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  1. Well, I guess we just have different experiences of it then. I've played through a variety of the games in Japanese myself including IX which came out while I was living over there. Having been obsessed with Dragon Quest games, comics, animations, etc... I love the fact that those spells always stay the same from game to game. Learning it may not seem worth it at first but knowing them feels exciting like confronting a new language. I mean, I imagine you had fun when you originally learned Japananese, didn't you? I've been meaning to play through those games some day. I know a friend of mine who swore by them. Kinda' grew up squarely on the Nintendo side of the fence though, so I rarely played many of those Sega games while growing up.
  2. Misleading? I didn't try to mislead people although it is a complicated situation with those spells and the history behind them. I guess it's easy to be mislead if people come at these games thinking that the 1989 "Dragon Warrior" was the "original" game. Let's be clear. When I mean "original" I usually mean country of origin or source of the game. The original game was the Japanese Dragon Quest in 1986. Also, there is no way to "translate" the spell names to be honest. The spell names in the Japanese games were nonsense "magical words". It would be like something like "Abracadbra", "Hocuspocus", "Alakazam", etc... Trust me, there are no words in Japanese that come close to equating "Hoimi" to "Heal" but still, due to that series of games... many Japanese fans know what you mean when you say "Hoimi".
  3. Did you read what I wrote at all (asides from the title of the post)? The "Dragon Warrior" version would be farrrr from what I'm after since it's DW on NES in '89 that started this whole crummy trend of messing up the names and "localizing" (aka "dumbing down") all the spell names! I'd try the "Dragon Quest" version perhaps. But like I said in my post... that rom-hack of DQ 1+2 was supposed to be a DQ faithful version and yet it still took the easy route out of giving the spells the quick-to-understand English replacement names instead of sticking with the original DQ-spell-language ones.
  4. No, Derpa... if you read my post content I thought I was pretty clear that I mean the orignal Dragon Quest Japanese (but not really Japanese words) spell names. They've never been in any of the offical English localizations of the game. If anyone isn't familiar with 'em, here are the spells from Dragon Quest I: Hoimi, Gira, Rarihou, Remiira, Mahotoun, Riremito, Ruura, Toheros, Behoimi, Begirama. Agian, although these are in the original Japanese version they are NOT Japanese words. They are special spell names unique in the Dragon Quest series and, in that respect, English word replacements (be it "Blaze" or "Frizz") is certainly NOT what I'm looking for here!
  5. So lately I downloaded a copy of a fan translation by RPGONE of the Super Famicom game "Dragon Quest I + II". I was especially excited to hear that there were two versions offered with one supposedly using more direct translated names and such from the original Japanese game. I was honestly hoping that this translation would stick to the unique spell names that are found in the Dragon Quest series such as Hoimi, Ruura, Gira, Begirama, etc... But was disappointed that it didn't. Ever since my highschool days in '92, when studying Japanese and the release of Dragon Quest V for Super Famicom coincided, I have slowly but surely been playing my way through the Japanese games and found the unique spell names of that series to be really fun and rewarding to learn. It seems to me like that series' original intent (or I could be wrong) was to present a fun challenge to its players with these names. It's like learning a magical language of curious words that all carry their own weight like "Megante"... this isn't a Japanese word... it's not an English word... It's a Dragon Quest word and Japanese players of that game totally know what it means. I find it depressing that it had to be watered down to be called "Sacrifice" in the earlier games and then from depressing to ridiculous that it was translated into a misspelled Japanese word "Kamikazee" (err... do you mean "Kamikaze"?!?) in the new DS games' localization. So yeah, all that ramble aside... Does anyone know of any fan-translations of the old games that stick to the original spell names in their rom-hacks or such? It's been on my mind so much lately I've almost thought about digging into the subject of rom-hacking myself to go in and alter text of the old NES games like Dragon Warrior to reflect the original character names, original town names, and more importanly... original spell names!! Still, before I try doing something like that, I'd like to know I'm not treading over previously worn ground here. I do know some fan translations like the Dragon Quest Dai no Dai Bouken comics maintain the original spell names as seen here (where Pop mentions the spell "Merazouma") but I haven't come across any games yet that kept those names in.
  6. Nice, I hadn't noticed this before now. I spent the past couple hours reading through all your translation so far and the posts here. I've done a small amount of Japanese to English translation before myself and it's definitely not an easy thing to do. Smoothing things from "awkward English" into something that works but doesn't betray the original... it's tough, yeh. I think you're doing a good job of it... even if I don't quite understand your choice to use those localization names. But meh... I can live with it... it is your translation and your choice and we are getting this freely from you... so keep it up n' good luck trudging through!
  7. Dragon Quest V has a really nice nostalgia for me.... also nice to have an installment of the game where you get to play as cute little kids~! Dragon Quest VIII is another favorite... it really implemented the 3D thing better than most other games I've played (much better than the clunky and disappointing 3D of Dragon Quest VII)... so I do have to give it props for that.
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