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  1. TES IV: Oblivion Mercenaries 2 Street Fighter IV Kingdom Hearts: Chhain of Memories Dragon Quest III
  2. I find it a bit overrated. It's fun and all yeah, but unlike praise singing buddies of mine I can't imagine playing it over and over. I played through twice, meaning to play a different kinda character, but at lvl 20 I found that they're the exact same person, just different hair and race. It also stands at the forefront of my fight against "pay for more game that you've already paid for" campaign. Along side Halo 3.
  3. My favorite game, as I can't honestly say the best game, is VIII. It was a great game, I was enraptured by the world at almost every moment and turn of trail. New dialogue alone was enough to have me trekking all over the planet seeking new adventure, and on that facet I really liked the VAs. I liked the weapon skill system, and replayed a couple times to concentrate on other setups, like all Fisticuffs. I also loved the characters. Yangus, Jessica, The Arena Guy ( I'm so ashamed I can't remember his name...Morty? ), that fat prince in all his annoyingness was still lovably memorable. I loved them all and loved to hate the ones I didn't love.
  4. I first played Dragon Warrior III for the GBC. I remember getting it, I was at Wal-Mart with my dad at least 10 years ago, and my uncle worked there in the Electronics section. I was big into my GBC back then and carried it around everywhere playing Pokemon I bet. Anyways I was getting a new game and there was this big section of stacked up and back GBC games under the display and my uncle opened it up and rooted through it with me lookin' for something that I'd like. I stopped him when Dragon Warrior III came out into the pile. I liked the cover, swords, the word "Dragon" a castle, that was it. It was also the first game I ever bought the Walkthrough/Strategy Guide for, sensing it had a lot of stuff I wanted to make sure I experienced. I never beat it. I'm playing it now currently in an effort to play through and beat the series in preparation for IX. VIII is the next one, so I've got a lot of DQ to catch up on!
  5. getting back in it.

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