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Past DQIV trivia questions (and answers). Possible Spoilers


Question #1: How old is Esturk?



d) 10,000-99,999 years old. His battle with Master Dragon happened "a few ten thousand years ago".



Question #2: You are the elf king. Saro's grandfather's armies have invaded your forest and surrounded your mansion. You are hopelessly outnumbered. What do you do?


a) Kill yourself.

b) Tell your daughter to run and make an Alamo-like last stand.

c) Use a Wing of the Wyvern and get the hell out of there.

d) Whoop those monsters' asses



a) Kill yourself. The elf king sets fire to his own mansion and commits suicide with his family retainers.




Trivia Question #3: Which of the following is a physical trait of DQIV elves?


a) They have solid black eyes.

b) They have tails.

c) They don't have pointy ears.

d) They have cloven hooves.



b) They have tails. When Saro first sees Rosa, he is attracted by her tail which peaks out from under her dress.




Trivia Question #4: How many monsters can fit into the kitchen of Dire Palace?


a) 8

b) About 20.

c) 100, if you fill in the holes with slimes.

d) 10,000+



d) 10,000+. In addition to being able to feed tens of thousands of monsters at the same time, Dire Palace also boasts a grand hall big enough to hold the camps of all the armies of monsters.



Trivia Question #5: What color are Rosa's eyes?


a) Brown

b) Blue

c) Golden

d) Black



b) blue. Crystal blue eyes and honey-golden hair. Saro has silver hair and gold eyes.



Trivia Question #6: Which of these creatures does not inhabit the lower reaches of Hell?


a) seven-colored lizards

b) crickets

c) cockroaches

d) grasshoppers



c) cockroaches. Seven-colored lizards, crickets and grasshoppers are seen crawling around at the bottom of Hell.



DQIV Trivia Question #7: Which of the following creatures is female?




a) Lilypa

b) Bharack

c) Phantom Messenger

d) Mad Clown



a) Lilypa. Dakros rips the veils off of elderly Lilypa grandmothers looking for a golden hair girl. He also lifts up the robes of Bharacks, Phantom Messengers and Mad Clowns to make sure they are really men and not women in disguise. As a side note, in Taloon/Torneko's manga, it's an elderly Lilypa who falls in love with Taloon's son and kidnaps him.



DQIV Trivia Question #8: After his grandfather banishes him from the Underworld, why does Saro wear a headscarf?


a) To hide his identity from the humans.

b) To hide his identity from the monsters.

c) To protect himself from the sun.

d) Because Rosa thinks it looks good on him.



c) To protect himself from the sun. Monsters can't stand to be in the sun.



DQIV Trivia Question #9: What is Saro and Rosa's favorite thing to do together?


a) Dress up as humans and dance.

b) Transform into birds and fly in the sky.

c) Transform into fish and swim to the bottom of the sea.

d) Play pranks on humans.



a) Dress up as humans and dance. They like to visit human festivals and dazzle the natives with their graceful dancing.



DQIV Trivia Question #10: Why do Burland soldiers have low-quality swords?


a) Small country, low agriculture output, meager trading, low taxes.

b) The King of Burland is in debt to the Kingdom of Keeleon.

c) The King of Burland hordes his wealth.

d) The King of Burland has outlawed stronger weapons.



a) Small country + low agricultural output + meager trading + low taxes = crappy swords.



DQIV Trivia Question #11: What color are Ragnar's eyes?


a) Brown

b) Blue

c) Amber

d) Violet



c) Amber.


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