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  1. Hey, DQ 6 has been out pushing 3 months. You play it yet ?!

  2. LMAO When I was young I always viewed folks in Dixe as aristocratic. I honest to God never pictured "Southern" and "Redneck" as compatible. My Uncle was sterotypical hillbilly- no electricity until theearly 90's, and an outhouse for all personal functions. Hicks are in any rural area that is not wealthy. I should take some pics of my town- you'll think it Alabama with sn...

  3. LOL I got family down in El Paso. It's funny, cuz when I went to college in VT, people I met from the South would always say "Oh my God, I ain't never scene so many rednecks in my life!". Anyway, I live in Newport, new Hampshire, home of Ruger Firearms and a barbershop called Git R Cut. You'd be amazed how backwoods it really is up here.

  4. Hell yeah! I use this ID on youtube and pretty much everywhere else- even my email. I'm up on facebook too, Steve Raineault. You can't miss the pic...believe me.

  5. So, ya' gonna be getting DQ6 when it comes out on 2/14/11?

  6. I gotta admit, it's impressive how this site stays commited and updated. I see too many sites that say "New update- 4/2/2003" or something.

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