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  1. @Wooduswe have a spam bot above my post.
  2. Nah, that last one can stay on other systems. Actually, you know what, I have the perfect picture for Platty’s request.
  3. Those are fighting words with some people (cough @Bururian cough)
  4. Collection of SaGa: Took some extra stat grinding but I managed to beat the final boss and save the world! With how powerful the Flare spell gets based on the Magic stat I ended up trying to grind up my human’s magic stat so he could do some big damage with a Flare book. Never once tried increasing that stat for the whole game on him, so it took awhile. Thankfully the collection has a fast forward option, so it sped the process up. What’s dumb about the final boss (and several bosses actually) is that they apparently cut physical damage in half no matter what, so me trying to my human a physical powerhouse was kind of waste outside of normal battles. And with how hard the bosses have been, that was a bad call. Regardless, I did enjoy SaGa 2/Final Fantasy Legend 2. Good level of customization, a neat little story, varied lands you travel to, some good 8-bit music…all good stuff. There are improvements from the first one, but I’m not sure which I prefer. Anyway, now I can move on to SaGa 3/FFL3. This one wasn’t made by the team who did the first two games, as they had moved on to making the Romancing SaGa games on the Super Famicom. From briefly starting it it definitely seems more traditional RPG like. We’ll see what awaits in that game soon enough. Might take a break from the collection since it took me way too long just to beat the second game. Wasn’t planning to do all that grinding so I’m feeling like a change. Might be the time to get back to Nocturne HD.
  5. Collection of SaGa: Finished the Edo/Japan themed world and have made my way to the sky world. The Edo world gave me some trouble as the enemy difficulty really increased and I wasn’t really sure how to move the story on. After looking up some things about the game I worked on gaining some stats for my human and esper party members, got some better equipment, and saved the day! What’s funny about this whole world was the fact that bananas are apparently an illegal item. Even the game calls out how stupid that was, but it sounds like they had to make the change for the English release due to it being drugs of some kind on the original Japanese script. Definitely a weird change, but hey, Gameboy games seemed to have a weird thing with fruit! (Points to Link’s Awakening and the Pineapple in the trade quest saving a man’s life.) Before going into the sky world, I’m trying my luck at the Nasty Dungeon. You have to enter it to find the one piece of Magi in the ND World. From what I was reading the other day it’s entirely optional but grants some good equipment and stay boosting potions, so might as well do it to gain some new stuff!
  6. Collection of SaGa: Been getting back into SaGa 2/Final Fantasy Legend 2. Currently in the World of Apollo and am trying to find the various pieces of Magi with the hints given by Apollo himself. However, I’m taking a detour to grind up money so I can properly equip my human and Esper party members. The Giant’s Armor available in the previous world has some REALLY good defense but it costs a lot of money.
  7. Yeah, we did pretty good yesterday. I didn’t get to watch the game live but I was watching updates when I could. Hopefully the U of I has a strong season this year.
  8. Still playing Nocturne HD. Trying to beat the Amala Temple dungeon. It’s sad how much better the game runs on the Switch in handheld mode versus playing it docked. Baffles me how the game can run poorly that way since docked is usually what enhances Switch game performance.
  9. Yeah sure, “Plattym5” wants to dance to it. We all know it’s a coverup for you.
  10. I’ve been doing what Ichiban does in Yakuza Like a Dragon and yell “The enemy is defeated!” whenever I overcome an obstacle. Of course, I’ve gotten in trouble with the police and others because I keep beating up people who get in my way. How else am I supposed to get experience points, man?!
  11. Life goes on. I’ve grown, found new music to listen to, gotten my hair cut, broke into the stock market and became a multi-millionaire but lost it all because of a sneaky leprechaun…. You know, the usual.
  12. Nocturne HD: At Asakusa, which the Manikins have reformed into a town for themselves. Got through the Ikebukuro Tunnels easier than the first time I played the game, and thankfully the four oni bosses weren’t too difficult to take down. I remember the final oni being the worst because I never paid attention to the tells in which is the real one in that fight. Thankfully this time around I realized what the tell was. Definitely didn’t struggle like I did years ago when I last played the game. Also, whoever asked what demons I’m using, my team switches around a lot.
  13. Nocturne HD: Finished the Assembly of Nihilo dungeon. I definitely didn’t remember all the story beats of Nocturne, but I did remember how much I hate dealing with Kaiwan in the lower floors of the dungeon to get the last Kila. Dude keeps halting your progress on the path to find the Kila. Thankfully I was able to killa him (Hyuk hyuk hyuk) and get it. Guess it’s back to Ikebukoro to see what sort of damage was caused. I like that the game doesn’t slap you in the face with where to go but has context clues on where you should try heading next. I appreciate that.
  14. Nocturne HD: Currently going through the Nihilo base. Was working to get some better demons for my party. Decided to team up with the Mantra group for this playthrough.
  15. That would be an interesting story. Erdrick’s descendants in DQ2 go on to form their own empire and their ancestor comes back from the dead to stop them.
  16. New trailer dropped for SMT5 and it looks so damn good! Man, November can’t get here soon enough!
  17. Woo-hoo! Finished Strange Journey Redux! The new final boss was difficult, but in a good way. It’s honestly the most fun I’ve had against a Shin Megami Tensei final boss. It really incorporated all of the things you learn while playing a game from the series, and shows that a full versatile team of demons in your active party and in reserve can be a boon to you. So, long story short, it was great to play Strange Journey again. While I’m not a huge fan of some of the changes in the 3DS version, I still had so much fun with the game. This is my favorite game from the series, and still is. Replaying it, I have seen again why I originally loved the game so much years ago when I first got into the Shin Megami Tensei series. Definitely a one of a kind game. Guess it’s time to move on to Nocturne HD, but I won’t forget the Strange Journey I have been on all over again. Wonderful game.
  18. I’ll admit that I’ve thought about doing YouTube stuff over games, and of course include some DQ content. Like the Side Quest episodes Platty and I do, it would all be for fun/just because I want to do it. @Plattym3can a test to how much I can go on and on for, so I think I could do it if I really wanted to haha!
  19. We need to see a reality where Charmles and Medea fall madly in love and go on to have the perfect relationship. We can see some charmless little babies!
  20. I should try looking into the Torneko games. He is my spirit animal in DQ4, after all. Always have something good happen when I use him in DQ4, plus I’m curious how the DQ Mystery Dungeon games are.
  21. I’ll be disappointed if DQ12 doesn’t end up becoming the Dark Souls of the Dragon Quest series. We need to see it happen! It will draw in all the Souls fans!
  22. It’s still crazy to think the Overture was used for the Olympics. I can only imagine how excited Yuji Horii must have been when he was either told about this or whatever must have happened to make it a reality.
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