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  1. Im starting to come to this topic when I went to be disturbed... and its working
  2. You arent kidding right? Cause I just cant tell
  3. I enjoyed my stay :)

  4. Hello Visitors of my page, hope you enjoy your stay :)

  5. Guys/Girls CHILL OUT!!! This is a place where we come to have fun, talk or generally be wierd/stupid but we didn't come here to fight! What i'm trying to say is forget about it, if you need anger management go beat up on a boss in DQ or something just don't fight.Thank you for your co operation .
  6. And you get it, its the car you always wanted, but then striffen_clouds monkeys come to your house eat all your food and beat the crap out of your car with baseball bats, frying pans and a lawn mower. I wish I got paid more for my paper route.
  7. You are not wrong DQV gets cancelled due to it being too awesome for mortal man,however they may decide to change their mind(lol i can't wreck it too much i wish you are wrong too lol) I wish I had DQ V and VI to go along with IV that I have.
  8. Except they never will because they already have a habit of not wishing! I wish that I could get a english release date for DQV. (if you actually know please put in brackets before you wreck this wish lol)
  9. The first Dragon Quest game I played was Rocket slime and I still remember being amazed at the variety of slimes . However I dont think that spin offs count, The first true Dragon quest game I played was Dragon Quest 8 at a friends house, still havent completed but still loving it. Ive also played DQMJ. Im hoping to get the results from my question on the DQ 4,5,6 section on which game I should get. Still excited that im getting my first true DW/DQ game soon.
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