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  1. i dont dislike class changing so much its just it makes the game get more complicated and harder to stay in to. i still play & like many games with similar systems but i find myself much less likely to actually finish them.
  2. ive just been ignoring the whole personality thing. i know it wasnt in the original and it just adds an additional layer of hassle that would make me tire of the game and quit playing sooner. just the class change system is bother enough.
  3. played thru 1&2. playing 3 currently. (switch) like the graphics. only problem with the translations is looking up info\walkthrus\maps online and place names are different and i need to try and work out which place they mean. still prefer the translations over the gameboy ones. havent noticed this stutter thing. did notice some mildly bothering lag when switching to combat but not a big deal and only in 1. been playing in handheld mode only but it shouldn't be a problem in docked either given how the system would be more powerful docked. original switch version.
  4. On its own, in a single game it's fine. But I really don't like how now we get "alltrades abbey" in any game with any sort of similar place even when there's no nu'un payoff to go with it. Sham hatwich is probably the cutest of this sort of wordplay. It tickled me deep inside when I came across it and is quite memorable. The visuals of the enemy to go with it are just aces too.
  5. i tend to grind in RPGs just because. i never intentionally try to hit the cap though and only bop into it if its fairly low (like super mario rpg)
  6. cool. i beat it (and two) way back when it first came out in america for the NES. a decade or so back i beat the gc versions (in an emulator on my psp with a patch to make it more in line with the NES translations). then i spent the end of last year playing/beating the switch versions. lately ive been playing the switch version of 3 which ive never beaten despite having the NES version since it was brand new and trying gbc and SNES versions several times. im further than ever before actually just grinding before going to face baramos.
  7. I doubt there'd be many absolutely ONLY plays on 'New' Switch titles, given how rare ONLY plays on 'New' 3DS titles there were. More likely it'd be most games work on all models, with a few with extra features/better performance ONLY available on the 'New' model.
  8. Retropie is such a pain in the ass that in the 2 plus years I've had one, I've been so frustrated that I wind up just saying f*** it, and turn it off unplug it and stop using it for months on end until it's been long enough that I forget the hassle and decide to try it again. Mine's on a pi 3, so no issues with the hardware, and the online "help" is near worthless and the community, well, I hate the term but "toxic" is fairly apt, no help in any event.
  9. I see (hear?) what you did there!
  10. A lot of games cost more used than when they were new. Would you balk at Panzer Dragoon Saga or Suikoden 2 going for more than the $40 they were originally sold at? Not saying Pickymans is in that category, but just costing more used than new (or as a download)... Supply and demand factors in there somewhere.
  11. Online gaming is just... well, not for me... People are awful, why would I want them affecting my game and paying extra monthly fees for that "privilege"? Bring on an offline version, please, so we aren't yet again stuck waiting decades long times for numbered entries in the series until they decide to do remakes on some other system in the year 2043.
  12. Is there any place with the guides from emuparadise (including all of them, not just DW/DW, ideally, though here they're clearly of the most importance) archived since they've sadly stopped allowing downloads?
  13. For NES games, there are no "real" concrete release dates. It's not really until a few 16 bit games like Sonic 2sday or Mortal (Kombat) Monday that anything specific really became a "thing", any dates before those need to be taken with a grain of salt.
  14. Nah, it's just another silly pun... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babybjörn I wasn't gonna read through all 5 pages so if someone already pointed it out after page 1, oh well.
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