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  1. It's not unusual for a star in commercials to actually enjoy the products that they are representing. A similar example: Robin Williams (and his daughter, Zelda Williams) have been in recent Legend of Zelda commercials, which they both claim to be fans of. I still laugh at that one line Robin says in the commercial: "I've been playing Zelda before you were even born!"
  2. I found the ending of DQIV to be very sad; almost depressing. Note I am talking about the ORIGINAL ending, not the bonus ending that was added into the remakes. At the very end of the game, you find out that Psaro was simply being used by Aamon, who plotted Rose's death, and you are forced to watch him become a monstrosity that you have to put a stop to. There was no "Rose comes back to life and Psaro is saved from himself" scenario. Rose dies. Psaro dies. When I first beat the game, I honestly didn't feel like I "won" anything.
  3. Recently started playing Wild Arms 5 again. Also I got Person 3 Portable, which is the first SMT game I've ever played. It's pretty good.
  4. Heck yeah, Golden Sun! I beat the second game myself a couple weeks ago.
  5. I've currently beaten and am replaying Oath in Felghana. Ys has pretty much absorbed my internet life over the past couple months. x_x
  6. You mean you haven't always called yourself DQ5r!? YOU ARE TEARING ME APART, TOM-SERVO!
  7. Damn that sucks. I don't think I can give you that badge though. We had a chat about it a while back and decided not to extend the deadline since even hinting at such resulted in a flood of requests for old badges. Good to see you got your copy though. Hopefully you will notice the topics and grab badges for the DQVI and Joker 2 Contests when they come out. Most likely not. I haven't been checking the forum as often as I have the past few weeks, and I usually tend to miss the contest/tournament topics in the process (due to the sheer amount of boards).
  8. Ahhh! I never even noticed this topic! Can I still get a badge? I've had DQIX since Day 1. http://i53.tinypic.com/14kz1nd.jpg ;______________________;
  9. I beat SO2, and now I am playing Monster Hunter Tri! Addicting game, I was tried the online for the first time last night with Naoshi and did some quests lol.
  10. I pulled out Star Ocean 2 for the PSP and started playing it again. Just completed all four fields on Energy Nede, etc etc.
  11. Double postin', but I just got Wild Arms 3 a couple days ago for like 5 bucks. Always wanted to play a WA game so I decided to give it a whirl.
  12. In the non-RPG game section. lol
  13. HUZZAH! EDIT: Oh yeah, uh, playing more Star Ocean 2, and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. I just unlocked Joe the Condor!
  14. The other day I started a new file on Twilight Princess and completed the first dungeon (which still takes forever to get to, btw). I also restarted by game on Star Ocean 3... I really do want to beat it this time. :/
  15. Started playing Ys: Ark of Napishtim the other day. Pretty fun game, just like how Ys Book I & II are.
  16. Massive updates with Crystal! Finally got my Politoed, and I went on to kick Clair's butt along with the Elite Four. I also finally encountered Entei and caught him, but still haven't gotten Raikou, ironically enough. I'm now in Kanto and I've managed to defeat Lt. Surge, Sabrina, Erika, Janine, and Misty in that order. Now I guess I'm onward to Pewter City. FFXII is also going well, although at a slightly slower pace. Think I'm gonna go after some more Marks, though.
  17. Popped FFXII back in after I completed Mario Sunshine. Still playing Crystal, but I also purchased Stadium 2 off of eBay to help me with trading stuff, so in the meantime I've been looking for Raikou and Entei. I found Raikou incredibly easy (first wild encounter go) but Entei is still being elusive as ever. :/
  18. Currently in Pokemon Crystal game, I want to get a Politoed but apparently GBA cables aren't compatible with GB/C games, even if they are in the GBA. So now, I need to either get my hands on a second GB/C and an old game link cable (because I can't find mine apparently) or see if my friend can find his copy of Pokemon Stadium 2, which he just conveniently misplaced.
  19. Been playing Star Ocean 3 and Tales of the Abyss, but lately I've been playing more Sonic and Pokemon that anything. I beat Pokemon Blue a few days ago and now I'm playing Pokemon Crystal. Damn Whitney and her Miltank...
  20. Been playing The Conduit, Tales of the Abyss, and Pokemon Platinum lately.
  21. All I've been doing lately is playing Pokemon... and if I'm not playing Pokemon then I'm playing Pikmin, which is only a few letters different!
  22. I restared and beat Sin & Punishment on VC the other day. Really good game, so I can't wait for the sequel. I also tried playing Star Tropics again... man, that game gets ridiculous on the third island.
  23. My curiosity got the better of me and now I'm playing MOTHER 3 with the fan translation. It's a lot different compared to the first two games. Of course, EarthBound was an entirely different beast.
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