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  1. If I ever see anyone complain about Mario Kart 150 CC AI difficultly again, I’m going to tell them, “Well, it could be Super Mario Kart difficult,” because #$*! me the AI are a bunch of cheaters in SMK 150CC.

    I’d rather be fighting the Laurence the First Vicar or playing Battletoads than deal with this.

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    2. ignasia


      Yes...yes it is.  Mario Kart Wii took awhile for me to get used to with the removal of jumping in favour of...what's that tactic?  Skidding?  POWER SLIDING!  That's it.  I still haven't mastered that technique.  I used to be awesome especially on the N64 with learning the right points to jump to get ahead of anyone, or jump the tracks.  Mostly for Rainbow Road, but yeah, the Wii version's AI is brutal, and they cheat given how often they get the super shell when I'm in the lead, or the lightning bolt that shrinks everyone.  Same with the DS version.  I'm in the back, and unless I'm in last place, maybe 1 in 100 item boxes gives me either of those two.  I get 3 mushrooms often, or a star often.  Or the Ink often.

      Even more ridiculous when whoever is in 2nd bloody place gets the Lightning Bolt, and gets it often.  Like...really?  Just because I'm half a track away?  Then he passes me just as I'm unshrinking, usually just in time to stomp me into the ground while the small effect is still in play.  LOL.  Bloody bastard cheap AI.

      Though for the DS version, it's more like, "did you meet the wall yet?  No?  Should've brought some cake and champagne!  Sucker!"  "See that fire pit/hole/water beneath you?  I'm going to smash into you so you land on it and crash out of bounds!  Have a nice day!"

    3. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Mario Kart DS’s 150CC AI was easy to deal with. I mean, when I got it Christmas 2005 I ended up getting gold on every CC cup in like....4 days. Took a long time to get Triple Stars on every cup/speed class, but eventually I did.

      I did end up getting gold in all the 150 CC cups in Super Mario Kart. Koopa, my Mario Kart good luck charm, helped me secure the win on the Special Cup.

      The easiest Mario Kart AI by far on the higher cups was Mario Kart 8’s. I Triple Starred nearly every cup on the first try, only needing to repeat the Special, Leaf, and Lightning cups. 200CC was another story, but 150CC was pretty easy.

    4. Brother Jaybird

      Brother Jaybird

      @ignasia, the way I recall how to do the powerslide is, once you've set the direction you're trying to turn (i.e. left or right), set the control stick in the opposite direction (i.e. right or left) for a moment and then in the direction you're trying to go again to get the first level boost, and then do the same for the second boost.

      @Yangus, I only ever got one star on everything in Wii, at which point I decided that was good enough for me.

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