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  1. Thanks Guys, For the Record it was the NES version not Gameboy. I did save the princess (how else would you find edricks token?) And I only managed to kill one metal slime. I wonder how many I can beat before X comes out.... I have access to all the originals but 8.... no PS2
  2. Actually I haven't, the ONLY thing I have concluded on is that I'm thinking I might turn my mage slime into a Metal King Slime, and that I am considering turning my Belial into the Draco Lord. Dracolord has good all-round stats and I like the idea of a mage/assist/damage character, which would fit him perfectly. I've kind'of narrowed it down to Marquis de Leon, King Squid and GripeVine. I like King Squids high Attack, but Gripe Vine is well rounded and I like Marquis's traits.
  3. Honestly a great game, I didn't know such a linear game could be so hard. Im excited to get the second game I wanna see how much better it is with 3 characters vs 1. After beating the game, I suddenly want the Dragonlord on DQMJ2
  4. Alabast Dragon Seems good, I'd be willing to do that. What are some good skillsets for him though? Just for the record my full character progress right now is: Dullahan level 32 hp 363 mp 181 Att 446 Def 359 Agil 308 Wis 309 Skill sets: Champion Attack Boost 3 Diabolist Shogum level 11 hp 232 mp 118 Att 268 Def 242 Agil 170 Wis 177 Skill sets: Iceplosion Slashes Attack Boost 3 Defense Boost 3 Belial level 28 hp 368 mp 117 Att 362 Def 338 Agil 107 Wis 107 Skill sets: Iceplosion Slashes Fortifier Defense Boost 2 (mastered) My healer is still in progress so yeah. Hope this helps
  5. Either or I suppose, I was talking about the double spacer, but Skill sets would be nice too. Orgedemir looks like a ton of work, I don't know if I'd want to put an Estark level of time into this remember im not post game yet. I was thinking of the Trauminator, is he any good? His stats seem fine, but im not sure
  6. I've been working on this for quite a while, but I finally got Shogum for the last boss. I am currently working on 4 monsters, I have a magic slime, Dullahan, Shogum, and Belial Im going to try and get Magic Slime to white king and then I think im going to get a double spacer, any suggestions?
  7. Wait so with all this synth talk, does anyone know how to synth a Canzer yet?
  8. well we are on this topic, anyone know how to breed Canzar? Im not too interested in scouting him.
  9. eh, too many people are hoping for pro, just pray for SOME extra content.
  10. Well that sucks. But the only thing it confirms is no extra monsters. However Nintendo may have added some balancing and rank increasing that can't be done until later. Or maybe im just optimistic.
  11. Well i wouldn't really pay more 42-45$ if you would be willing to part with 4 for that i could try and work something out, then again it is complete so i might bend a bit. Can i see a picture of it?
  12. im going to assume last time I tried the link I missed a number or something when I copied it. It worked now, thanks for the link!
  13. Although gamereproductions seems nice, I don't really own or have access to a snes. So i was thinking of buying the remakes. I am not all too interested in having all the maps, boxes, and so on. Just the game. I am interested in buying 4 from you. But I don't want to spend too much because well, buying 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 is gonna cost a ton already. So for the right price, I'd buy it but I don't want to be an a$$ and low ball you.
  14. so i have a nes so I can get 1-4 but I do not own or know anybody who owns a snes so I was thinking of getting remakes for 5&6. Anyways, yeah 4 seems like one of the better titles so I will for sure find a way to pick that up.... Christmas maybe? and 3 seems decent so Im thinking I will probably get all 4 nes and as for the remakes of 5&6 I can get on DS but uh 7&8 I don't really have any access to. I could emulate them but im not sure yet.
  15. the mirror on the last page is blocked. Don't use megaupload media fire or rapid share. Im pretty sure they get checked alot, and also name it something weird.Name it like FencingFoxFTWPATCH.zip or some other not obvious name.
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