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  1. I post streams on Twitch often:


    I also have a Discord:


  2. I will be streaming DQ Randomizer on my stream. Come join the fun.


  3. I will be streaming Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon on my channel soon.


  4. I really loved it! Cant wait to see you talk about Dragon Warrior II. You seem really intelligent when talking about this game.
  5. I am about to stream Crystalis on Twitch. In about 10 minutes or so.


  6. I saw Marvel's Infinity War today. It was epic and awesome.

  7. https://gaming.youtube.com/channel/UCNcY5MWKs11jlHXoqWO5xgA/live

    I'm going live with Chocobo Racing! Here in a few minutes.

  8. I'd be interested in doing that! Assuming my internet is stable enough. lol
  9. Yeah I play em sometimes. What seems to be the problem? What randomizer do you have? Do you have a proper rom?
  10. Well I left you a Twitter post. ; ) Thanks for the info tho! I was wondering if I had to go ahead and go through there.
  11. There's not really any guides for DWC2 as of yet that Hawkeye has posted so I am making this topic. For anyone who has played this game to its completion I have to ask. Where is the Golden Key located at? I have searched everywhere I can and have no idea where it is. Also am curious where you can buy Dragons Bane. Any help is appreciated.
  12. I never understood why these companies cant design a system with older games in mind. Is it just not possible to make a Nintendo or Sony console to play all retro AND modern titles? -_-
  13. The only reason I dont play them on Mobile is I like to have a controller in my hand while playing RPGs like that. Its just something I am used to. I cant stand using mobile controls for that. The last couple experiences were pretty bad.
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