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  1. I’m in Chapter 6 of Bug Fables. Things went sour real fast in Chapter 5 and the villain of the game is taking action to try and beat everyone to the Eternal Sapling. Throughout the story there’s been hints and foreshadowing towards the antagonists of the game’s world, but I was wondering why the villain was being kept under wraps. Certainly doesn’t seem like he fits in with the bug species that he’s apart of though. What I find funny is that apparently the Sapling is in the Giant’s Lair, which the bug people believe was where the former rulers of the lands lived. I like it, but I’m laughing as it reminds me of Pikmin. Olimar in Pikmin 2 makes notes on all the “treasures,” he finds, when all the “treasures” are everyday objects to us, like batteries, plastic rings, fruit cans, and so forth. Sometimes Olimar makes comment on the large size of certain objects, and genuinely is terrified of the notion of what kind of creatures used to live on the Pikmin’s planet. One more thing to note, and it’s a minor spoiler for those who care: some of the side quests aren’t marked in your book or the respective areas, and because of that you find some cool surprises for exploring and going the extra mile. One cave I was finally able to entered had a boss that, upon being beaten, dropped a seed. Going to the Bee Kingdom, I found that one of the scientists wanted the seed, and next thing I knew I had a new tag along character, the little plant! You even get to name it too, so that was a fun surprise. The little guy even helps out in battles, and I’m wondering if it will become stronger after so many battles.
  2. That's awesome. We'll be back in the good ole days of games like that pretty soon, taking turns. There are only so many couch co-op games out there & you know I prefer my RPGs. Thanks to quarantine & such we've knocked out Hyrule Warriors, Fire Emblem Warriors, Let's Go Pikachu, and Luigi's Mansion together since Christmas. It's a furious pace and now it's summer, so still more time. I will say that Mario games are always good for making memories. I have plenty from times when I played the N64 and GameCube games with friends and family. When I first got my GameCube the first game I got was Mario Party 4, and my cousin and I played through every board and learned the boards and mini games together. I don’t remember ever playing Mario Party with my dad, but I think we may have played Mario Party 2 on the N64 a few times together.
  3. I don’t think it’s weird at all. It reminds me of the gaming memories I have with my dad and how we would play stuff like Super Mario 64 together and how he and I would go back and forth on making some progress in Banjo-Tooie. One day I got home from school and saw that an area was open in the first world that I couldn’t figure out HOW to open, and I remember being so amazed by that.
  4. I’m in Chapter 5 of Bug Fables. Finally learned the backstory for Kabbu, and due to some side exploration, I found out who exactly Leif is. I must say, I wasn’t expecting Leif’s story to be the way it was, and I was caught off guard by it. The side area you find this out in had an Etrian post game feel to it, in that you learn some shocking information about the old world of the game’s universe. The devs put a lot of thought and detail into the lore of Bug Fables, and I have to really give them credit for it. It’s genuinely interesting, as are many of the characters. These guys can definitely make an engaging world to explore.
  5. All Basic class spells and abilities will be passed on to every other class. Intermediate and Advanced classes all have spells and abilities they can learn, but will only be accessible when a character is in that class, meaning every class has its uses and strengths. Monster Classes gain via Monster Hearts will permanently give the character the spells/abilities from it, much like Basic classes. So, if a Monster Class has something like C-c-cold Breath or Kafrizzle, once the character learns it, they will permanently have it.
  6. And that’s part of why I deleted Facebook from my phone.
  7. I decided to delete Facebook off my phone. Too much political stuff being posted, and honestly I don’t use Facebook much anymore as it is. I just use the Messenger part of it anyway.
  8. When I say Mediocre, I mean Average, alright. I didn’t say 6/10 was a bad score. As far as I’m concerned as long as something has over a 5/10, the game is fine. What I’m saying is that games weren’t being fairly judged, and were being given lower scores than they deserved by people who clearly didn’t give a #$*! about RPGs. You need people who have experience, whether professionally or as being fans of the genre, who can fairly critique a game and do a review. Stuff like DQ6 and EO3 getting a 6/10 is, frankly, kind of unfair to those games. Games with genuine quality to them can get the short end of the stick because of that. I’ve said my piece though, so we’ll leave it at that.
  9. There were others. I’m sure you’ll give me #$*! for it, but another RPG that had that happen was Etrian Odyssey III. That game got a mediocre 6/10, and while it’s not my favorite entry in the series it’s definitely not deserving of that low of a score. All the comments from the writer spelled it out that he was definitely not an RPG fan, and especially not a dungeon crawler fan.
  10. Reminds me of how on IGN several DS RPGs got really mediocre reviews when the games themselves were praised by fans and other reviewers. Turns out the people who had to play said games had no interest in RPGs anyway and were handed the review just because.
  11. He’s a dude on here who has that fairy type Eevee evolution as his profile picture. I think he no longer posts on the den though.
  12. At this point I’m just trying to rush it (somewhat) so I can finally beat the damn game. Thankfully with chapter 2 all building plans still exist in your status menu, so at least it’s easy to level up the village quickly to get some extra HP. Only problem I’m having now is the lack of certain materials to build specific stuff, namely the Colossal Coffer so I can collect stuff like crazy without having to run back to town all the time. Going away from Builders talk, I have finished chapter 3 of Bug Fables. We’re getting to learn more about Vi, and it seems she has a strained relationship with her sister and the rest of her hive. Things weren’t as bad as she made them out to be, and it does seem like the other bees are proud of her. What I’m confused about is Vi’s relationship with the Queen Bee. By the way the dialogue made it out to be, the Queen sees Vi as her child and comments that “Mothers know best,” or something similar. Then when you meet Vi’s sister, Jaune, Leif comments about how all the bees are technically sisters, so it’s weird that Vi singles out Jaune as her (only) sister. Now admittedly I don’t know how a bee colony works in real life so all this is probably on me, but it’s a tad confusing. I figured Vi was secretly going to be the sister to the Queen due to their exchanges, or that the Queen was her mom and Vi was making things out worse than they were due to her personality. Oh well. I now have the three artifacts needed to find the Everlasting Sapling, but with so much of the world to still explore I wonder if we’ll discover more artifacts or if the game will go a bit more free roam from here on out and I can go to any of the other unexplored areas I want.
  13. Bring on the warm weather and sunshine. I’m prepared.

  14. I would argue that Divinegon (or Xenlon, I just prefer the GBC era name for him cause MUH NOSTALGIA 🤪) is the hardest post game boss when not factoring in the DQ9 grotto bosses at high levels. From my experiences with all the post game bosses that I’ve fought (can’t comment on DQ11 S’s new one since I’ve yet to fight him), Divinegon has always given me the most problems. Others like Nokturnus, God/the Almighty, Estark, and so forth have been challenging fights, but still felt doable even without crazy excess grinding. Divinegon, however, is not like that. I feel like any time I try and fight him I just struggle no matter what. I don’t know what I did back on the GBC version of the game that I managed to defeat him twice, but that’s the only version of the game I’ve had decent success with when it comes to the fight. I think I beat him once on the SFC version, but that was sheer luck. At this point I don’t usually bother with DQ3’s postgame content because of all the terrible luck I have with that damn fight.
  15. Ha, same thing happens every time I try and play Builders! I love the game, but one thing or another distracts me away from it! It’s why it’s been on my Limbo List for a few years now! But, I’m now one step closer to trying to beat it. I just finished Chapter 1 on the Switch version a few hours ago and managed to complete all the Chapter Challenges. Creating the Cantlin Garden was the hardest one to get, and I’ll be honest, I had to look up how to do it. I assumed since I built in a garden in my town I would complete it, but apparently the Cantlin Garden is it’s own building recipe, not just a garden created within the town. The hard part is needing water blocks, but there are no water blocks on the same elevation as Cantlin! Luckily the challenge counts as completed just by making it me anywhere, so I was able to make one out in the field near some water and it counted. Now it’s time for Chapter 2. I love that the field theme is Homeland from DQ4 and the town theme is the small village music from DQ3. Both are two of my favorite DQ tunes.
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