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  1. Even in the supposed golden age of the mid-90s a lot of those companies weren't doing well. And there's certainly curmudgeons for the other genres griping about today's FPS vs. Quake, that the 3D Marios aren't as sadistic as the Lost Levels and so on and so forth.
  2. Emma's is a bit more straightforward.
  3. Really enjoyed it although with my connection being iffier back then I never could get online much.
  4. There have been rumblings for a while but good to see confirmation.
  5. It's not that far from being the 2nd best-selling Wii third party title.
  6. Aside from the usual sword + spear/axe, I tend to go with bows to keep MP steady.
  7. The section with the finish tile is insane, but there's plenty of good stuff available there.
  8. Beat DQV, now trying to gather up a bunch of stuff from the Stark Raving board.
  9. DQV (DS), Rune Factory 2, Valkyria Chronicles
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