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  1. Sorry if this is off-topic, but is there a PDF for the GBC Dragon Warrior 3 remake's strategy guide? I used to mooch off my brother's, but he sold it... and I haven't been able to track down a copy for own since. The Dragon Warrior 1&2 one posted above helps a lot- same situation- so, thanks to FlyingRangar for the assist. Just looking for the other one I'm missing ATM.
  2. Can I use this as my avy? Took me FOREVER to clip that off that official art of Torneko battling a Green Dragon from one of the Mystery Dungeon games, and from there to finagle it down from 270 x 277 to 96 x 96... oy. @_@
  3. is sitting on his fat behind playing video games all summer!

  4. As an overall name, yeah, it stinks. Still, it doesn't beat having the Princess go "Tabitha, dost thou love me?"
  5. Eh, I have to jump onto the ship with the others whose choices are I, III, and IV. They're too close for me to clearly call it, though, so I'll just list the reasons why they made it in in numerical order, and some reasons why I feel that some of the other titles fall a bit flat. DWI- The classic, it has (IMO) one of the best overworld tunes in the entire SERIES, it has the beginnings of the wildly-succesful DW/DQ formula, and though short, and the story sparse, I still find myself more enthralled with the land of Alefgard than I feel with the lands of other DW games. DWII- Well, it was great, but one turnoff is the Hero can't cast spells, leaving you to have to spend all your money on herbs until you find the Prince of Cannock. Also, battling is a pain in the arse when you're alone, so it's basically the first bit of the game that drags it down. Otherwise, it's pretty good- right up there, though not near first. DWIII- What can I say? Out of the Loto Trilogy, which I am as a whole partial to, this game is the most technically stunning. You have the class system, the two-worlds bit, resulting in an even LARGER overworld than DWII's, you get to see the pieces of the Loto legend fall into place- you actually get to LIVE the legend, bringing a whole new perspective to the first two titles. You get to return to Alefgard, which is always nice, it has my favorite battle music throughout the series, and the Hero can be such a powerhouse compared even to LATER Heroes. Thordain, I love you! DWIV- This title took pretty much everything DWIII did, and built upon it. The more rudimentary class system, with every character permanently assigned a class, was a bit of a letdown after the class system's debut in III, though. However, the engrossing storyline, and having to play as so many different characters before you meet the Hero was a VERY nice touch- with the other titles, you have to experience their backstories prior to meeting the Hero in cutscenes, but here, you LIVE it. Actually getting to experience things firsthand is something I'm fond of, I'm pretty sure you can tell by now. XD DWV and DWVI, I've only played briefly, and though they're awesome, I just don't feel it'd be fair to judge the whole game on fifteen minutes of gameplay, you know? XD One twist that was really annoying to me in DWV is being the Hero, but not THE Hero, if you take my meaning. It came out of left field, and I believe that the fact that they haven't pulled that twist again speaks volumes. DWVII- Sadly, this is the only game in the main series so far that I HAVEN'T gotten to play, so I cannot judge it. DQVIII- Well, this one's a biggie. See, though there are more NPCs, there's the whole 3D world bit, and the Alchemy system was a refreshing addition, it's just... well, levelling up and doing things that don't directly forward the story tends to be more boring than in DWI, if you take my meaning. The story is great, but it just doesn't have enough OOMPH to keep me going when I have to do little sidequests or monster-mashing. The world also tends to fall a bit flat when compared with the worlds of III and IV, and even I to a degree. Why? I don't know- I just wasn't able to get the whole "awesome new world" vibe I did with previous entries- it was almost like every new town was sorta just... THERE. I don't know how to explain it.
  6. The first DW game I played? It was a used copy of DW1 that we got at a garage sale. I'll never forget the hilarity that ensued when we found a savefile already on it named "Tabitha". Hooray for poorly-named heroes! Anyways, since then, I've been hooked on the series. I've played pretty much every DW/DQ game I could get my greasy little paws on.
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