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  1. I managed to finish Trails of Cold Steel. It was a fun ride (even though it technically took me over a year to actually finish the damn game), but I’m glad I stuck with the game as it just kept getting better and better. The ending makes me super curious what’s going to happen next in Cold Steel 2. I really liked the soundtrack for the game (though truth be told I’ve liked every Falcom soundtrack I’ve heard), the writing was actually pretty good as was the world and character building, gameplay was fun though on the easy side with some bosses being a surprisingly difficult challenge, and the rewards you can earn by going the extra mile in game were super rewarding, especially if you’re a bit of a completionist like me. Definitely glad I stuck it out with the game and finally completed a damn Trails of game. Definitely going to play Cold Steel 2 in the future and plan to finish up Trails in the Sky 1.
  2. Since you did bump this topic, it reminded me I’ve wanted to do a solo run of DQ3. I love replaying the game with different teams, but I want to try something I usually don’t do.
  3. I’ve been trying to think of what to say for this topic, so I’ll just go with this: All I want from a DQ9 remake is a game I enjoy from start to finish. I’ve never straight up quit a DQ game before, but something about DQ9 just rubs me the wrong way. Even when I first started playing it, it just didn’t really click with me, which is hard to believe for a DQ game! It’s the only mainline game I haven’t beaten (aside from DQ10 for obvious reasons), but I hope a remake would get me invested enough to at least finish the main game. I jokingly pick on DQ9 at this point, but I honestly hope at some point if a remake happens I’ll get it and enjoy it.
  4. I only have 7 physical ones now. Cold Steel 1 & 2, Ys Memories of Celceta, Ys VIII, Persona 4 Golden, Dragon’s Crown, and World of Final Fantasy. There’s some other physical games I’d like to get, but it’s no rush.
  5. These two arrived in the mail this week. Got both directly from Amazon for a good price for new copies, and surprisingly the version of Cold Steel 1 ended up being the special edition one. That was a nice surprise. I have to laugh how most of my physical Vita library is now Falcom games. I’m not complaining since I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve played from them, but it’s just kind of funny.
  6. It was hard for me to take Calasmos all that seriously when he looked like a giant version of Cell from Dragon Ball Z with a goofy fat baby face. However, I do like the way his text is presented, and the brief moment in the final battle where you hear how his text sounds with that incredibly ominous deep sound to it was perfect for a villain. Honestly it made me wish we had the option for voices or text speech sounds because I would turn it to the latter just for that. Jaspar was okay. He’s a villain I hate because his boss battles were some of the more difficult ones in the game (might be just because I was playing with strong enemies, but who knows) and I did like his human design. I feel like they were going for an Angelo/Marcello story with him and Hendrik, but it didn’t quite hit the mark. Their confrontation with each other in ruined Helidor castle was a great cutscene though, along with the reveal of their past. I just got hope the Switch version goes into more detail on there past. Now Mordegon, honestly, is one of my favorite DQ villains. The big reveal of who he was and how he became the monster you know was unexpected, and actually seeing a DQ villain succeed in taking over the world was pretty unexpected. True, Orgodemir before him managed to fool the world, but Mordegon’s rule had such a huge impact on the entire world. With most DQ games, I always felt like while the big bads are powerful and a threat, they never do much to actually flaunt their powers and the worlds are usually pretty well off looking despite monsters running around. With Mordegon’s rule? Most of the world/landscape is torn up somehow, monsters have become much more violent, you see his forces decimate towns and see how the world has a more muted feel to it with the ever present brown sky during the daytime hours. Heck, him showing up to fend off the Lantern was pretty unexpected and demonstrated he was willing to go beyond his castle to actually do something if he wanted to, unlike say Nimzo or Mortamor who sit on their asses waiting for their minions to do their dirty work or how Baramos was such a “threat,” when Ortega went after him but didn’t do ANYTHING really evil and just waited for another hero to show up. So yeah. Calasmos and Jaspar were okay, Mordegon I really liked.
  7. Well the 7th floor of the Old Schoolhouse was really unexpected. Like, straight out of left field unexpected. I figured Cold Steel was going to have a surprise 7th floor, but not something like that. Good surprise for a final dungeon since I wasn’t expecting that. I can only wonder what the hell is going to be at the end of it. Ah well. The festival stuff was kind of neat, and I like how each attraction you can go to lets you choose one party member or major NPC to join you, making each character have something unique to say. I know that because I tested it with a few characters each. I gotta say, the fact Falcom goes to lengths like that with the writing gives them my respect. For a game with tons and tons of text, doing extra touches like for all those characters is awesome. It was also funny to see different NPCs from the past chapters exploring the festival. It’s like the ending of Paper Mario where all the NPCs from the game show up at Peach’s Castle to celebrate! So many familiar faces.
  8. So...New Year’s resolution was to do a new recipe each week. Stuff happened in February that discouraged me from continuing after making two new recipes (both of which aren’t worth mentioning, they were basically appetizers that were meh) and last month I was focused on trying to find a new job I didn’t think about the recipe stuff. Today, I broke that and tried a new recipe. I don’t know if I can keep up with a new recipe each week, but I’ll do what I can. With that, here’s the new one I tried: It seems like an odd combo of stuff (particularly the cream of mushroom, honey, and horseradish) but man, it was GOOD. I cubed my potatoes rather small and had the soup cook for about 5 hours, and it was done and plenty hot. The mixture of ingredients was really unique, creating a great combination of flavors. Whenever I make this one again I’m going to substitute chicken for the turkey sausage, as I thought the sausage was the weakest part of the recipe. Still good, but it wasn’t quite as flavorful as everything else. Definitely going to make this one again in the future.
  9. I’ve finished up chapter 6 in Cold Steel. Things are getting pretty heated story wise, that’s for sure. With how things were playing out towards the halfway point of the chapter, it makes me think of those scenes where a twit snaps and chaos just ensues. One thing I’m really noticing about the game the farther it goes: regular battles, pretty easy. Boss battles, freaking insane. Probably standard fair for an RPG, I know, but man, bosses take quite a while to kill and have quite a few nasty tricks. The final bosses of this chapter have been the most difficult ones by far. It’s essentially giving me Etrian Odyssey boss vibes in terms of challenge: you need a good synergy plan to stay ahead of the boss(es) and play smart. Otherwise, it’s going to be a rough ride... That said, man, I realized just how powerful Elliot can be. His power with Arts (or magic) is really high, and thanks to his default Master Quartz he can recover his HP and EP no problem from battlefield wide multiple enemy hitting Arts. You have to get his Master Quartz leveled up for that perk, but man, he absolutely helped me out with the final boss of the chapter. Overall, chapter 6 was pretty stellar. While I was meh about the first half of it, the field study portion in the city of Roer was excellent. This game keeps getting better and better, and I hope the final chapter (or chapters?) end the game on a high note. I can’t wait to see what happens next!
  10. Fabulous, Darling! 😘 You make Sylvando proud. (Seriously though, those both look good.) I’ll have to look for that trailer tonight because now I’m wondering which one it was! Honestly I thought that was a fitting name for the Builder.
  11. It is. One of the articles I’ve shared in another topic talked about how all the past DQ game quests will be present in the Switch version, along with some new quests. The Yocchi Spirits needed more exposure in the game. The 3DS version introduces them right before you reach Hotto along with the Yocchi Village. My opinion, they should have been treated like the Kodama we see in Princess Mononoke: we see them all over the place, but once the world falls to ruin you see they are either weakening or straight up “dying” until balance is restored at the end of the game. Obviously the time travel event at the end of Act 2 would resolve that issue, but imagine that because you stopped Mordegon and thus removed the darkness from the world, the Yocchi Spirits slowly begin to return, which would lead to the Tower of Time. The order of events might have needed to be re-written a bit, but seeing the little guys slowly disappear from the world in Act 2 only for them to begin to return based on your actions would make the player realize they have something to do with the world of Erdrea itself. It would at least show in the PS4/Steam versions that they have some significance long before you find out what they really are, thanks to some visual storytelling.
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