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  1. She never once used a critical hit attack in my battle with her.
  2. So I just beat the boss of Phnom Nonh, the #1 boss I was dreading when it came to fighting with strong enemies on....and it was a total joke. Honestly, that was a real let down with how much easier she is now. It only took 1 try to beat her! Man, I kinda feel gipped with how quickly the boss died. That fight was one I actually struggled with for quite a while in the PS4 version. Her not being able to attack 3 times in a row in the switch version (when strong enemies is active) makes a huge difference for one thing. But it also seems like she didn’t hit nearly as hard as she did in the PS4 version. I definitely over prepared for the fight this time as I expected it to be as much of a headache, but now I’m feeling kind of disappointed with how quickly the boss fight ended. Oh well. At least now I have the magic key and can access some new treasures.
  3. That’s probably what I’ll end up at with this switch play through. With a full time job and part time job and other stuff eating my time + me not being fast when it comes to playing DQ games, this game is going to last a long while for better or worse. Luckily it’s still been fun, and I’m discovering new things with this playthrough that I didn’t notice the first time around, which is always exciting in DQ replays. Edit: Okay, I have one major gripe with the game, and that’s how audio is handled in the voice cutscenes. I just saw the one in Phnom Nonh where the party gets pulled into the mural, and it was pretty obvious they were using the Japanese VA grunting and “Hmmm,” sounds for the characters, as any time Veronica made a noise that wasn’t a fully sentence her voice suddenly got a lot higher pitched and pretty squeaky. Same thing happened when I made an early trip to Sniflheim to grab some platinum ore: Veronica went to touch the frozen front gates, her voice suddenly shifted to the JP voice for the surprised expression she made. I played with the JP voices for awhile so I’ve picked up on how the JP voices sound different to the English ones in terms of how deep or higher pitched the voices differ. I’ve noticed this a number of other times in the cutscenes too, and while I’m sure it’s a minor thing in the long run, it’s something I can’t help but notice since I really pay attention to audio/sound systems in games and elsewhere. Edit 2: Another gripe I have is that in EVERY cutscene, the stupid “Hold Y to skip,” and “Press + to turn on auto play cutscene,” if you don’t press a button to advance the dialogue. Why is there not an option to disable these options from popping up EVERY SINGLE TIME? They don’t have to disable those features, but stop making the text show up if I don’t press a button in like 2 seconds after a character stops talking in a voiced cutscene. Sorry, but that really irks me.
  4. I grabbed Cosmic Star Heroine and Dandara (not an RPG) for $4.49 each. Heard good things about both game, so the prices seemed worth it.
  5. Both of them are from the first Persona game. As far as I’m aware, neither element has appeared in a main line SMT game, and were brought back for the first time in Persona 5. SMT: Digital Devil Saga 1 and 2 have something similar where the earth element only shows up in those two games but has not appeared in any other games (that I’m aware of) so far.
  6. It took me 210. I saw no reason to hurry and beat the game as fast as possible so I just took my time and enjoyed myself.
  7. I’m still doing that and it’s my 3rd play through of the game (that’s including the 3DS version BTW). I take my time with RPGs most of the time though, and Dragon Quest games are ones I fully re-explore to see if I missed something on a previous play through. I’m almost at 80 hours (Edit: Scratch that, I just got to 80 hours!) and am about to start Phnom Nonh. My playtime for the Switch version is probably going to surpass my PS4 play time. I’m also not sure if it’s sad or not that I already got the accolade for fighting 1000 battles and I’m not even into Act 2 yet....
  8. Got the Silver Orb in the Eerie Eyrie. Glad I remember the orb was there. The boss at the end was pretty easy. One thing that’s really bugging me about this playthrough is how lackluster Erik has been. He just can’t deal the damage the hero, Sylvando, and Jade can do with physical attacks. Even trying to respec him into swords hasn’t helped. Only thing I can think to do next is get two platinum swords from the Puerto Valor casino and see if that helps with his damage. Otherwise he’s just going to keep being a character on the reserve bench.
  9. I don’t get it. Did you alter the picture to make it look like a potential gigantamax Persian or is it just a picture of a Persian? If the latter, shame on you for being lazy with a joke, mister Jademocrobot. Got back to the corner until you make that picture awkwardly long like Gigantamax Meowth!
  10. See, when I saw that, all I could think of was that stupid Donkey Kong meme were it goes “Expand Dong.” But it also looked like a dog toy too! Now we have “Expand Meowth.” God only knows what Persian is going to look like.
  11. That was a bit confusing to find out. I figured if any country would get a physical release it was be Japan.
  12. You realize me posting Charmles was a joke in response to DrippySlimeStar, right? Any time I mention Charmles as a character I like it’s a joke. Seriously, do I need to install a damn “I’m joking/being sarcastic,” signature every time I make a joke on the Den anymore?
  13. Postponing skill points must have been what I was remembering then. I thought you couldn’t outright reset them in the 3DS version, but having not played it since the year it released here in the States my memory was hazy. Thanks for clarifying.
  14. Got to L’Academie de Notre Maitre des Medailles (god I hate French and French accents) at last. I still love how eccentric the headmaster is. But what I love even more is that we get to hear that awesome Tokyo Metropolitan rendition of “Castle Trumpeter,” from DQ5 when on the school grounds during the day. I’m probably going to keep praising the use of the symphonic music with each piece I finally get to hear in symphonic form in game. Mainly it’s just nice to finally hear these songs I love so much in an actual Dragon Quest game instead of just listening to them from my iPod or the physical discs. I love it. Anyway, I’m thinking before I make the trek to Phnom Nonh I’m going to head to the valley east of the Medal Academy. I’m pretty sure one of the orbs is over there in that valley if I remember right, and, well, I’m not exactly excited to go back to Phnom Nonh.
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