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  1. Thought that I had "image uploading" figured out but, still isn't working.
  2. Update: Finally got my reproduction today! I want to post pictures but, how do I go about that?
  3. Happy Belated Birthday KIng Zenith! Hope that you had a great one.
  4. Update: It appears that my order of DQ III re will be delivered to me by either Tuesday or Wednesday. Apparently, it has been more than 30 days and I forgot to contact the people at GR to see if it was finished. I'll post pics of my order (if anyone wants) when it arrives.
  5. I will let you know in three weeks. Apparently the job itself is going to take a while. Btw, what game did your friend buy from game reproductions?
  6. People struggle with HellCloud? That's news to me. The boss that I had trouble with the most was always Orgodemir (pre-disc 2)
  7. Has anyone here used the Gamer Reproductions site to buy english versions of the dragon quest games there? I recently bought dragon quest 3 re from them and I want to confirm if it is worth it for 69$. Also, I've heard bad things about dragon quest VI having a unfinished translation. Has anyone bought VI from this site as well? I want to buy the remaining ones for my super nintendo if these carts hold no problems at all when being played on the console itself.
  8. shadow


    Favorite: Dragonite, larvitar, bulbasaur, keckleon etc. ( I have a ton more) Least Favorite: Bidoof, ratata...
  9. shadow


    Actually found out about this once I logged in. I will admit that I haven't kept up with DQ news in a while and am VERY shocked about this news. I had no idea DQ VII remake was coming on 3DS. This is great news! Although, I am still clinging to the original because I loved each and every little thing about it. I wouldn't mind buying this remake though because 7 is my favorite DQ game (6 is second favorite). Very shocked indeed...
  10. Oh, had no idea that you were talking about my previous avatar of Red lol. But yes, Saga frontier was indeed awesome but I still haven't beaten all of the scenarios yet. Sadly, Red's scenario is the only one that I have beaten so far,
  11. Oh come on , Game may be cliched but its still awesome regardless lol.
  12. Hey King Zenith! I remember you too lol . It's odd though I never noticed that you were gone for a bit at the time when I was still here. At any rate, glad to see you and thanks.
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