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  1. It was 5 years ago today that Mr. Iwata from Nintendo passed away. Crazy it’s been that many years already.


  2. I remember I had to buy DQ5 for $60 for the DS. It was pricey, but that was before Square Enix did re-prints for the first two Zenithian games. Meanwhile I got my copy of DQ6 for the usual DS games price since I had it pre-ordered, and then a year later found a brand new copy of it for $7 at Best Buy. Gave it to a friend for his birthday but he never bothered to get very far in the game. Only RPGs he really got into were Pokémon ones.
  3. Eal has embraced his role as the new Queen of the Bees. May your rule be filled with plenty of honey.
  4. Ah. I’ve been re-watching the show so the fire ants episode sprang to mind right away. I wouldn’t have been surprised if Dale ended up covered in bees at some point too.
  5. Better than being covered in fire ants. That happens to him in one of the earlier episodes of the show after Bobby was covered in them.
  6. There’s a song that plays when you get a critical hit? In all the DQ games I’ve played that’s never been a thing. Each game seems to have their own sound effect for critical hits (something I never even realized until Smash Ultimate thanks to the four different heroes) but never a specific song when you land a critical.
  7. ‘appy birfday, guv! Hope it was a diamond of a day! Enjoy the gift of song @DrippySlimeStar!
  8. Combat! The only part of the game. Combat! The Game. Netflix adaptation coming in 2022.
  9. Here’s my check in: 1. I’ve been working on finishing games I’ve left on my Limbo List. Breath of the Wild and all the DLC I’ve finished, finished Dragon Quest XI S except for the post game, working on beating Dragon Quest Builders 1 and Fire Emblem Three Houses, and I’ve completed a number of the Indie games I have bought when they were on sale. I still have others to get through like Octopath, but all in good time. Haven’t touched other systems I need to, but I’m just going for one console right now. Still have too much Switch stuff to play! 2. Haven’t really done anything with the podcast idea, but it’s still there and I still want to do it. Even if it’s something super simple like “Let’s talk about this series,” or switch up talking about games or movies or music. Just keep it simple and chat with folks here on the Den or with others whenever possible. And while I didn’t mention it in my first post, I’ve done pretty good about not spending excess money on fun stuff. Most things I’ve boughten game or movie wise this year has been with Christmas/gift money, and what stuff I have boughten with money out of pocket has been on sale or was something I absolutely wanted. Been trying to do better about not spending so much on fun stuff and really weighing how much I actually want said fun item. I’ve found that I’ve been able to put extra money into my savings and cover my phone and student loan bills, so so far so good.
  10. Got lucky at Best Buy and found some amiibo I didn’t have. Finally have an Isabelle (Smash) amiibo which I’m happy about, and they had the Shovel Knight triple pack on sale. It’s funny that I still don’t have Shovel Knight but have the amiibo, but honestly with how cool the amiibo are (and how they were on sale) it was easy to pick them up.
  11. What I couldn’t believe was that the usual Nintendo games weren’t present. No Mario Odyssey, no Breath of the Wild, not even Kirby! Meanwhile at Wal-Mart (which I ran to just after) had copies of all the current Pokémon games on Switch. Usually the Best Buy has a better selection, not the other way around!
  12. I was at Best Buy this morning after my doctor’s appointment and went to look at the Switch stuff since I had some free time. I go over and started looking and, I kid you not, the bottom two shelves were nothing but copies of Pokémon Sword and Shield. There was one copy of Let’s Go Eevee and a copy of Pokken Tournament DX on the shelf above, but absolutely nothing but Sword and Shield on the bottom two shelves. Needless to say it was pretty ridiculous. Not even a single copy of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DX which I was hoping to find.
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