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  1. The patches are down? Damn. Thank God I got them downloaded. DQtranslations has been inactive- maybe I should start me a website.
  2. On disc 2 of Final Fantasy 8. After July I plan to replay DQ 9 with all the downloaded content.
  3. Hey, DQ 6 has been out pushing 3 months. You play it yet ?!

  4. I got my DQ5 PS2 import from ebay. Took a few extra days to clear customs, but arrived from Japan in perfect shape.
  5. Oh, I would never know. Since I've never heard it, it has absolutely no effect on me whatsoever. Lucky! I've spent my whole 32 years an English speaker, and I never heard that one either.
  6. LMAO When I was young I always viewed folks in Dixe as aristocratic. I honest to God never pictured "Southern" and "Redneck" as compatible. My Uncle was sterotypical hillbilly- no electricity until theearly 90's, and an outhouse for all personal functions. Hicks are in any rural area that is not wealthy. I should take some pics of my town- you'll think it Alabama with sn...

  7. LOL I got family down in El Paso. It's funny, cuz when I went to college in VT, people I met from the South would always say "Oh my God, I ain't never scene so many rednecks in my life!". Anyway, I live in Newport, new Hampshire, home of Ruger Firearms and a barbershop called Git R Cut. You'd be amazed how backwoods it really is up here.

  8. Hell yeah! I use this ID on youtube and pretty much everywhere else- even my email. I'm up on facebook too, Steve Raineault. You can't miss the pic...believe me.

  9. Wow, a topic that's gonna be 10 years old. Man, it's like time travel- I even see posts exclaiming how excited they are for DQ4 PS1. Damn...nostalgia trip.
  10. So, ya' gonna be getting DQ6 when it comes out on 2/14/11?

  11. Good God, this is by far one of the most retarded thing I ever saw. Kids (mine included) get exposed to bad lingo- gimme a break. I took my kids to the park yesterday and some girl in her 20's or so said her "boobs were hanging out" of her shirt. The older lady with her starts off- "Hey, he (me) has kids here." That older lady started apologizing to me. I replied by showing her the back of my t-shirt (2 hands with their middle fingers sticking up). I then replied "Don't bother me none. If they hear it, they hear it- nothing to worry about."
  12. Not to be a pain, but when are badges handed out? After the deadline date?
  13. Here she be. I was stoked when I went to GameStop today- the guy in front of me in line was also picking up his pre-order. Man, I was excited going into work!
  14. Well, I don't get 9 until tomorrow, but here's my 4 and 5 collection. EVen if I don't get a badge for it, I'm glad to show DQ support.
  15. I have a photobucket account. In fact, it has the pics of me bypassing the sick Prince glitch LATE in the RPGone translation. I tried to post them on a thread I made months back, but they wouldn't post. Can anyone please help me? I'd love to not only get a badge, but show that late-game glitch bypass.
  16. Yes, but only if it's a picture of your user-name next a copy of Dragon Quest 9 that you purchased... Do we put the pic up on our profile pic area?
  17. I imported DQ5 PS2, so I can relate. It's something knowing that you hold an item made for a far away land. I've been so broke I haven't been able to get a flip-top PS2 for a Swap Magic (nor have I been able to buy a Swap magic and I am not using any slide tools for my fat), but when I get my taxes next year, I can not only mod my system, but get a super powered PC to emulate my game after I rip n patch.
  18. Since we may be able to get in on the 4/5 thing, I'll include in my pic DQ9, my 2 copies of 4 and y 2 copies of 5. One each of four and five baught new, one each used.
  19. Chritmas 1989- the one gift I wanted more than any other- Dragon Warrior. I was addicted to the Nintendo Power insert book. Man, was I happy getting that game.
  20. I gotta admit, it's impressive how this site stays commited and updated. I see too many sites that say "New update- 4/2/2003" or something.

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