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  1. The Super Nintendo Mini has been great. Been playing it since I got home this afternoon and it’s awesome. So far only tested a few games (Final Fantasy VI and Super Mario Kart) but have thoroughly been enjoying it. I’m looking forward to finally being able to play the original Star Fox (and it’s unreleased sequel) as well as playing Yoshi’s Island, Zelda: Link to the Past, and a few others again!

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    2. ignasia


      LOL.  I always play it safe and turn disasters off.

    3. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      The only lag I’ve found in the games is if the games already had lag problems in their original releases. For example, sometimes in Super Mario World if a bunch of stuff is on screen at once (such as Vanilla Secret 2 when all the spinies start to show up), that will still have the same slow down/lag the original release did.

    4. ignasia


      So there IS a Sim City 2000 for the SNES.  Sadly it too doesn't use the mouse.

      It's a fairly faithful emulator.  To the point where even Super FX chipsets do work properly, or chipsets that use other special functions (like Star Ocean and even Tales of Phantasia) do work if the header and footers are original and not tweaked or removed.  Some work if they're tweaked specifically for this system to allow those special functions to work right...which is interesting reading up on people getting certain games to work and most having no success without special patches (due to bad rom files or etc.).  Not suggesting you fill up that extra 300 MB of space or anything, but if you were to do so Yangus, the bulk of games do work, some do require tweaks unless you have a truly clean original ROM without any errors of any type...and some actually do need a patch regardless.

      With that in mind...at some point I need to make a retro pie.  What is interesting though, is the current NES one uses the same board and emulator chipset.  Probably to keep production costs lower, and probably due to the chipsets being very programmable and cheap.

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