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  1. Sega is doing a big sale on the eshop, both on the Switch and 3DS eshop, which includes Atlus titles as well. Lots of RPGs for low prices. https://www.siliconera.com/sega-eshop-sale-celebrates-its-60th-anniversary/
  2. Hey, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is on sale on the eshop for $16! That’s a really good deal for the game! Might be a great time to grab it if you’re looking to play the series on the Switch. There’s also a demo available to test the game out before buying.
  3. I’ve wondered that for the past few years. They all just showed up out of nowhere!
  4. Haha, I debated if I should have included “Dark, but great,” times after my sentence. It certainly was an interesting topic/time on the den.
  5. (Cue Vietnam styled flashbacks) Those were dark times on the Den.
  6. That’s debatable. I’ve played games that have voice acting but I didn’t feel like they added anything. There’s some where I’ve turned them off entirely. 🤣
  7. Apparently my copy shipped on Thursday, so it should be arriving early next week! Nice.
  8. Newman is just like Prince Charmles: he’s a misunderstood character everyone hates.
  9. I actually bought a converter to play my PS2 and other stuff on my HD TV. Haven’t tried it with the GameCube yet, but it works well with my PS2. Totally get going for the Switch collection, but if you ever want to get a converter I’ll let you know what I got.
  10. I’ll be curious what your boys think of them. I remember having fun playing Mario 64 with my dad. Good times.
  11. My copy won’t arrive until the end of the month or early next month. I’m okay with that though.
  12. Oh yeah, I forgot I gave that to you. Glad you liked it.
  13. "#$*!ing Yangus and this new game share service he signed up for with Nintendo..." #$*!ing Yangus always causing proble- Hey wait a minute!
  14. She glances over from time to time. I've mentioned "man, I shouldn't put this on the Switch." Haha I would laugh if she looked over and questioned it and then you act all confused and say, “Now how did that game get on my Switch?!”
  15. Does your wife know you play those games? Serious question by the way, I’m legit curious if she knows and/or what she thinks.
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