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  1. ProJared finally responded to what happened a few months ago.



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    2. eal


      It’s so many shades of #$*!ed up that I kept thinking of fresh ways that it’s bad as I was writing my original reasons why it was bad.

    3. ignasia


      I didn't want to bring up the power dynamics argument, because I find it BS.  Not just BS, but the largest hunk of nonsense since Christianity decided first that oral sex was evil and sinful, and the ever shifting concept of what Sodomy even means, and whether it's bad, when nothing in the 10 commandments, aside from Adultery (or cheating) is considered wrong by God, and nothing in the 200+ commandments after are even referenced in Christian concepts of sex.

      Simple reason.  There is ALWAYS power in one person or another in any sexual situation.  Always one person leading, the other following, always an element of one person having some form of control in some fashion.  Any belief otherwise is an outright lie.

      Human beings crave sexual stimulation and connection, because it is the most innate and inherent form of connection to the other.  If we play on power dynamics as wrong inherently, 100% of marriages should be annulled.  Whether it's because a woman is more reliant on the husband for finances, or the other way around, there's a power dynamic at play.  Whether one person has the stronger and more dominant personality alone, is an inherent power dynamic, no different from the relationship between a guru and an apprentice, or a leader of a movement and a follower.

      How many men have married secretaries?  How many kings/emperors married concubines, or fell in love with sexual dancers at court and married them?  Hell in the nature of kings, if we go by power dynamics, not even a princess from another land counts as an equal.  She is still by default lower in position, so there's already an inherent power dynamic in real time.  Do we say that King shouldn't marry?  What about Queen Elizabeth marrying a lowly Duke from an offshoot bloodline related to her own, but with substantially less land and power in Germany than even Victoria's house of Sax-Coburg-Gotha, let alone compared to Queen Elizabeth?  Should that marriage have been cancelled, because her consort was virtually a peasant compared to her?

      The reason South Park made fun of power dynamics in sex, with the whole PC Principle and Vice Principle Strong Woman scenario, is because sex is normal, sexual attraction is normal.  If we go by arbitrary concepts of power, we then take away the agency of both individuals.  The person with less power is NOT required to have sex in a free society, with someone above them.  They have a choice, they made that choice for particular reasons, often to promote themselves.

      How many secretaries sleep with their bosses, many of whom are already married, just to gain power?  What about women or men in the corporate world seeking to gain more status by sleeping with someone above them?  In that case, you're suggesting that because the person above them in power has more power than they, they have all the control, as though the underling has no say at all, when it could be said underling is using entrapment to gain access.  How easy it is for someone under someone in power to topple a CEO with a videotape or audio tape.  Even if only because of the scandal itself, and that said CEO is married.  This has been going on since the 60's.  Even prior to that point, women were toppling men of power in Europe and the Americas with sex scandals, or using leverage for their own power, including marrying those men, or becoming permanent mistresses to gain access, wealth, a good home, and children who would be taken care of.

      By the very nature of this controversy, we've already witnessed how little "power" Jared has in just the accusation.  He was destroyed almost immediately, on an accusation.  Who had the power in that situation?  Despite that by any definition, Jared is stated to have all the power.  Yet wasn't able to do much with it.

      I'm sorry, but the idea of "power dynamics" would mean Theodora, essentially a belly dancer, yesteryears striper, should never have married Constantine, or that somehow because she had NO royal blood of any kind, would have no power in that relationship.  Yet almost EVERY SINGLE ACT of Constantine to save his throne in Constantinople, and to increase his power, until the plague anyhow, was pushed by Theodora.  SHE was the instigator and clear power behind the throne.  Yet by the logic behind "power dynamics" in relationships, she cannot have such power.

      The concept is designed to generate strife between men and women, and give yet another reason to take people down over normal human behaviour that is VERY hard to control.  Sexual desire for someone, around that individual, regardless of any concept of "power" is absolute.  It takes tremendous willpower to pat that down.  Especially for certain individuals who are more stimulated than others, or for someone that really tickles that aspect of the self.

      I cannot accept a concept that removes individual responsibility, and this one takes it right out of one persons hands, and places it firmly in another.

      When it comes to children.  Fine.  Absolutely, but only because they're nescient and have absolutely no clue what they're getting into, nor have the fully formed brain sections related to love and relationships.  So in that sense, yes, there is a definitive power dynamic at play where one truly has no power.

      When it comes to sexual slavery.  Yes, that would generate an absolute dynamic where the threat of violence, permanent marring of beauty, and up to death would follow refusal.

      Cultures that promote and teach abusive relationships related to sexual gratification.  Yes, then the argument holds water.  This isn't one of those cultures.  We're taught we have individual responsibility and freedom, and we choose to engage in life how we want to.

      Beyond those three scenarios, I see no valid assertion of the concept. 

    4. eal


      Just because it exists in some variation regardless doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do what we can to reduce as much of a gap in power as we can.

      You mention that for all the power Jared had over his fans, it didn’t do anything to help him. You’ll notice I never referred to the kind of power that protects him. I referred to the power to exploit. The power of protection applied to people like Harvey Weinstein, who wielded his position to take advantage of women, to keep them silent. Jared never had that kind of power, let’s be real. Jared’s power didn’t silence them, it gave him access to fans wanting to get his attention somehow and he offered nudes as an avenue for it.

      Exploitation is bad. Period. And he can look as disheveled on camera as he possibly can and give a thousand exasperated sighs and it won’t change the fact that he exploited his position of power to get nudes from fans. It doesn’t matter that power dynamics have been exploited in history before. Lots of bad things happened. We as a society should do what we can to reduce it as much as possible. There’s a reason we crack down on it when we see it.

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