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  1. Favorite: Dragonite, larvitar, bulbasaur, keckleon etc. ( I have a ton more) Least Favorite: Bidoof, ratata...
  2. Oh, had no idea that you were talking about my previous avatar of Red lol. But yes, Saga frontier was indeed awesome but I still haven't beaten all of the scenarios yet. Sadly, Red's scenario is the only one that I have beaten so far,
  3. Oh come on , Game may be cliched but its still awesome regardless lol.
  4. I am currently playing Arc the lad 2. I have just finished up the Greyshinne region and will now be doing a series of sidequests to build levels and to get better weaponry. I am also trying to get back into Legend of Legaia as I have yet to beat that game...
  5. Thanks Woodus! Much appreciated.
  6. I want the one that everyone sees changed to that. The login could stay the same. Thanks again!
  7. Hey Woodus! I was wondering if you could possibly change my user name to senshi. Thanks a lot!
  8. So far, these are the games that I am playing: Jade Cocoon- still On chapter one. Just fought that weird masked guy in the beetle forest. This is getting really interesting... Hoshigami (playstation version)- finally got through that annoying boss battle at Aus(destroyed village) in chapter one. Now trying to level up my spells... Lunar- Silver Star Story Complete- Up to the part where you have to escort ghaleon to the white dragon cave... Crash team racing- Game never gets old lol... Brave Fencer Musashi- up to the part where I have to get the water scroll...
  9. My favorite Dragon Quest game is VII. But VI is a close second followed by V and IV.
  10. If you are talking about DQ V, then yes. the slots are more like IV, VIII and several others in the series. There are also other mini-games like the sugoroku board...
  11. I guess I would have to say male heroes too...
  12. The first Dragon Quest game I ever played was DQVI on snes emulator. It was in japanese, but what pulled me into the game was the opening and the music. I think that this was around or between 2002 and 2003 because I kept searching for the english rom but couldn't find it, so I just played the untranslated version instead. Then about a few months later, I bought Dragon Quest VII because I thought it would be very similar to VI in terms of music and story I guess. At the beginning I didn't like it, but I slowly began to appreciate the game and soon it became my favorite DQ game in the serie
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