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  1. The first three games in the #DragonQuest series are out now on #NintendoSwitch eShop Check out this trailer and start any of the three adventures today! pic.twitter.com/xPRe0Ierck View the full article
  2. For today's #FanMadeFriday, here is builder Noel's town square built in #DragonQuest Builders 2! We definitely want to see what kind of festivals would happen here. #DQB2 pic.twitter.com/zZJpJX0uMJ View the full article
  3. Following the release of the first three #DragonQuest games on #NintendoSwitch, the #SquareEnix Blog takes a look at some fun facts about the series! http://sqex.link/d8t pic.twitter.com/YdYlGNfB9e View the full article
  4. Happy #WorldSmileDay! What better way to celebrate than building a tribute to one of the best smiling monsters of all? #DQB2 pic.twitter.com/mILhseoJFl View the full article
  5. Thank you for your interest in the #DragonQuest of the Stars closed beta test! The closed beta test is available in Canada and Taiwan, but don't fret! #DragonQuest of the Stars will be available worldwide in early 2020! We hope you look forward to playing! View the full article
  6. We're excited to announce that #DragonQuest of the Stars will begin its English language closed beta test in select regions! Android users can register here: https://www.dragonquest.com/ofthestars Check out our Facebook page for more details! https://www.facebook.com/DQS.SQEX/ pic.twitter.com/tuMrLr6yWL View the full article
  7. #DragonQuest Series Game Designer Yuji Horii has written a message to everyone playing #DragonQuest I, II or III on #NintendoSwitch! pic.twitter.com/rtFNyKtrtK View the full article
  8. Grab each of the first 3 titles in the #DragonQuest series on #NintendoSwitch right here! DRAGON QUEST https://sqex.link/dq1ns DRAGON QUEST II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line https://sqex.link/dq2ns DRAGON QUEST III: The Seeds of Salvation https://sqex.link/dq3ns View the full article
  9. Discover the legend of Erdrick and become the hero in any of the first three #DragonQuest games, now available on the #NintendoSwitch eShop! Choose your path... Your adventure begins today. pic.twitter.com/t9G8iFEJeu View the full article
  10. From the world of Erdrea, DRAGON QUEST XI S sends its most notorious villains to #FFBEWW! Summon Mordegon and Great Dragon for a limited time from 9/27 01:00 to 10/11 00:59 PDT! Avail their Step-up summon banner for a guaranteed 5★ Mordegon at Step 5! #DragonQuest pic.twitter.com/GtzNy4t1Tg View the full article
  11. Discover where the #DragonQuest series started with the very first game in the series – it launches on the #NintendoSwitch eShop tomorrow! pic.twitter.com/H1UhCvZ8js View the full article
  12. Take on the role of the Scions of Erdrick in #DragonQuest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line. There are just TWO days to go until it's available on the #NintendoSwitch eShop! pic.twitter.com/3DvVlMLCXc View the full article
  13. There are only III days to go until the legendary #DragonQuest III: The Seeds of Salvation launches on the #NintendoSwitch eShop! pic.twitter.com/t3vznyBrlE View the full article
  14. Time is running out! The sale ends tomorrow, so grab #DragonQuest BUILDERS 2 at 20% off on #PS4 while you can! https://twitter.com/DragonQuest/status/1173967593943601152 … View the full article
  15. Builder enta has recreated the village of Whealbrook from #DragonQuest V in #DQB2! They say a fated encounter happened here... What DQ locations have you built in DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2? pic.twitter.com/rxONusGIjb View the full article
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