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  1. The new Etrian Odyssey game announcement has me all like:



    1. ignasia


      LOL, would have helped to have given the new title: Etrian Odyssey X.  Given most people would be totally confused given there's no EO VI at least in title.  The FINAL EO game, unless Nintendo decides on another dual-screen console.


      If they do continue the series, it will be without the map making feature, which would be damn hard to pull off in a single screen.  Still, they've done much to expand the regular gameplay, that it shouldn't matter the lack of a map making feature, just have it open up as the party explores.

      I'm really liking the design aesthetic of the new Hero class.  I still need to get EO V.

    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      It's not going to be the final Etrian game. It's just the last one planned for a dual screen system.


      The speculation right now is that when the series gets to the Switch, it will feature a map on the screen that you can shrink or grow depending on what you're doing, or it will be placed to a particular button for easy access.

      I know the series will continue on. The Etrian team has always done well with adapting to new hardware, or advancing forward with new gameply ideas and implementations to the core of the series. I'm sure the lack of dual screens on Switch will really alter a few aspects, but not harm the base of what makes the series so great. If anything, I'd love to see what the team is capable of doing with the Switch hardware!

    3. ignasia


      That makes me feel better.  EO's approach to class mechanics makes it one of the best tactical RPG systems ever made.

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