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  1. Bad quality since I wanted to get every game I own for something else.
  2. Recieved third place at Marching Band Championships at Hershey, PA.

  3. Could I have both my login and display names set to DQFFF please? Thanks.
  4. Here is my list, and my thoughts, in no particular order: DW1 for GBC: It felt small to me IMO, but it was the first DQ game I ever played, at about 7 years old... Being alone makes you feel isolated and lonely, and the Overworld music reflects that. I did not like the torch, and its good that they removed it from the rest of the series, at least I think they did. I managed to beat the game at level 22, but it took awhile. DW2 for GBC: It's actually the first DQ game I BEAT, and DW1 was beat later. It actually took me years to understand the concept of DW, but since I started at a youn
  5. Well, the first Dragon Warrior game I played was I and II for GBC, but I was supposed to get DQM2: Kobi's journey. The guy made a mistake and gave me the wrong game, but because of that, I became addicted to DQ! I was about 6-8 when it came out, but I was able to understand the basic storyline. I lost the game on an Amtrak train a few years ago ( ) and then used emulators to play 4, 5, and 6 for NES/SNES. I bought DW3 for GBC, only to have misplaced it a few weeks later! Emulator again! I got DW7(for Emulator, of course. I couldn't find the actual game), and I am still playing it. I
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