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  1. Who's playing with some of the Draconian Quest settings on, and how's it going? #DQXI pic.twitter.com/RiUFxmKO0t View the full article
  2. Gather 'round for our review of Dragon Quest XI from @SquareEnixUSA! https://gamerescape.com/2018/10/31/review-dragon-quest-xi/ … pic.twitter.com/fQMjIbqBta View the full article
  3. Happy Halloween! Our #DQXI heroes are all dressed up in costume and ready for tonight! What about you? Any #DragonQuest costumes out there today? pic.twitter.com/Sygf3igwc7 View the full article
  4. The hero from the @DragonQuest series’ timeless masterpiece, DRAGON QUEST III: The Seeds of Salvation, joins the BRING ARTS action figure line! https://bit.ly/2OfBN63 Pre-order before 11/9 for 10% off! pic.twitter.com/fBYghpiB0t View the full article
  5. Follow the perilous journey of a hunted hero who must uncover the mystery of his fate, #DragonQuest XI is out now on #PS4 & #Steam! #DQXI Find out more at: http://sqex.link/drago577e6 pic.twitter.com/i9r483Zm1C View the full article
  6. How's everyone getting on in #DragonQuest XI? Let us know what you think of Serena and Veronica so far! #DQXI pic.twitter.com/3KOgeUlSYd View the full article
  7. When it's time to go home and play #DragonQuest! #DQXI pic.twitter.com/b81uSSGLTx View the full article
  8. #DragonQuest XI has been shortlisted for the @GoldenJoysticks 'Ultimate Game of the Year’ Award! You know what to do darlings, vote for #DQXI to win! http://sqex.link/golde7980b pic.twitter.com/rqCHNsiLMy View the full article
  9. Head up Eyes open Don't sleep on #DragonQuest XI - it's out now! #DQXI Find out more at: http://sqex.link/dragoc66af pic.twitter.com/WLlsOBTRT2 View the full article
  10. Take the first steps on your journey into #DragonQuest XI - it's out now on #PS4 & #Steam! #DQXI Find out more at: http://sqex.link/drago2c1dd pic.twitter.com/9K2agfRbxy View the full article
  11. Just a reminder darlings! Voting closes tomorrow! https://twitter.com/DragonQuest/status/1045341730193772544 … View the full article
  12. You had so many #DragonQuestions we had enough for a second video! Producer Hokuto Okamoto and director Takeshi Uchikawa answer more fan questions about #DragonQuest XI in this special interview, straight from Luida's Bar in Tokyo, Japan. #DQXI https://youtu.be/cd8ZmMyfkdk View the full article
  13. Positively proud to post these picturesque pumpkins. Any Dragon Questions? #DQXI pic.twitter.com/oXpJSoVipn View the full article
  14. Erik can equip a few different types of weapons in #DragonQuest XI, which are you using most? #DQXI ⚬ Knives ⚬ Swords ⚬ Boomerangs pic.twitter.com/LUIgWYy2Mm View the full article
  15. The Heroes of Dragon Quest XI #DQXI pic.twitter.com/AJgQ3XYon1 View the full article
  16. Today we’ve released a free, downloadable update for both the #PlayStation4 and #Steam versions of #DRAGONQUEST XI! Details of the improvements we’ve made to the game can be found here: http://sqex.link/DQXIPatch pic.twitter.com/8098co1zuz View the full article
  17. Last day to play #DQXI at #NYCC2018! Join the adventure at @SquareEnix booth #1805! pic.twitter.com/lnh3CTok1g View the full article
  18. It’s day 3 of #NYCC2018 and we’ve been visited by some fantastic #DragonQuest cosplayers! Come by the @SquareEnix booth #1805 in a DQ costume and you could get a #DQXI prize pack just like these guys did~ pic.twitter.com/1iptVkIdzU View the full article
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