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  1. It's great. I stopped in the middle of season 3 though because imo it was a decent step down from the previous two.
  2. It's not. It happens often early on because you only have 2 party members. Go ahead and take a 999 agility character up against a slime and watch how many turns in a round you'll get against it. Hint: It's one per character.
  3. I'm not sure where you guys are getting that from but every character is still limited to one action per 'round'. If you see a character go twice in a row it's just them going last on the former round and first on the next round.
  4. I think you could argue it actually plays a smaller role. In the original round-based format you had to select your actions ahead of time which means you had to plan around the agility stat. "This guy is slow so I better heal ahead of time" etc. Now that you get to choose your action immediately before the action is performed, that element of planning around your agility is basically gone now.
  5. Greig's name changed to Hendrik. Hero/Yuusha translated as Luminary(which is kind of weird since that was the translation used for the superstar/teen idol class in earlier games lol) Delcadar is Carnelia. Camus is Erik I wonder if there are any names NOT changed, heh.
  6. Listening to track 19 out of context on the OST before it plays in the game is a shame imo. Epic track right there
  7. So Sylvia and Rou are referred to as Sylvano and Rab on the OST. I wonder if that will be their official English names.
  8. Horii actually mentioned that Erdrick disappearing at the end of 3(no one ever saw him again) was meant to be sort of ambiguous, but he wrote it with the idea in mind that the player would assume that he actually went back to his own world, implying that's probably what he meant to happen. At first thought it does seem at odds with the idea of the DQ1 protag supposedly being a descendant of his, but I guess there are ways to get around it(the descendant being made before beating Zoma, the descendant originally descending from the upper world just like Edrick but don't ask how he got there, etc
  9. When you talk to her in 3 she says she's the one who created Alefgard(as in the land under the world of light) and she said that even in the original Famicom release of 3. The Wii 25th anniversary special edition came with developer notes that noted that the sudden stop at the end of the ocean is because "the world is still being created" so it's also logical to assume that Rubiss is the one who created the other areas around Alefgard after the end of 3. Presumably she's unrelated to the world of light.
  10. Given how 11 referenced and drew upon so many past DQ elements, I honestly expected Rubiss to pop up somehow but surprisingly there wasn't a single reference to her. Also in a sense I think you can consider her a goddess since she's the one who created Alefgard
  11. Though it didn't exist in the original version, I think the entire purpose of adding in Ortega's Helmet was meant to address this and imply that Erdrick's Helmet was Ortega's Helmet
  12. There is actually an RPGamer interview where Horii allegedly says it. Though the interview seems to have been conducted in English(at the least it was written in English with no Japanese source) and Horii isn't exactly fluent in English so it's a bit dubious imo. There is no Japanese source that lists such a thing. In fact, the Japanese DQ wiki goes out of its way to state they aren't twins, and in the novel version they are explicitly listed as being 2 years apart. Since there's nothing implying them to be twins other than that interview which was conducted over 25 years after the actual
  13. It's not even usable past the ~65% mark either
  14. I didn't have much of an impression of her from 6(other than her backstory but even that seemed to be worked more into Terry's personality than hers) so I didn't really have much of an opinion on her until I played DQM 3DS. Her relationship with Terry in the post-game with how she tries to hold his hand and be a good big sister to him was adorable and made me like her as a character
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