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  1. Got the Collector’s Edition of Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD Remaster in the mail today. We didn’t get in here in the States, so I decided to import it. Ordered it last week and surprisingly it showed up already! Amazon claimed it wouldn’t arrive until July since it was coming from Japan, but, well, here we are! Haha Haven’t opened it yet, but this is all included with the collector’s edition. I’m pretty sure you can play Japan PS4 games on a US PS4, so I may fire up the game tonight. Honestly I bought this for collecting purposes since we didn’t get it, and I’m happy I was able to
  2. Haha, true. First time I fully played the game it took me about 5 or 6 hours if I remember right. Got 90% of the secrets, so not bad.
  3. Strange Journey Redux: Ended up home sick yesterday so I got a good bit of time in with the game. Reached the 4th Sphere (or floor) of the newly added Womb of Grief dungeon, defeated Ouroboros for good in Sector Eridanus, story stuff happened, and started up Sector Fornax. The new dungeon they’ve added in Redux has some big floors. The third floor was actually pretty interesting, as you had to find ways around Alex, the newly added character who is trying to hunt down the protagonist. No explanation has been given yet for that, but whatever it is Alex gets pissed when you show up. Can’t u
  4. Yeah, you and I were trying to figure out who that voice actress was but we couldn’t find anything.
  5. You’re making me want to replay Super Metroid. Stop it. Stop it right now.
  6. Haven’t played it yet, no. I want to, but at the time I grabbed it I think I was in the middle of Yakuza: Like a Dragon so I didn’t want to jump ship to a dungeon crawler haha. Definitely want to play it though.
  7. I kept trying to upload the cologne Brut, but stupid Tapatalk Thanks Tapatalk! I’ve seen daemon used in a few games. First one that comes to mind is The Lost Child game I bought earlier this year.
  8. Haha, yep. Apparently it’s a name given to lower class demons, as well as being the collective name for demons in Christianity.
  9. HowLongToBeat shows the game at 20-27 hours to beat/complete. Knowing Yangus... it might very well be ~50. I’ll take that as a compliment. Funny enough, I am just over 50 hours in Strange Journey Redux.
  10. ....CPR, the sentence before the one you quoted says there is no in game playtime clock. So I don’t know how long I have been playing.
  11. Strange Journey Redux: Finished the awful second half of Sector Eridanus (it took me nearly 3 hours to do it, damn I hate this place) and defeated the first battle with Ouroboros. I had a team ready to go against her but I forgot she could use Mahama, which is Light element insta death. Two of my demons couldn’t block it and bit the dust, but I had two in reserve who did block out Light element. So while not the team I wanted to use, I did claim victory. Good thing too, as this is one of the hardest boss fights in the game since Ouro keeps replenishing HP every turn. Now to go and stop th
  12. Honestly you’re better off. There are fans like us DQ folks I’ve interacted with who are pretty down to earth and just enjoy talking about the series and different elements/characters, but then there are some people who are extreme one way or the other. I know I get annoyed with a lack of other SMT stuff and that I joke about Persona (pretty much in the exact same way I joke about DQ9), but I’ve got nothing against anyone who prefers that series. You like it, great, just don’t be a dick about it. It’s just not for me but there are things I enjoyed about them. I’ll just stick with the othe
  13. Oooo, they’ve changed the design of the Angel. Normally it’s the blindfolded woman design. Wonder if the other Angel ranks like Throne will have new designs. (Also, thanks to folks over on YouTube we’ll be seeing videos that feature English subs for what is said in each demon showcase.)
  14. Yeah, it’s not something we usually discuss here. I mean, I really liked Persona 3 a lot because of how it handled its characters but still offered the strange and surreal elements of other SMT games. Ones like 4 and 5 I’m a lot more “meh,” towards, but there were still characters I liked like Kanji in 4 and Sojiro in 5. A lot of the party members I couldn’t stand after awhile and I honestly wasn’t a fan of scenes that didn’t have much to do with the plot, but you aren’t going to like everything. I don’t really have a solid answer why I prefer other SMT stuff, but if I had to say a reason
  15. I already love the design for this demon. Very cool. “Genma Fionn mac Cumhaill: A hero of Celtic myth. Leader of the Fianna. While training under a druid priest, he was ordered to cook the Salmon of Knowledge and gained wisdom after licking his thumb which was covered in the salmon's fat. His unique skill is a physical attack called Mac an Luinn.”
  16. New demon trailer: Copy pasting a translation comment below: “Genma Amanozako (CV: Naomi Ohzora): A Japanese goddess believed to be the origin of tengu and amanojaku. It is said that she was born when Susano-o vomited built-up ferocious spirit from his body. When enraged, she can break any weapon, no matter how sharp, with her fangs. It appears her unique skill, "Heavenly Reversal," is a Dark-damage counter which lowers Attack.”
  17. Atlus is doing a new mini series on YouTube focusing on demon designs/characteristics on YouTube. First up is Jack Frost. Really like that they gave him a Jack Frost version of the Bufu/Ice spells.
  18. Finally seeing more of Shin Megami Tensei V yesterday made me happy. It was great to finally see some gameplay, and the game is looking wonderful. Glad it will be releasing this November. To celebrate, here’s the artwork they released to tie in with the game. Doi’s artstyle really fits with the series now that Kaneko isn’t behind the wheel anymore, and I’m looking to see what new demon designs the game will have.
  19. Strange Journey Redux: So, totally because of the Nintendo Direct yesterday and ACTUALLY SEEING SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI V GAMEPLAY, I popped SMT Strange Journey Redux back in my 3DS XL. Finished off Sector Delphinus, had a hell of a time fighting its boss, Asura, and am now making my way through Sector Eridanus. This is the longest part of the game by far, and boy, I already remember why I hate this part of the game. I’m using a map to get through the warp maze section. Not doing that off trial and error again! Haha Collection of SaGa: Speaking of games I haven’t played in awhile, I got the ur
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