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  1. With the job you have where you can barely play in a given week, I’m sure it would be. One of my Switch friends has owned Bravely 2 since launch, and I swear I’m being serious, he already has 85 hours in the game. I don’t know if he took a bunch of time off of work or what but damn.
  2. Bravely 2: Have Seth, Elvis, and Adelle in my party with Sir Sloan accompanying me. I feel like I’ve seen the name Sir Sloan in another RPG (not Bravely related) but for the life of me I can’t remember where from. I’m surprised you get to start with the Black Mage class along with the Freelancer. It explains why Elvis uses that class as his default costume, but I don’t think he’s the actual Black Mage asterisk holder. Maybe he inherited it from his mentor he mentioned to Sir Sloan. Anyway, I’m off to save Gloria and stop the two who kidnapped her. Yakuza: LAD - Made a ton
  3. My son knocked over the PS4 today pretty good. Was worried about it, so turned it on for the first time since mid-November. It was fine. It did an update, installed Yakuza, did the Yakuza update... so back to Bravely Default 2! You know you want to play 12 hours of Yakuza while I try and play 12 hours of BD2 to catch up.
  4. Oh hey, my copy of Bravely Default 2 arrived in the mail today. Didn’t get the chance to start it until now (mainly because I had to work all day) but I’m about 30 minutes in. Now Platty can start playing Yakuza Like a Dragon.
  5. You do kill them, but upon awakening the 4 crystals and traveling to the next world, the asterisk holders are back BECAUSE you’re in a new world where they weren’t killed yet. In Bravely Second (which is set in the world you start in in Bravely Default before the 4 crystals have been awakened and you move on) most of the original Asterisk holders are back because of a mysterious figure in green. That I will agree has a BS explanation how they were magically back for Second. I don’t know why they retconned them dying in the original world Tiz, Agnes and Edea came from for Second, but
  6. Been working on the side stories that have been available in Chapter 4. Right now I’m helping a “scientist,” gather information on Sujimon, which is apparently what we’re supposed to call all the random guys that attack Ichiban and the group. The scientist gives you an app to start tracking data and, in a very on the nose Pokemon reference, asks you to choose between a red, blue, or green colored starter to get your Sujimon data collection going. He even says “I choose you!” at the start of the battle! I feel like this game knows how to balance the silly and the serious quite well. Some o
  7. Pyra and Mythra are now live in Smash Bros. Ultimate! So far I’m having a lot of fun with the duo fighter. Glad we got some more Xenoblade content in Smash now.

    1. Ice Dragon 19

      Ice Dragon 19

      Yep and duo characters apparently. I still think that they could have done that with hero seeing as they are different heroes plus they all do have default names, they all may use swords but they could use different abilities from their base games. 

      However glad you're having fun with them, i was too. fun fact:

      Pyra: 6th slowest run speed
      Mythra: Tied for 5th fastest with Fox

      Pyra: Weight = 98, same as Mario, Doc and Corrin
      Mythra: Weight = 92, same as Ice Climbers, Lucario, Wolf, Villager and Steve
      Also the down b invincibility is frame 6, instead of frame 1 like pkmn trainer

      Also patch notes are out i'll put it here too

  8. I’m like the little devil on your shoulder, making you do something you shouldn’t.
  9. Made it to chapter 4 of Yakuza. Ichiban has now officially become the “Hero,” of the game and has obtained his holy sword, which is a bat with barbed wire all over it. Said bat apparently changes the very fabric of reality since it caused the immediate battle that followed to drastically change the appearance of enemies. The Dragon Quest references are starting to ramp up too. Nanba, the homeless man who joins you as a party member, has some great attack and support skills. I like the dynamic he and Ichiban have, and it seems like he’ll stick with Ichiban through thick and thin. Ad
  10. That was our 2019 race. We started it in the middle of November, so later than usual. 2017: Trails in the Sky 2018: Suikoden 2019: Romancing SaGa 2 2020: Nothing 2021: Bravely Default II and Yakuza: Like a Dragon.
  11. This two races in one idea works because it will help make up for us not doing a race last year. Anyway, at the start of chapter 3 of Yakuza. Currently exploring the new area I’m in to help out the homeless guy who helped fix up Ichiban after what happened in chapter 2. Also, since this game is inspired by Dragon Quest and because I’m in a run down town right now, I found this music appropriate to play in the background while exploring it.
  12. On to chapter 3 of Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Got to experience a multi man party for awhile in chapter 2, and got to fight the Captain of the Arakawa Clan in a one on one battle. Pretty satisfying to beat that guy up considering how he treated poor Ichiban. The game does a nice job showing how life changed so much between the early 2000s to 2019. Ichiban was understandably confused by smart phones, the new look his town had, the internet being used so much more, and so on. Shame the poor guy had to deal with that on top of the story beats of chapter 2. One thing I’m finding hard to do i
  13. Yes, every monster class will change a character’s appearance to that monster class as long as it’s active. The change will be on the overworld and in battle only. When in towns and dungeons characters will use their default/job classless look.
  14. My island has transitioned to the fall season. Got greeted by Isabelle telling me I could start finding acorns and pine cones from trees, and the little island loading screen icon had changed colors too. Was able to find some new insects for my museum and it looks like some new seasonal stuff is up for grabs too. Also, the Mario items are up for grabs via the Nook ordering service! Going to get at least one of everything for sure.
  15. Made it to the start of chapter 2 of Yakuza Like a Dragon. Wasn’t too big of a fan of how cutscene heavy chapter 1 was, but I was liking some of the story bits. Mainly, I was interested in Boss Arakawa’s story when he and Ichiban were walking around. To quote Ichiban: “He’s such a badass!” Because indeed, Boss Arakawa is one cool guy. I’m hoping Chapter 2 will start giving me more opportunities to explore and battle. I want to keep messing with the battle system, dang it! I like the story, but please game, more fights and explorin’!
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