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  1. My goal is to get at least all the Smash amiibo. Been a favorite series of mine since the N64, so getting figures from the game (and by extension the many properties apart of it) is really cool. Any other amiibos I get are a bonus if I can actually find them or get them as a gift, like the Guardian from Breath of the Wild, Alm and Celica from FE Echoes, or the Detective Pikachu one. I’ve gotten lucky when going to the Best Buy I usually shop at. They are one of the few stores around where I shop that actually still stock a good amount of amiibos. I’ve found a few of the Smash Ultimate ones there, so even though I may have to pay a few bucks more on Amazon for some I hope to someday have all the Smash amiibos.
  2. If there’s one thing I never would have put with the Banana Splits, it’s Five Nights at Freddy’s style horror. Though whenever I saw the show on Boomerang, I always wondered what was up with the elephant thing. Him I could see being evil. The dog, not so much, but when his voice was provided by the man who voiced Tigger (and in the same style for both characters) it’s hard to think he’d be in a horror movie.
  3. Finally got a Wii Fit Trainer amiibo. Nearly 5 years later I finally found another one in stores, and it was the last one too. Best Buy also had the 4 Champions from Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They were cool, but not having/playing the game I felt no reason to get them.
  4. I’m so glad I was able to spend a good chunk of today playing Cold Steel 2. I managed to finish the Celdic part of Act 1, joined forces with Captain Claire, and am now in the Nord Highlands to find the next 3 classmates. The game is doing a good job showing the conflict between the two factions of the civil war. After crossing the Nord Highlands on foot for awhile (which takes FOREVER, thank god that was only temporary) you see the power struggle between the two. I’ll be curious when the “trump card,” of the Noble Faction decides to pop up... Really loving the game an awful lot. It’s a top notch sequel for sure.
  5. I’m glad to see so many of us are in the same boat when it comes to Amos. Clearly he is near and dear to the hearts of some players. Ol’ Amos would be happy to hear that.
  6. You gotta watch out for Aust. He’s got the shifty eyes... If someone new joins and they start causing problems, they should just get the ban hammer from good ol’ Dwaine or the other admins. I’m all for new members joining up and having discussions on DQ and other things, but if trouble makers sneak in....
  7. I’ve been wondering why the 4th Division is so strong in the Cold Steel series. Well, turns out it’s leader Craig the Red is voiced by Sean Schemmel, aka Goku from Dragon Ball! No wonder that part of the army is so strong! Haha

  8. I bet they’ll keep those Draconian settings as options. Playing without stronger enemies makes the game a little too easy. I don’t need a DQ game to be hard to be enjoyable, but by default enemies on DQ11 are kind of pushovers. Having said that, having to deal with bosses like Slayer of the Sands, Dora-in-Grey, the Frozen Fjord boss in Act 3, and the 6th Spectral Sentinel/the last Trial boss on stronger enemies can #$*! right off. Those were some of the most infuriating battles I’ve ever had to deal with in a DQ game period. I know I technically brought the challenge on myself by playing with harder enemies, but those guys were just nightmares. I still feel like months later I got LUCKY I even beat Dora-in-Grey since I had to rely on sheer dumb luck with critical hit spear skills from Jade and Serena all while dealing with that boss and her many annoying attacks. That’s a boss I hope gets some refining in the Switch version. I really do.
  9. Ok, so I’ve barely been able to play Cold Steel 2. Thankfully today I managed to get a few hours in since I was able to leave work early (long story short, had to work a really long shift early in the week and got to leave earlier than planned today so I didn’t go over 40 hours) and got a few things done in game! Instead of chapters like the first game, the game seems to be an act by act structure. Seems like Act 1 is going to be about reuniting with Class VII. After some cutscenes Rean and Toval ended up in the Celdic region, and after seeing what’s become of the area I reunited with Machias, Elliot and Fie! Hooray! While the area is one from the first game, there are quite a few changes to the Celdic region. For one thing, a lot of the roads that were originally out of bounds for the field study are now open for exploration, the landscape has taken on a more subdued, brownish look to reflect the winter season (it being a farmland region I noticed this right away since I’m from Iowa), and there are new enemies and a new “overworld,” theme while exploring. Honestly, I’m digging the attention to details and the story moments. The cutscenes of Rean reuniting with some of his classmates were well done and emotional scenes, and you can tell Sean Chiplock (Rean’s voice actor) was putting his all into his lines. Now it’s time to head for the Twin Dragon Bridges and see if the group can meet up with the 4th Division of the Imperial Army and reunite Elliot with his dad who leads it.
  10. Tah-dah! Here’s the video of The Hero (and a Slime!) and Banjo & Kazooie being added to the Smash Bros. Ultimate mural!
  11. After reading the last few posts, I can see that. Still, this is the Pokémon topic, and that article popped up in my news feed. So I figured I’d share it.
  12. Bad news for those who like Mega Evolutions and/or Z-Moves: https://www.siliconera.com/2019/06/13/pokemon-sword-and-shield-arent-going-to-include-mega-evolutions-or-z-moves/
  13. I had to click and look, as I thought you were just speaking mumbo jumbo. ^Now that is speaking some mumbo jumbo. 😜
  14. Yes! Banjo is getting a Mumbo Jumbo inspired color scheme! Just what I wanted to see! https://www.siliconera.com/2019/06/13/the-banjo-kazooie-super-smash-bros-ultimate-stage-is-spiral-mountain-and-a-pink-alt/
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