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  1. I post streams on Twitch often:


    I also have a Discord:


  2. I will be streaming DQ Randomizer on my stream. Come join the fun.


  3. I will be streaming Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon on my channel soon.


  4. I really loved it! Cant wait to see you talk about Dragon Warrior II. You seem really intelligent when talking about this game.
  5. I am about to stream Crystalis on Twitch. In about 10 minutes or so.


  6. I saw Marvel's Infinity War today. It was epic and awesome.

  7. https://gaming.youtube.com/channel/UCNcY5MWKs11jlHXoqWO5xgA/live

    I'm going live with Chocobo Racing! Here in a few minutes.

  8. I'd be interested in doing that! Assuming my internet is stable enough. lol
  9. Yeah I play em sometimes. What seems to be the problem? What randomizer do you have? Do you have a proper rom?
  10. Well I left you a Twitter post. ; ) Thanks for the info tho! I was wondering if I had to go ahead and go through there.
  11. There's not really any guides for DWC2 as of yet that Hawkeye has posted so I am making this topic. For anyone who has played this game to its completion I have to ask. Where is the Golden Key located at? I have searched everywhere I can and have no idea where it is. Also am curious where you can buy Dragons Bane. Any help is appreciated.
  12. I never understood why these companies cant design a system with older games in mind. Is it just not possible to make a Nintendo or Sony console to play all retro AND modern titles? -_-
  13. The only reason I dont play them on Mobile is I like to have a controller in my hand while playing RPGs like that. Its just something I am used to. I cant stand using mobile controls for that. The last couple experiences were pretty bad.
  14. Happy Birthday to our fav ranter!
  15. I've been playing Fire Emblem Warriors abit. Sorry to put the uploads on hold. XD I'll be back playing Dragon Warrior Classic 1 and 2 once I finish that game up soon.
  16. Thats where I ended too. Waiting a little bit so that Hawkeye can catch up on the stream vids I did. Then I'll probably do it again.
  17. I've already streamed a little of it on Twitch to test it out. Seems alot better than before on the encounter rate. Tho it still crops up every now and then. But this seems managable. I failed quite abit early on tho. XD
  18. Wow. Actual changes to Pokemon that dont suck. I'm already interested. Hope it actually gets finished. : )
  19. The hand holding was annoying at times but I got over it. I'm the type of player that over-prepared for Gyms anyway so this was ultimately just a time-saver for me. The friends I actually liked. Less the one that was about the dancing pokemon cause he was a bore. But the other ones I remember being decent. I got tired of your friends in Pokemon basically always being POKEDEX and POKEMON BATTLES. That got old really fast and the one in Gen 4 was especially awful. At least Bianca in Gen 5 was an attempt to flesh out a friend character and giving her a personality. And the friends in Gen 6 were an attempt to do the same thing. Since Shauna was all about making friends and Calum/Serena were interested in Mega Evolution and not just challenging you over and over. Tho that did eventually happen. I admittedly liked just having another Pokemon Generation which didnt take itself too seriously. Edit: Oops. Didnt realize I started rambling. My apologies. XD
  20. This is Game Freak you're talking about; the company that barely tried to innovate the series until Sun and Moon came along. Of course they'll stick to doing it the way they were used to. And no, I'm not defending that. They really need to get with the times. I'd debate that changes started becoming noticable with 6th Gen. I havent played Sun or Moon but I remember X and Y being pretty decent.
  21. So in short pretty talented guy. ; )
  22. Lyn being in FEW is all I needed to see. I am content now. Okay thats a lie. I want more than that. But I am content that we get her at least. She's one of my favs.
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