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  1. There are more people who probably existed in the world of DQ11 than you see in towns, you know. A character from Nautica mentions her village was ravaged by monsters, but you never go to said village and see how populated it was. In Act 2 it’s said several times that so a lot of people died regardless of how many people exist in towns in Act 2. So, as Platty put it, “So true, so true!”
  2. Yeah, that’s true. It’s still regarded as a main series game despite no numbering to it. Same with Shin Megami Tensei If... for the Super Famicom. Fun fact: in the Japanese version of Strange Journey the protagonist comes from Japan, while in the English translations of the game the protagonist comes from America. The change was done to help players attach to the protagonist a bit more and to show off how the cast of humans in the game come from different countries of the world.
  3. Strange Journey Redux would make sense. Like you said you have all the spell and ability names already in your head, plus you’ve already been playing your 3DS. And Strange Journey is one of the top SMT related games, so it’s a good experience.
  4. I feel like the dialogue repeats itself too much in other games. P5 had that problem too where it got to the point I just skipped a lot of dialogue between the main characters. Anyway, you could play Cold Steel 2 since you guys are experiencing a “cold front,” where you live. Haha 😜
  5. You could do what I’ve been doing and change parts of your profile picture.
  6. Not RPGs, but several SNK fighting games are on sale over on the eshop until the 20th this month. They are part of the Arcade Archives series, and currently the ones on sale are The King of Fighters ‘95, KoF ‘97, KoF 2000, and Garou: Mark of the Wolves, each of them being $4. I ended up getting all four because I enjoy SNK fighters and, well, Terry’s inclusion in Smash got me hyped for SNK games again! Garou is a great fighting game and is part of the Fatal Fury series, while KoF ‘97 is a good and easy to play entry point and is a fan favorite. I haven’t played 2000 for a solid opinion but I’ve heard it plays as well as ‘97 does. As for ‘95...well, it’s a good game, but play this one with friends only or put the difficulty down to 1. The CPU cheats and hits far harder than you do in KoF 95. From what little I’ve played of them they offer the Japanese and English versions, a High Score mode and quick fire mode called Caravan mode. Plenty of customization options for play preference too. If you want to try an SNK fighter, go with KoF ‘97 or Garou Mark of the Wolves!
  7. ‘appy birfday, guv! Hope it was a great day!
  8. It was great being on the podcast! It was funny to make an appearance after being mentioned a few times in past episodes. Thanks for having me on!
  9. I pretty much played nothing but Smash Ultimate today due to Terry Bogard joining the roster. The video covering him and all the SNK content this morning was great, he’s been a fun character to play as and (IMO) he does a better job with the cancel mechanic Ryu and Ken have in that it feels more natural for Terry. Could be because I’m more used to SNK fighters so it was easier for me to click with the timing. Anyway, I’m glad Terry is part of the roster now. His stage is actually a really fun idea, I love all the cameo character appearances, the song selection is top notch (especially all those KOF 13 and 14 songs ♥️) and it seems like a Fighters Pass well worth the money. I’m glad with the Mii outfits related to SNK as well. I was REALLY happy Iori Yagami got one since he’s one of my favorite characters to play as in KOF games, and Ryo and Nakoruru getting costumes was cool too. I was hoping K’ and/or Kyo would get Mii outfits (especially K’ since he and other NESTs era KOF characters don’t appear as cameos), but it’s not a huge deal. I’m glad to see the Akira costume return for Virtua Fighter fans though. The one issue? No reference to Rugal whatsoever. None of his themes, no Mii costume, no surprise cameo appearance, NOTHING! I’m disappointed his KOF ‘98 theme didn’t make it in at the least. Oh well. We get two versions of Geese Howard’s theme, so it makes up for it a little. Also, I laughed at how they addressed no Mai in the KOF stage. Bayonetta is totally fine for the good boys and girls, but Mai? NOPE. That was funny.
  10. I wouldn’t take my post as saying you would like it. I want to know why you are interested in the game in the first place, and I just see people compare it to Bethesda era Fallout games.
  11. Well you responded in a way I wasn’t expecting. Especially that last part. Keep the serenading in the bedroom! 😜
  12. Terry Bogard is looking like one of the most faithful characters recreated in Smash Bros. Ultimate. All the SNK content in the game looks great too. So glad Terry is the newest DLC character.

  13. Yay, Rab has rejoined the party! I’m pissed I had to re-do the battle against him AGAIN in order to master Quadraslash (same thing happened in the PS4 version) but man, that cutscene where the hero and Rab combine the ultimate techniques of Angri-La was so damn good with the symphonic version of “Brave Fight,” aka Murdaw’s battle theme from DQ6 start playing. That made the scene even more awesome. Also, I love Rab’s new outfit/armor for reaching the summit of Mount Pang Lai. I was surprised there was a chest up there, and was happy to see it was a special new outfit for Rab! It boosting his critical hit rate is a good sign it’s meant to be combined with his Claw skill set, as Rab can get a pretty good crit and dodge rate with Claws equipped. Truth be told I do miss him using Claws despite his strength being OK, but it helped make him a versatile character. Maybe I’ll start investing points into claws every now and then after I get a few more staff skill upgrades. One more thing: the cutscene with the 8th character at the top of the mountain is still hilarious. Definitely one of my favorite comedic moments of the series.
  14. It’s not a game I’m planning to play anyway. Never even heard of The Outer Worlds until the week it was releasing. Whether it’s better or worse than those two Fallout games (which I have also never played and never plan to, much like most Bethesda RPGs) doesn’t really matter to me. Maybe Drippy was disappointed with Outer Worlds because his emotions were still hurt from Ni No Kuni Remastered and his heart couldn’t take whatever The Outer Worlds had to show him.
  15. Isn’t the game just another Fallout styled game? If you played Fallout 3 and/or 4, I’m sure you’ll like the game.
  16. Weren’t you originally super excited for that game?
  17. I know. I probably could bum rush the game, but I like exploring and talking to all the NPCs and reading the text. I’m slow with DQ games, even ones I replay! I want to finish DQ11S first, but I do want to get to Builders 1 either on my Switch or go back to the PS4 version. More importantly, I still need to build that dirt castle... 😉
  18. Hey! It includes the ice cream cone ones. You leave them alone. They are like the slimes of DQ with that face of theirs.
  19. I’ve reached Angri-La. I decided to have the 8th character focus on Axes and Shields like my first playthrough. I meant to have everyone use a new main weapon, but honestly having him use Greatswords would be redundant since MopTopMoS! is using that weapon, and Erik and Sylvando are already using regular swords. Besides, Axes are just great, and the 8th character’s shield skill set is SUPER good. If I still had the “protagonist dies, instant game over,” setting enabled, the 8th character’s shield abilities would be all too necessary for safety reasons. Anyway, I found one of the new Mount monsters in the Costa Valor in Act 2...and I was TOTALLY not expecting what it was! I was dying laughing! All I’ll say is that once you get to Costa Valor in Act 2, go ahead and head on over to Puerto Valor and look at the enemies around there. The new monster Mount and how the hero rides said Mount is hysterical.
  20. Don’t worry. I’m sure ProfsafiaGaming will spoil everything about Pokémon Sword and Shield soon enough. That bastard always gets Nintendo related games days early and spoils the #$*! out of them over on YouTube. You want to know how much of that stuff is legit Aust? Go to YouTube and pay attention to his channel. You’ll more than likely get your answer very soon.
  21. So how many of those pictures did you think were fakes? You can think they’re real or not. Personally I don’t give a #$*! about Pokémon aside from seeing what the new Pokémon look like, and every picture seems pretty legit. I figured you Pokenuts around here would like to see what’s been found so far since I found that topic over on GameFAQs.
  22. Here’s a direct link to the latest version of the topic I was referring to. Enjoy! https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/259372-pokemon-sword/78133342 GameFAQs is easy to navigate. You just type in the game you are looking for and you’ll find FAQs, a forum board for that game, cheats, reviews, and so forth. You won’t know how to navigate it until you try going to it. 😉
  23. I need to get around to Celeste. It sounds like my kind of game. I enjoy challenging platformers.
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