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  1. Bad quality since I wanted to get every game I own for something else.
  2. Recieved third place at Marching Band Championships at Hershey, PA.

  3. Could I have both my login and display names set to DQFFF please? Thanks.
  4. Here is my list, and my thoughts, in no particular order: DW1 for GBC: It felt small to me IMO, but it was the first DQ game I ever played, at about 7 years old... Being alone makes you feel isolated and lonely, and the Overworld music reflects that. I did not like the torch, and its good that they removed it from the rest of the series, at least I think they did. I managed to beat the game at level 22, but it took awhile. DW2 for GBC: It's actually the first DQ game I BEAT, and DW1 was beat later. It actually took me years to understand the concept of DW, but since I started at a young age, it really sank in. For those who say being alone in the beginning was not that great, I for one had no problems. I got the prince pretty quick and I grew some levels at the cave where the silver key is. I didn't like that the princess came later, as she was lvl 1 when the other two were lvl 10-15. I liked the vast world travelled, but Alefgard was downgraded IMO. Only the castle and Dracolord's castle remained...Battles were annoying, having like 3+ enemies in some groups, but I got through. (My final team was Hero lvl 30, Prince lvl 28, Princess lvl 25) The overworld theme of this game (before you get princess) was one of the best in the series IMO. DW3 for GBC: The best DQ out there for its storyline and connections with the previous two. The class system got rid of some story, unlike in 2 where you stay as the same 3 characters the whole game, in this one you can change them. I managed to get everyone to go through each class and end up being warrior, fighter, and sage, when I fought Zoma. The heroic thing is that the hero saves the dark world from a threat, and disappears from his own world. He becomes a legend in both worlds. The overworld music for this game was one of the best as well. DQ4 for DS: This was the best for its storyline and character development. I'm at the final boss of ch.5, so I can't comment on the new chapter. The chapter system itself gets kind of annoying because your money gets lost in the proccess, but that makes it more realistic. The graphics are great for a DS, though I've seen better. The music was great, but the overworld theme is not one of my favorites. DQ5 for SNES: I beat this game with the DeJap translation, if there are anymore out there, and It's my favorite in the whole series. I love how you start as a child with your father, and grow to be a slave, then travel the world, and even get married and have kids, as well as become a king! Whenever I hear the overworld or even the castle theme, I get this feeling inside that I don't know how to explain. (no, it's not gas ) It makes me feel like a child who had everything taken away comes back and comes to the top. The monster system is great, but I don't have a real reason to use the monsters after I get the son and daughter. Choosing which wife to marry is an emotional thing, as the hero is probably thinking that he has to marry Flora to get the Zenithian shield, but he has more of an attraction to Bianca. He gets the shield anyway, but he didn't know that while he was choosing! DQ6 for SNES: I started, but didn't finish it. I don't like the monsters as they are too strong for me in the beginning, but that's just a small problem. Having two worlds, with the original being just a dream world, makes the hero, as well as me, think, "Am I just a dream, or am I real?" The overworld music is really great...but I can't really evaluate it until I either beat it or get the DS version. DW7 for PS: Using an emulator, I didn't beat this game, but so far it's really hard, but I like it... DQ8 for PS2: I didn't even play past the first town, because I borrowed it, but it looks really nice... I didn't play any of the side games, so I'm done!
  5. Well, the first Dragon Warrior game I played was I and II for GBC, but I was supposed to get DQM2: Kobi's journey. The guy made a mistake and gave me the wrong game, but because of that, I became addicted to DQ! I was about 6-8 when it came out, but I was able to understand the basic storyline. I lost the game on an Amtrak train a few years ago ( ) and then used emulators to play 4, 5, and 6 for NES/SNES. I bought DW3 for GBC, only to have misplaced it a few weeks later! Emulator again! I got DW7(for Emulator, of course. I couldn't find the actual game), and I am still playing it. I beat DQ4(Hero, Alena, Cristo, Mara(or Nara, whichever one's cleric!)) and 5(Son was only one standing, Hero died just before final blow), and I am still working on 3(Zoma, can't beat him!) and 6(Had Pegasus, but had to restart game). I then got DQ4 for DS, and I'm almost done(although it isn't as special since I had freshly beaten it for NES.) I have not played 8 except for a small part in the beginning... As for Monsters/ Swords, not as appealing to me as the main series...
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