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  1. Retropie is such a pain in the ass that in the 2 plus years I've had one, I've been so frustrated that I wind up just saying f*** it, and turn it off unplug it and stop using it for months on end until it's been long enough that I forget the hassle and decide to try it again. Mine's on a pi 3, so no issues with the hardware, and the online "help" is near worthless and the community, well, I hate the term but "toxic" is fairly apt, no help in any event.
  2. I see (hear?) what you did there!
  3. A lot of games cost more used than when they were new. Would you balk at Panzer Dragoon Saga or Suikoden 2 going for more than the $40 they were originally sold at? Not saying Pickymans is in that category, but just costing more used than new (or as a download)... Supply and demand factors in there somewhere.
  4. Online gaming is just... well, not for me... People are awful, why would I want them affecting my game and paying extra monthly fees for that "privilege"? Bring on an offline version, please, so we aren't yet again stuck waiting decades long times for numbered entries in the series until they decide to do remakes on some other system in the year 2043.
  5. Is there any place with the guides from emuparadise (including all of them, not just DW/DW, ideally, though here they're clearly of the most importance) archived since they've sadly stopped allowing downloads?
  6. For NES games, there are no "real" concrete release dates. It's not really until a few 16 bit games like Sonic 2sday or Mortal (Kombat) Monday that anything specific really became a "thing", any dates before those need to be taken with a grain of salt.
  7. Nah, it's just another silly pun... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babybjörn I wasn't gonna read through all 5 pages so if someone already pointed it out after page 1, oh well.
  8. For all their faults, this one isn't a big deal. Don't like their price? Don't buy it. They've got a much better return policy on "previously owned" (euphemism alert!) things, that could potentially make it more worth buying used, otherwise, generally best to wait for a buy 2 get 1 free offer. Last game I bought from them, used, was basically just frustration with trying to buy it (new) from Walmart. Paid for it online, said I could pick it up a particular day in store (no shipping cost that way) then the store was like all "out of stock, sorry you gotta go online to get it refunded" so I walked to the game stop next door and bought a used copy at around twice the price the new one at Walmart would have been if they'd had their heads out of their asses. The clerk at game stop was nice and didn't try too hard on the upsale and promotion #$*!!.
  9. per the original poster. The regular edition (whatever fancy title they gave it) has some other seeds and accessories that when equipped restore small amounts of HP or MP. not a big deal, but handy early on, particularly if you have some of the "gimp" modes turned on
  10. There was marketing? I can't remember much of anything SE has marketed in recent times other than FF15. Certainly not any recent DQ games. At least 8 got a demo disc and slime keychains you could send for to promote it. And an FF12 demo packed in with the game which moved more than a few copies.
  11. Always a mistake, no matter the subject. Bunch of friggin unhinged lunatics running that asylum. They make the old neogaf they split from look reasonable in comparison. As for the actual subject here, I can't speak on it, as I have no idea what he actually said. " negative comments about LGBTQ people " could be anything from "kill all gays and send them to hell" to "marriage should only be between a man and a woman" and I really don't care enough to go searching out more. Certainly not from ResetERA where if you don't want anyone allowed into the country no matter who or where from, REEEEEEEEEEEE,you're a nazi KKK racist, and should be lined up and shot.
  12. People were upset enough to make patches to reinsert symphonic versions into roms of the games, rather than just accept it. Meh, in the 3ds games it bugged me because the music didn't actually fit (lengthwise) and could cut out too soon in certain circumstances, but in XI, i just feel meh about the whole "controversy" the music seems perfectly cromulent to me.
  13. Reminds me of the time I had a package coming to me in southeast Michigan, by crossing the border from Canada into Detroit, then instead of going a few miles north of Detroit to where I live, just a straight shot up I-75, it instead went south on I-75 down into Ohio where it sat for several days before turning around back up to where it should have gone in the first place... Only thing i can figure is they were trying to "punish" me for not paying for 2 day shipping and making sure it wouldn't arrive faster than the 4-5 days the slower cheaper rate claimed. Damn shippers have never been any good, any of them, ever since that $^$&^%ing strike by UPS in the 90's... When they aren't deliberately slow, or damaging things, they're just stopping at the mail box to stick a "we tried to deliver" on it rather than actually trying to deliver when i was home all day...
  14. I just discovered r2 to sprint last night. Much better running option than well, hitting option. Which I do way too often by mistake when intending to open the menus...
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