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  1. It’s called Bravely Default 2 because, from what little info they have said, it’s going to start with a similar way to the original, now taking place in an entirely different world with its own set of crystals. If you watch the trailer you can see how two of the characters appear similarly to Tiz and Anges, one of them looks reminiscent of Magnolia from Bravely Second: End Layer, and the fourth almost gives off a vibe of Ringabel and one of the characters from Octopath Traveler. With how Bravely Default explains its world and what happens as you play, it makes sense why they named it that and why some of the characters are reminiscent of previous playable characters. What would have actually been brave is if Square Enix released all the Dragon Quest games we didn’t get over here. That would been some actual bravery. Both Bravely Default and Second are about 80 hours, so you’ll finish DQ7 before you’d finish the two of them combined. But you seem to hate DQ7 anyway, so you may as well play something else. Can’t wait to see how you react to the second half of Bravely Default.
  2. Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time with the game. 🤪 I haven’t played it as much as you at this point, but I’m still enjoying my time with it despite the frustrations I’ve come across. I know this comparison isn’t liked, but it’s kind of the same draw I have for Dark Souls/Bloodborne: it’s tough and can feel unfair sometimes, but there’s something that keeps drawing you back and then suddenly everything clicks. You can accidentally screw up a quest line or have new encounters you didn’t know about. I like it. I’m hoping to play more this weekend. Gonna be busy tomorrow and part of Saturday but I’m hoping Sunday I can kick back and not get interrupted for a good play session with the game.
  3. Awww, no new Smash Ultimate character reveal at the Game Awards. I was hoping they’d go full circle. But I am happy Sekiro/From Software won Game of the Year. I’m happy for Hidetaka Miyazaki and FromSoft.

  4. We’ll all be like kids looking in the window at all the stuff on display at Christmas time.
  5. Yeah, I’ve seen that it grows as I’ve fought battles and helped take care of different situations. Helping with the jewel mine helped raise my money income by a fair bit. I’m just thinking it will probably take a number of battles for money to be raised for the treasury. It seems like a lot of in game events, such as building new areas and new armor/weapons, comes about by fighting so many battles. I guess I’ll have to go and take care of the Cumberland area before it’s too late. Now that I’m done helping the Armed Merchants I thought about heading to that area next. Better make sure I don’t go too off course like you did. 😉
  6. Finally got my orchard completed. It only took the people of Avalon 191 years to finish the job I paid for, but hey, I got my orchard. I recruited the Arms Merchants into my service after helping deal with the mine full of monsters. Damn, was that dungeon kind of rough. Maybe it’s because of my party and/or skills but some battles were just more trouble than they were worth. Par for the course with SaGa games I’m sure, but it was fun. Definitely a number of “Oh crap oh crap oh crap,” moments! The Water Faerie monsters were the scariest ones to run into by far though thanks to their AoE ice attack. Now THAT hurt. 🥶 Hopefully I’ll be able to build the magic school soon. I’m just under 200,000 crowns away from being able to build it, so maybe I’ll have to go off and fight monsters and see if my kingdom generates some extra cash or see if I can sell off some stuff to get some extra money.
  7. Been sick for most of the week but today I was finally feeling like myself again. Had to call in sick on Tuesday and barely wanted to do anything. Thankfully this morning ol’ Yangus started feeling like himself again, and I managed to get a number of things taken care of today for the holiday season. I also made a crockpot of my tortilla soup for Friday. My cousin who has been in the army for the last 5 years is on his way home right now and will finally be done with his service, so we’re having a big welcome back party for him this Friday. I was requested to make my soup, so made my soup I did! Looking forward to seeing my cousin since he’s been overseas in South Korea for nearly the entirety of 2019!
  8. I’m in the next generation (Year 1194) with my unfortunately named female descendant, Beaver. Managed to recruit the Thief Guild and added two more land areas to the Empire. Built an orchard I can’t seem to access and am hoping I’ll be able to build a magic school like I was able to at one point.
  9. God damn it. I screwed myself out of being able to recruit a new character type, the Brawler. Apparently I went a little overboard on the Fiend’s Cloister dungeon and killed the enemies further in the cave than I should have, as the boss of the Brawlers only wanted me to kill the slime that was giving his men trouble. Apparently killing the monsters further in was a no-no, because when I went back to talk to him he fought me, and looking up some info after that I found out you SHOULDN’T do that because I was super confused why the head of the Brawlers didn’t thank me for dealing with the slime monster. And I had already saved once I beat the monsters.... Damn it. 😤 Welp, guess I have to make a back up save now every time I want to do something. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY.
  10. No worries. It’s better to have this Famitsu questionnaire posted everywhere we can to try and let the Japanese know how much we love DQ here in the west.
  11. I already did the questionnaire thanks to the announcement topic for it. https://www.woodus.com/forums/topic/39567-famitsu-dragon-quest-survey/
  12. I just finished the survey. Took the chance to really emphasize how much I love the series and what all I enjoyed about DQ11. Made a point to mention we’d love to see Dragon Quest X too.
  13. See, I can get where that would draw you out of the experience. But I find that hilarious. Clearly she’s an immortal woman who doesn’t realize how much time has passed! Really though, that sounds more like a sign of the times when that game came out. NPCs repeating the same dialogue. It is funny they repeat stuff in a game all about passing generations, but still, I get how it would be distracting.
  14. Yeah. There’s a blue haired mage you can recruit on the first floor of the castle and he has water healing magic. I’m glad you can get equipment out of storage. I was afraid I was going to lose Emperor Leon’s gear and luckily it was in the storage. So Gerard was able to have a stronger long sword and got the benefit of his dad’s mastery. I can see where having to re-equip a full party would be a little annoying though.
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