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  1. I mean it IS hard to deny he's crummy. You could have at least spelt it as “crumby.” Come on, Platty. 😜
  2. Yeah, you totally missed the mall then. It’s the third building you walk past when you first enter Twoson. It’s between the Bike Shop and the Topolla Theater in the northern part of town.
  3. Eal cannot grasp the true form of Platty’s post! Eal catches a cold and begins to sneeze uncontrollably!
  4. Where can I get more Teddy Bears? My only 1 died. You can buy more at the Twoson Mall. They are either on the 2nd or 3rd floor. When you reach a later town named Summers you’ll be able to buy stronger ones called Super Plush Bears.
  5. Eh, to be fair the first YL match went the way it did due to the Gamer stage. I forgot how much damage the mom can do. I sucked ass afterwards since I kept having self destructs. That’s one reason I nope’d over to Meta Knight since I can actually play as him. Haha Your Roy gameplay is scary.
  6. Eh. I’d say things are more difficult when Ness is by himself. Thankfully Ness hits like a truck and can heal himself no problem, but Peaceful Rest Valley and the first Your Sanctuary can be rough if you don’t take the time to grind some battles and earn some levels. At least with Peaceful Rest Valley you can load Ness up with Teddy Bears in his available inventory so they can take the brunt of the damage for him. Though that area is still evil since it has the exploding Territorial Oak enemies.
  7. Yeah, we had some fun matches. I was surprised I was doing decent as Joker. I don’t play as him or Piranha Plant much.
  8. The only problem I have with Earthbound is the difficulty spike once you try and leave the Fourside Mall through completing the Monotoli Building. I love the game and would put it in my top 10 games. It was because of how similar it plays to Dragon Quest that I credit Earthbound helping me get back to DQ/the main series games back in 2010. @Plattym3 if you guys ever have me on Slime Time again I’ll have to mention that.
  9. As long as you don’t wear a fanny pack I’m sure you’re fine.
  10. Poochie was always my favorite Dragon Quest character.
  11. I’m on the fourth world of Tropical Freeze. I have trouble remembering the world names since they don’t use alliteration. That made it easy to remember stuff in the SNES games. 2nd world’s Temple level was annoying. I spent so much time in there my banana coin counter ended up at over 600 coins, and it nearly passed 700. I’m starting to think this game is more difficult than DKC2, but I need to replay that game to see if I still think that. I’m getting pretty fed up with the underwater levels in world 4, particularly the one I just ended on with that giant octopus who constantly chases you throughout the entire level. The final vertical section was such a pain in the ass. I went through so many lives. I’m also not a fan of the puzzle pieces you collect. This world has been especially bad about them. Thank god that once you grab them you can still hold onto them even if you die, so you don’t have to re-grab them when you respawn at the checkpoint. I’m still liking the game, but man. I either forgot how tough Donkey Kong platformers are or I’m just not on my A game while playing.
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