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  1. You can pet the dog in #DragonQuest Builders 2. @CanYouPetTheDog #DQB2 pic.twitter.com/MleRM7VnTU View the full article
  2. Who's spending their weekend playing the #DragonQuest Builders 2 demo? Two areas are available to play! Now available on the @PlayStation Store! http://sqex.link/dqb2demo pic.twitter.com/cV0SRTnRIl View the full article
  3. Annnnd they're off! Are you rushing off to play the #DQB2 demo like these slimes slurping to the finish line? OTTAN built this whimsical scene we're sharing for #FanMadeFriday! pic.twitter.com/H7bqY4mbWw View the full article
  4. It's live now for North America! https://twitter.com/DragonQuest/status/1144229139500523522 … View the full article
  5. Starting today the #DragonQuest Builders 2 demo is available to download from the @PlayStation Store! You can choose to adventure from the beginning, captured by the Children of Hargon, or explore an unsettled frontier with the Isle of Awakening. http://sqex.link/dqb2demo #DQB2 pic.twitter.com/Py1rWKfdoc View the full article
  6. Home is where the heart is! In this week's #FanMadeFriday you can tell that Nenari has put a LOT of love into the cute house they've created in #DragonQuest BUILDERS 2! #DQB2 pic.twitter.com/hY5loGXhUn View the full article
  7. Dragon Quest Builders 2 looks just like the original, with some much appreciated improvements. http://bit.ly/2Xc0UPN pic.twitter.com/t3vAjIRAQz View the full article
  8. We had the chance to take a look at the upcoming Dragon Quest Builders 2 during this year's E3, and so far we're impressed. James with our impressions: https://www.rpgsite.net/preview/8629-dragon-quest-builders-2-hands-on-impressions-from-e3-2019 … pic.twitter.com/190c0YQ6Bx View the full article
  9. With just under a month until release, put your name down for a copy of #DragonQuest Builders 2! Director Niinou-san, and Producers Fujimoto-san & Shiraishi-san have already signed up! #DQB2 pic.twitter.com/CUjd1W25tT View the full article
  10. What separates #DragonQuest Builders 2 from the original? Esin and Samantha provide us answers! #DQB2 For more info be sure to tune in to our GameSpot Stage Show! http://l.gamespot.com/6019EUJPh pic.twitter.com/UD4xKRLhlS View the full article
  11. Finished a full day of media interviews at #e32019 with Shiraishi san, Fujimoto san and Niinou san from the Dragon Quest Builders 2 team! #DragonQuest pic.twitter.com/eeCDzFCGZk View the full article
  12. The Hero from the #DragonQuest series will be joining Super #SmashBrosUltimate ! Purchase the Fighters Pass now and prepare to take to the battlefield with your hero this summer. https://www.smashbros.com/ pic.twitter.com/1YzOEgEZmA View the full article
  13. Multiplayer, farming, and more can be found in the #E32019 #DragonQuest Builders 2 trailer. Discover your true potential as an apprentice builder when the #DQB2 demo hits the #PlayStation Store on June 27th! pic.twitter.com/O3eqVkRP3S View the full article
  14. Bring Arts Erik And Erdrick Toy Review: Past And Present 'Dragon Quest' Characters Brought To Life - @ForbesGames - https://www.forbes.com/sites/olliebarder/2019/06/10/bring-arts-erik-and-erdrick-toy-review-past-and-present-dragon-quest-characters-brought-to-life/ … pic.twitter.com/AA83Ml0bux View the full article
  15. Builder mist has brought #DragonQuest VIII's Castle Trodain to life in DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2! Does it evoke good memories for you? :) #DQB2 #FanMadeFriday pic.twitter.com/94uouIpUUf View the full article
  16. Did you know that there is a ballet modeled on #DragonQuest? Ballet Dragon Quest, which was produced by a Tokyo-based ballet company Star Dancers Ballet, is making its first appearance at the 20th #JapanExpo in Paris this coming July! Details here: https://www.japan-expo-paris.com/en/actualites/le-ballet-dragon-quest-pour-la-premiere-fois-en-france_106779.htm?k=36c25beffb3b326b89eef582d2311f67 … pic.twitter.com/W8w3mZQtrk View the full article
  17. Chiitan has created their own village on a beautiful mountainside in #DragonQuest BUILDERS 2, complete with a flowing waterfall - mind your step! #FanMadeFriday #DQB2 pic.twitter.com/vQju6AaasJ View the full article
  18. The fierce martial artist Jade of #DragonQuest XI is joining the #BringArts line this summer! She comes with her glaive, ice claws, and the Xenlon Claws to wield and pose to recreate your favorite #DQXI scenes. Pre-order her here: http://sqex.link/jadeBA pic.twitter.com/TbxTBJJmLc View the full article
  19. Sylvando and Rab from @DragonQuest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age join the BRING ARTS line as a set! The @SquareEnix store limited version comes with a winking face for Sylvando! Get 10% off Pre-orders before 6/8! Sylvando & Rab Limited Version: https://sqex.link/z8f pic.twitter.com/PmsBy6DepE View the full article
  20. Do you recognize this iconic #DragonQuest XI scene built by simon? This week's #FanMadeFriday brings you another DQ recreation in #DQB2! What moments will you bring to life in DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 this summer? pic.twitter.com/Caa1HpFWym View the full article
  21. You can pre-order the #DragonQuest BUILDERS 2 Digital Deluxe Edition from the PS Store here! #DQB2 http://sqex.link/dqb2dde pic.twitter.com/ETxT3XjhMX View the full article
  22. Introducing the front cover (and reversible coversheet) for #DragonQuest BUILDERS 2! Check out the three #PS4 versions of the game; the physical, digital deluxe and digital editions right here, and pre-order now! #DQB2 Physical standard edition http://sqex.link/sy7 pic.twitter.com/hPmMlhL48F View the full article
  23. Slime to e4? For this week's #FanMadeFriday we're featuring grandmaster builder jiji7685, who put together their own chess board in #DragonQuest BUILDERS 2! Think a few steps ahead and create just about anything you can imagine in #DQB2! pic.twitter.com/DiHG0ASJjw View the full article
  24. Don’t forget, you can save up to 50% right now on #DragonQuest XI! The sale on PlayStation ends today in Europe! http://sqex.link/DQXI_Sale https://twitter.com/DragonQuest/status/1124328005944238081 … View the full article
  25. Builder aki has founded #DragonQuest V's Kingdom of Gotha in DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2, our featured creation for this week's #FanMadeFriday! Are you already plotting what you’ll be making in #DQB2 this summer? pic.twitter.com/5U1NDAdbti View the full article
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