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  1. Nice, I hadn't noticed this before now. I spent the past couple hours reading through all your translation so far and the posts here. I've done a small amount of Japanese to English translation before myself and it's definitely not an easy thing to do. Smoothing things from "awkward English" into something that works but doesn't betray the original... it's tough, yeh. I think you're doing a good job of it... even if I don't quite understand your choice to use those localization names. But meh... I can live with it... it is your translation and your choice and we are getting this freely from yo
  2. Dragon Quest V has a really nice nostalgia for me.... also nice to have an installment of the game where you get to play as cute little kids~! Dragon Quest VIII is another favorite... it really implemented the 3D thing better than most other games I've played (much better than the clunky and disappointing 3D of Dragon Quest VII)... so I do have to give it props for that.
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