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  1. I remember when "Link wrote a letter to Zelda" in Nintendo Power. It was a letter of apology due to Zelda II limited prints and the chip shortage.
  2. I used to watch the Benny Hill Show with my parents, and when I was about 8 once with my grandmother. Kinda hard to care about Bunny Girls after watching that.
  3. It would really suck to be both. A geriatric flake of dirt.
  4. If that snowflake really wants to be offended, he should get his ass over to Pornhub and search Dragon Quest. Uhm, I know this because...uhm...oh, alright, I guess its better for one to be a snowflake than a dirty old man.
  5. Okay then, let's talk about stuff relevant to this thread. Did you know that drinking milk right after a spicy meal can save you a lot of suffering at toilet time?
  6. DAMN! 7 hours later I log back in and its comment city! Excited much folks? (Not that I blame y'all!)
  7. Some folks at the Questers group have already purchased DQXI. Apparently 3 separate Walmarts have put it out early. https://www.facebook.com/groups/DQuesters/?ref=br_rs
  8. Yangus hands down. I respect him for the fact we share the same level of social class.
  9. As I recall, Relentless was the name of the sunken ship in the NES version of DQ2. A slight script alteration might make for a nice nod to the days of yore. Also, there is a change in mobile for the location of the Life Sigil (formerly Crest) that will make need for some slight tweaking if the script is ported to SFC. Nonetheless, this is epic!
  10. My feelings: Me: "Hi, I'm here to pick up my copy of Dragon Quest XI." Cashier: "Did you know that the games music composer said some nasty anti-LGBT things." Me: "Why are you poorly reciting the alphabet?" Cashier: "I mean he made some vile statements about gay and transgender people." Me: "I wasn't aware of that. Anyway, here's my sixty bucks. Make sure you give me my pre-order bonuses too. They're gonna look great alongside the 150 DQXI collector's edition I have arriving at my house later today!"
  11. Had to put down my wife's pet ferret yesterday afternoon. Needless to say I was not all to well at work tonight (it's just barely the day after). Is it normal for people to get more sensitive with age, because I've never cried in public except at funerals.

    1. Brother Jaybird

      Brother Jaybird

      Something you and your wife loved and cared for has died, grief is natural.

    2. The Dog of Zahan

      The Dog of Zahan

      Grief is normal, a pet is like a member of the family.  I wept openly half the day after our first ferret died, and I likely will again when our second and last does so too. 

      My condolences on you and your wife's loss.  Our ferret is a little ill lately, herself.  I worry...

    3. redneckpride4ever


      Thanks guys. And Dog, I truly hope she pulls through. We're thinking of doing a makeshift memorial by going to a gift shop at a Catholic shrine about 30 miles from here. We all have our own ways of grieving. 

  12. As of around 2 AM EST on 8/9/18, SE officially became $150 richer. We call it a debit now button.

  13. WHen I played the NoPrgress one, I originally used an unfinished version that said the translation was ending. I renamed my save file to match the later version and was able to continue.
  14. Another trick is rain of pain him from a distance. Run when he starts chasing Bianca, then swap to a melee fighter, smack him some from behind and divert his attention divert his attention, swap to another melee fighter, heal as needed, revert back to Bianca.
  15. The suits have said all they will, but the ones that take questions (i.e. Michi and her co-workers) can only tell us what they can. I imagine they keep their back office pretty tight. When I was a Dept. Mgr. at Walmart, the office DESPISED the fact that I would never feed my employees a line of bulls--t. Like the time I refused to write up one of my employees for forgetting to change a single sign when she did all of my price changes to help me out. When she did get written up, you bet your a-- I told her exactly who the co-mgr was and what he said. I have a tendency not to tow the company line more than needed so I can keep getting a paycheck.
  16. Yup! How much clout do you have at work? If your boss gave the ok, it'd be great for a cameo to appear on our newsfeeds!
  17. In all fairness, Horii accidentally spilled the beans in (I think) France when the translator said the DQ7 was coming Westward, so maybe they're hoping for that kind of unscripted surprise. By the way, how's Healix?
  18. Liamland said on Facebook he'd predict 89% of the questions were "why no 3DS". Is he accurate?
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