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  1. Team up with the fearless Malroth in #DragonQuest BUILDERS 2 & save the world from the clutches of evil! #DQB2 pic.twitter.com/tnuOnh2pQN View the full article
  2. It's time for #FanmadeFriday, showing off fan creations in #DragonQuest Builders 2! This seaside town looks like a great place to take a holiday... #DQB2 [Builder: Yamaneko] pic.twitter.com/tnACrg3Dw4 View the full article
  3. Become a full-fledged builder & combat the Children of Hargon, a vile cult that worships destruction in #DragonQuest BUILDERS 2, coming to #PS4 on July 12th in North America & Europe! #DQB2 pic.twitter.com/z4lARLLAok View the full article
  4. Let your creativity ~flow~ in #DragonQuest Builders 2! For this #FanMadeFriday we're giving you a hint of the way you can use water to your building advantage! #DQB2 [Builder: maou] pic.twitter.com/faNhJuSGq8 View the full article
  5. Give us a high five if you're looking forward to #DragonQuest BUILDERS 2! It's coming to #PS4 on July 12th! #DQB2 pic.twitter.com/pKnNezVNEZ View the full article
  6. A fan built their own #DragonQuest Builders 2 Town Hall! Do you want to visit? #FanMadeFriday #DQB2 [Builder: PONP] pic.twitter.com/l1VxWWjxcQ View the full article
  7. We've got a whole brand new cast of characters in #DragonQuest BUILDERS 2 for you to meet - take on hordes of horrible monsters, craft and build your way to save the world! #DQB2 pic.twitter.com/NGPFmMkAXT View the full article
  8. Dragon Quest Builders 2 might finally get me into block building games https://www.destructoid.com/dragon-quest-builders-2-might-finally-get-me-into-block-building-games-548357.phtml?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter … pic.twitter.com/e1MFea6IdY View the full article
  9. It’s the last day of #PAXEast ! Here’s some of our #DQB2PAX winners from the weekend. Come down to @SquareEnix booth 11017 and you could be one of our final 3! pic.twitter.com/5l76Zn9u5K View the full article
  10. #PAXEast Day 3! Try out #DragonQuest Builders 2 at our booth and take your photo with Malroth for a chance at winning sweet prizes! #DQB2 pic.twitter.com/0vqiQunnxQ View the full article
  11. Check out yesterday’s #DQB2PAX photo contest winners! Test your building skills and come on down to @SquareEnix booth 11017! pic.twitter.com/LUHX9dbunn View the full article
  12. Team up with Malroth and enter to win a slime at #PAXEast ! We’re waiting to start building with you at the @SquareEnix booth 11017! #DragonQuest #DQB2 pic.twitter.com/9bVwnTRs6y View the full article
  13. Good morning #PAXEast ! Come by the @SquareEnix booth 11017 to check out #DragonQuest Builders 2 and enter our photo contest! Malroth is waiting for you... pic.twitter.com/oC5aKSIQHz View the full article
  14. A winter palace created in #DragonQuest Builders 2 is our #FanMadeFriday for this week. Is your build style epic fantasy or more idyllic countryside? #DQB2 [Builder: reon] pic.twitter.com/DXE1TP6xag View the full article
  15. Are you ready to start building? Join us at #PAXEast next week in Boston and test your crafting skills with #DragonQuest Builders 2 on the show floor. Don't forget to take a photo at our #DQB2 wall for a chance to win a slime! See you there! http://sqex.link/DQB2PAX pic.twitter.com/uttX3bAq9t View the full article
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