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  1. He's an anti-social loner. He's chasing after the cobbler as an excuse to avoid a social gathering
  2. 1.1 Burland Part 3 ***************************** The next morning the returning soldiers were given a heroes' welcome as they marched into town hoisting dragon carcasses over their heads. The townspeople raised their hands throwing flower petals and ribbons into the air. Elderly men and women weeped and shouted words of thanks. Young women batted their eyes at the handsome soldiers, hoping to draw their attention. Children ran in and out of the procession, waving wooden swords through the air, no doubt slaying dragons in their imaginations. The soldiers' families came too.
  3. It's coming. I just have to change it from awkward English into more natural English.
  4. I haven't worked on it much this week. I got distracted with another translation project. I jump around between projects a lot Don't worry though, I'll get it out there eventually.
  5. Oops. I may have to change her back to Flora. It's Freya in the Japanese. I'll have to double check DW4 to make sure.
  6. Thanks for the comment. I like the Scrawny Bear nickname too. Christmas was hectic here as well - you may have noticed that I didn't update at all between Christmas and about January 9th. Baby got the flu on January 1st too Anyway, Japan gives many holiday days for New Years and I didn't do any translation during the holiday. Glad to know I have a reader In the next update we meet a certain Freya, who is looking for her poor lost husband Alex...
  7. 1.1 Burland Part 2 ************************************ Ragnar sat alone on a small boulder apart from the celebrating soldiers. He had his arms crossed over his chest as he gazed silently at the burning mountain. His amber eyes flashed with shots of orange reflected from the fire. He was the captain of the 3rd Company. He was in his early thirties, which was younger than most commanders, but his countenance showed no signs of the giddiness and nervousness that young soldiers often possessed. He hailed from a small minority community deep in the mountains, and was a head
  8. I'm playing Phantasy Star Zero right now.
  9. Chapter 1: Royal Soldiers (72) Know ye of Burland, that cold mountain country, with its steady and prosperous king? There in that castle, a brave royal soldier, 'Tis about young Captain Ragnar I'll sing. 'Twas his fate to be lonely, bestowed him at birth, see, his family bloodline was weak. The one thing he longed for, yes, more than all others True Friendship is what he did seek. -from a troubadour's song 1.1 Burland Part 1 (73) The setting sun was falling over the edge of the world. A huge bonfire illuminated the area a burning red. The win
  10. It's hard to do faster. Especially now that I'm on Winter break. Strangely enough, I do most of my translation work at ...work. Any particular story come to mind? Thanks. I'm glad you are enjoying it. But please wait. I've caught up to myself, so it might take some time. But the next update is Burland (well, the mountains outside Burland anyway).
  11. Introduction Part 5 (Part 5.1, the only part!) The Rule of Evil Nargoth's death happened a short time later. Only the highest ranking among his retainers were invited to his deathbed. The king lay facedown on the iron bed. Standing at attention at the top of the steps leading from the bed were Prince Nyuii1, Prince Haygen, and Haygen's son Miasof. On the step below Miasof stood a dark figure wearing a heavy black hood. The figure was unknown to most of the monsters present. (69) The Ruler of Evil's face was illuminated by the brilliant red flame from a nearby candlestick, but
  12. Introduction Part 4 (Part 4.3) ************************* (64) Before long, the two of them felt like going outside the forest. They became birds and soared through the night. They crossed mountains and travelled to faraway lands. They went to the sea. They built sandcastles on the beach and destroyed them together. They became fish and swam to the floor of the sea, to explore treasure ships that had sunk long ago. They went into towns to peek in on the life of humans. The Youma prince and the elf princess were fascinated by the silliness and merriment of human behaviour. Th
  13. Introduction Part 4 (Part 4.2) ****************************** (62) Their life together became more bitter than sweet. Their relationship was strange, out of balance and restless. In their day to day life, Rosa would instruct Saro on various subjects. When they lined up to gaze at the sky, she'd teach him how to read the weather patterns. When birds would sing, she'd teach him how to distinguish between them. At first, Saro was hopelessly bewildered. Sometimes he'd stare vacantly into Rosa's face as she talked. Other times he'd turn his face away, as if bluntly saying "This
  14. Introduction Part 4 (Part 4.1) Time passed, seasons changed. The forest shrine was simple but built with painstaking care. With the help of the dwarves and animals, Saro completed his great project. Rosa collected nettle, holly and ash from the surrounding area and constructed an altar. Her memory of the ritual was a bit hazy, but she did her best. When she finished, she lowered her head and prayed. She prayed there in silence for three days, taking neither food nor water. Then a miracle happened. From seemingly nowhere, a sacred priestess appeared in the village. The priestess bl
  15. Sorry it's been so long! I've been studying for the JLPT, interviewing students and fighting sickness. Not to mention this scene is pretty long compared to previous ones. Anyway, here it is. Introduction Part 3 (Part 3.2) Rosa sat at the edge of the fountain lost in thought. The water mirror reflected her lost eyes and sorrowful look. She casually touched her finger to the water and the ripples contorted her reflection. It looked like she was crying, the way the tiny waves rolled across her eyes. The birds and butterflies did not come to rest by her side. They could sense he
  16. The other way around. The novels are based on the game. But this introductory chapter doesn't occur in the game. It's just background information. The game starts with Ragnar's story, which I haven't quite gotten to in this translation.
  17. Introduction Part 3 (Part 3.1) The Ruler of Evil Nargoth was presented with a golden woman. Her skin, eyes, hair, everything glowed like moonlight. It was the work of one of the dwarven craftsmen captured from the elf forest, the most skilled and aged among them. He said that a young stranger came to him in a dream and challenged him to make something great, to pour all of his energy and ability into the work. This was actually all part of a carefully planned scheme, the result of that secret meeting between Jakosh and Prince Miasof, but the dwarf of course didn't know a drop about
  18. Oh, wow. That's all? Heh, the two Parts to Alena's story that I've written tally up to about 138, 000 words alone. I have a sneaky suspicion that mine are going to be a bit rather more... detailed. Yes, especially since Japanese Alena has to share her 130,400 words with Ragnar and Saro Did you finish writing Alena's story or is it still a work in progress? If it's unfinished, how many words do you think it will be when it is finished?
  19. Heh, cool. I'm sure there will be quite a few differences, although it'll be interesting to see if there are any similarities beyond the basic game plotline. Most old stories and legends (Sigurd/Sigfried, King Arthur, Jataka tales, etc) have differences between tellings. It makes them more interesting. I'm also curious to see if there are any similarities though, especially when it comes to details about the characters. DQ4 is a trilogy. Book 1, which covers Ragnar and Alena/Cristo/Brey, is 326 pages. Book 2, which covers Taloon and Mara/Nara, is 255 pages. Book 3, which c
  20. Thanks guys. If there's ever anything that doesn't make sense or whatever, please let me know. Also, feel free to comment/discuss the story at anytime if there's anything that jumps out at you. We just had a three-day weekend here and I didn't do any translation stuff during the break, but this morning I just about finished up the next section. It's a pretty funny scene. I will post it tonight (Japan time). Thanks for reading!
  21. Me too! When I first saw this book at the bookstore, I was ready to dive right into Ragnar's story. Having Healie in the introduction got me pumped even more. This lengthy introduction about monster politics was a surprise. It's interesting and all, but I'm really hoping to finish it up soon. I think I'm about 6 updates away from Burland. I actually just finished the introduction in my reading (I try to stay a little ahead of the translation so I know what's coming). Won't be too long now. Thanks for reading! I hope you'll keep coming back. I've been reading your story too.
  22. I'm playing DQV for the DS now. It was slow going at the beginning because I'm slow at reading Japanese, but I'm starting to get used to the language used in the games and I can advance faster now. I think I'm 6 hours in and I just got to the castle with the spoiled Prince Henry. I have a save in DW3 (English) for the NES started but I haven't played it in a while. I was going to try to go through the game with a hero and 3 soldiers. I also started a save in NES DQ4 (Japanese) because I wanted to try playing in Japanese (this was before I got DQV for my birthday), but I haven't touche
  23. Introduction Part 2 (Part 2.4) ******************************************* Deep down in the depths of hell, a sea of boiling magma broke in waves upon a cliff. On the side of that cliff, a black cave opened wide. Prince Miasof clicked a rusty key into the iron gate blocking the cave entrance and intoned an ancient spell to break the seal. An eerie sound like an astonished scream reverberated from within. Then the door opened as if beckoning him to enter. Miasof nodded his head to the three armed monsters that accompanied him and they returned the nod silently. Then they stepped i
  24. Thanks! I try my best to turn it into natural English without making drastic changes to the author's word-choice. Sometimes I still get clumsy sentences like: "It seems your blood has beautifully inherited the memory of your noble race" , but I'm happy to hear that it reads smoothly for the most part. Thanks for the comment. When I get kind comments from readers it really motivates me to keep going. I appreciate the support. Next update should come really soon!
  25. Thanks for the comments! It gives me a happy warm feeling inside to know people are reading it and enjoying it. I think I'm starting to get a little faster with my translating skills. I have the next two updates in rough-draft form already. Maybe I will reach Ragnar by Christmas afterall!
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