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  1. In honor of this very special day, it’s time for me to use my absolute favorite DQ character as my profile picture: Prince Charmles from Dragon Quest VIII. No other DQ character is as perfect as him. Truly the pinnacle of the entire series!

    1. ignasia


      Indeed.  Charmles the Brave!  Charmles the Mighty!  Charmles the Magnificent!  Charmles, conquerer of the female mind, body, and soul!  Charmles, King amongst Princes!  Lord of battle!  Conquerer of Fear!  Master of self-discipline!  His fine muscular physique covered in a bouncy cushion and rend tender his love making, so the fine lines and cuts of his true physique underneath do not rip or cut his lass to pieces...*sob* such a gentleman that even his body should render a softness to prevent harm, and yet this never gets in the way when in need of unleashing his fearsome POWER!

      Truly the PINNACLE of MALE PERFECTION!  Not just in a game, but as a role model for all men in the world to match and only hope to follow.  When the Jesus walked the Earth, the inner dialogue of the "Am that I Am," referred to his inner picture of Charmles' monumentous perfection...that his aura is so great it spans beyond the scope of art and speaks to a being many of us know only as God.  Truly he walks amongst men but in a vision...a game.  Fleeting though his moment in the sun is, the great teacher for the short period of grace the party is lent, to bask in his magnificence, and to only hope to learn in that short period, to stand taller, face the heavens and sky, and hope to become as the thrice great and near perfect man that Charmles is.  Fleeting a thought, as they are but a shadow, but try they do, and try they must.

      When Morrie speaks to the Hero, he thinks only of Charmles, though knowing the man he admires most is always away on business, he settles on the sad decrepit huckster motley crew pretending to be adventurers, with their gruff and sallow bodies.  Yearning to one day gaze upon the absolute man, the pinnacle of monster domination and control, of gentle command and stern demeanor in battle, the great Gusto of Gusto!  Morrie suffers the Hero to fill the void left by Charmles absence, imagining the greatness of Charmles should he but find the time to travel to his humble arena, and tame what is left of the notorious monsters in the field.  They say his machismo is so great, just ONE STARE is enough...one...one stare, and a monster is swoon, no matter its strength.

    2. KibaTheBarbarian
    3. Erdrick The Hero
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