outside of battles and buying. You’ll want to try different items for the alchemy pot. If a combination of items doesn’t work, the game immediately spits them back out and tells you to try something else. Once you do find a working combo, the game will start the alchemy process. You can cancel the process at any point before the item is made, so if you don’t want to lose a specific item or change your mind you can cancel the alchemy pot before it finishes (you’ll know when it is finished when you hear a “Ding!” sound.) Dragon Quest VIII isn’t broken by any means. I played the game blind on my first run back in 2011 and I did perfectly fine. Focus on one weapon line and the specific character abilities for your skill points, don’t be afraid to experiment with the alchemy pot, and be sure to read at every bookshelf you find.
  14. That's likely not it. I believe (and I want to say we've been told this before) that it just comes down to specific guidelines marketing people have to follow. Since Nintendo likely paid for part of the publishing of the Switch port, their marketing does the Switch ads, while Squeenix probably ported the PS4 version, so they do that part of the marketing. Division of labor based on contracts. Many of us know who's actually typing and clicking send on these posts, so there's zero bias from that point of view. That probably is the case, yes.
  15. I’ve had three songs stuck in my head the last few days. It’s an odd combo of songs, but luckily they are all very catchy.
  16. I find it ironic that whenever I get a 9.9 rating on the first try in Smash Ultimate’s Classic Mode, it’s always with characters I’m not that big of a fan of. It’s as if the game’s like, “Oh, you don’t like Daisy at all and don’t like playing as Palutena? Well too bad, the CPU is gonna act stupid enough to let you earn the 9.9, sucka!”

    Maybe it’s just my weird luck that explains why this has happened a few times now.

  17. Not a lot of Chalky in the game, so had to imagine some stuff about the guy. I always thought he had a dry sense of humor, and despite never hearing him talk, the Hero is a chip off the old adopted block. Did you read books from the shelves as you played throughout 11? Chalky doesn’t get much screen time, but you do get to learn more about him if you read the in game books while playing. It actually explains a few things about the game too.
  18. It’s looks like the usual promotion artwork showing off Yggdrasil. Only now we get to see the hero and Chalky down at the bottom. Still some good artwork.
  19. I don’t know if this is mobile version only, but the countdown to DQ Builders 2 has shown “27 days” for some time now. No idea if this is happening on the full site when on a computer but I wanted to mention it @Woodus.
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