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  1. How worth it would it be to play the original SNES/Super Famicom version of DQ6 via the fan translation? I barely played it a few years ago (was a bit DQ’d out after playing the SNES version of DQ3) but would like to give it a chance now, or rather in the near future if I can find a reproduction cart.

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    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Geez, those are some obnoxiously low recruitment rates. What are all the monsters that can be recruited?

      Also, Thanks for the information. I'm not sure when I'll try and get a copy, but I'd love to play it. I always like experiencing the different versions of Dragon Quest games.

    3. ignasia


      Click the link to the guide, and run that search for equip00, the monster list is just below it.

      I didn't put in recruitment rates though, sorry.  Though yeah, it's obnoxiously low.

                  Slime: (around Torukka, around Dhama (lower), around San Marino)
                 Healer: (around Amor (upper/lower), Amor Cave, N of Slime Arena)
           Slime Knight: (around Dream-seeing Cave, Dream-seeing Cave, around
                          Grandmaz, SE of Slime Arena)
             King Slime: (W/N/E of Slime Arena, around Pescado, around Mt. Snow)
           Metal Babble: (around Prison Town, Greed Town Mine, or Pegasus' Tower)
                 Furrat: (around Lifecod (upper), Mountain Path (upper))
                  Lipps: (around Shiena, around Medal King)
               Mud Doll: (Dream-seeing Cave)
         Rotting Corpse: (bottom of Mudo's underground keep)
           Lesser Demon: (around Mudo's Island, Fire Cave)
            Super Tensk: (N of Arcbolt)
              Wind Mage: (Wall of Destiny, around Clearvale)
                 Wyvern: (around Foan or Mage's Tower)
              Dark Horn: (around Foan or Mage's Tower)
               Bombcrag: (around Gandino)
             Boss Troll: (Weaver's Peak (upper))
       Killer Machine 2: (Pegasus' Tower)
             Lamp Demon: (around Sorrow Prison)



      I put in the Slime Knight spawning points anyway, just in case it was my game and really poor luck.  It's very possible I was just exceedingly unlucky.  Though I really need to switch the names over as I used town and dungeon names from both NoProgress and the remake localization.

    4. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Huh. Not as varied of a list as I thought there'd be. Figured some more of DQ6's unique monsters would be on the list. Still, it's a decent list of possible recruits.

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