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  1. Ready for New Year's beer!
  2. Found out today my father has bladder cancer. Still trying to wrap my head around everything.

    1. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Sorry to hear about that, Red. Hopefully things will turn out for the best for your dad and you guys will get to make some good memories in the event things take a turn.

    2. Brother Jaybird

      Brother Jaybird

      You have my condolences. Peace and all good to you and your family.

  3. For me it is "I work too many hours to play games much and was the only one I bought this year" award.
  4. Keep your hero in the front. The translation reads the name of whatever character is in front for a save. Only the hero is properly coded for such, resulting in a blank space on the continue screen if the game reads your soldier or what have you.
  5. Okay, I'll bite. Age: 39 going on 16. Height: roughly 6 foot Weight: About 204 Ethnic background: French, English, German (specifically Bavarian), Irish. Since the French is the Canadian variety, a roughly 40 percent chance there's a trace of Native American, but I make no positive claims on that one. Marriage status: legally but invalidly. Why invalid? Because... Religion: Traditionalist Roman Catholic. Marrying my wife next year, and the local priest is actually doing the pre-Vatican 2 vows with a Latin Tridentine Mass. Can't wait for the reception, because we're having a taco bar! Favorite foods: did I mention we're having a taco bar? Kids: 2 sons and a,stepdaughter. I have had full legal custody of my oldest son since his infancy, and last,I knew his mother left to live in Florida. I warned Platty that he'll know its her if he ever sees Dracula with earrings. The one thing she did right though was to name him Austin after Stone Cold Steve Austin, the bionic redneck. My youngest son was given the middle name Garcia. Why a Hispanic surname for a kid of no such decent? Because... Favorite band: The Grateful Dead. I saw Jerry Garcia in person 8 weeks before his death, and I'll forever be thankful for that blessed day. I'm also a fan of Hank Williams Sr., Bocephus, Rebel Son, David Allan Coe, Waylon, Hank Snow and others. Favorite author: Zane Grey. First bad habit: started dipping when I was 15. I don't often do spit tobacco anymore, but I like chaw better than dip because I can chew it like bubble gum and it fills my mouth up with sweet and thick tobacco juice. Go to beers: PBR and Moosehead. Hard liquors: Jim Beam and Midnight Moon clear. Baseball: New York Yankees. Congrats Sux fans, only over a century to almost reach double digits (although I have to admit our pitching sucked this year). Uhm, I guess that's enough. Oh yeah, I also like Dragon Quest. Its a good series, you guys should try it.
  6. Meanwhile. Tales title will break about 1.2 million worldwide INCLUDING Japan and those keep a comin'. I say the sales are quite nice. Namco wishes they had these kinds of numbers.
  7. Especially since this is a game you wind up doing more than needed by choice. At least I did in both my playthroughs.
  8. Ageed. Still, yet another high end item on the shop. If I get everything I want, I'm looking at over 700 bucks.
  9. Up for pre-order! https://store.na.square-enix-games.com/en_US/product/522064/dragon-quest-iii-the-seeds-of-salvation-bring-arts-hero?fbclid=IwAR2IgO3R2oacxmeCepxwYZbD4YD_BH_saRraE7XJeVBIuZHkZ97yFIhX5qA
  10. Thanks for the paste job. It'd be almost futile doing it on my phone.
  11. https://gematsu.com/2018/10/dragon-quest-builders-2-coming-west-in-2019?fbclid=IwAR2znVfMin8FmYv4AvC2XZxAL98EPSJuoqu1vtRbh0K4GJfG7INN5jl8DJA
  12. I would like to know differences in localization costs (i.e. voice acting fees) but I doubt pressing a disc is far more expensive than producing a flashcart. Not only that, but a little more than double at a little less than half the price. CEs will also skew things, but digital sure cuts manufacturing and packaging expenses. Remember folks, if your budget has the means, this would make a great Christmas or birthday gift!
  13. Just click and enjoy the light reading... http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2018/10/dragon_quest_xi_more_than_doubles_series_record_in_the_united_states?fbclid=IwAR0c0PYJmZqRC_MMX8Ts1ksl-tVnhMjRv3lnZNKKTxLRHLyZgGHslm-8qVM
  14. I just got the true ending about an hour ago, and my question is this... does the timeline you left your buddies behind change? You know, Hendrik is like "Hey look Arboria is no longer destroyed!" I always thought that the whole "this has happened before" fusing of timelines is a plot device used to avoid reprogramming every treasure chest. Also, since Serenica went back to the past in the past (or something like that), do the 2 times you have lived in have any reversion? "Wow, that Calasmos was a rough bastard for someone that was defeated before we were born"
  15. Iggy, I must ask. What is this you say of DQX already translated into English in SEA region?
  16. I wonder if the traffic is new Questers coming to the Den thanks to DQ XI?
  17. This might be a big seller in Japan as well, since DQX was not a week 1 million seller with long lines. I never made a huge issue of no DQX over here since it was the first and only DQ title over there that didn't cause a mass stir. Several years and multiple platforms put it at a million sold, and 300,000 regular players is great, but it was definitely the oddball. My above text was jumbled for some reason.
  18. Wise choice. When they were doing "Dragon Questions" I actually emiled asking if they'd consider such.
  19. I should have noted I mentioned ToB to show that if it was, say, 200,000 in NA and 1.2 million worldwise (including Japan), then SE needs to reevaluate the meaning of success. Is it turning you a profit? Then shut up and localize more. If you're crying because its not a mega super seller, go have your mommy give you a diaper change and warm you up a cup of milk.
  20. Its still #2 on the US PSN Store, so here's hoping. If it's true that there's between 100K-200K sold on Steam, that's fantastic. The CE sold out completely. I wish I knew how many were made, If it was 1000, then revenue was $149,990. If it was 5000, you're fifty buck shy of 3/4 of a million. A decent start. As of this posting, physical is the #13 PS4 game on Amazon (#86 overall). Digital PS4 on Amazon is #8 under Games and DLC, #28 in overall digital PS4. From what I've Googled, Tales of Berseria has sold about a million worldwide, including Japan. That means maybe a couple hundred thousand sold in North America. SE needs to deal with the fact that selling 4 or 5 hundred thousand units in a single region is good. I read an article by some imbecile saying 416,000 DQ9 units sold in North America was a bomb. It seems that a few years ago SE was managed by folks who were as pinheaded. Once Wada was abdicated, they finally started to wise up. Finally, SE is selling DQ jewelry for over 200 bucks. Obviously they're taking things seriously. Now that I am working 3 jobs (for a couple months anyway) I plan to A) Pay off all my bills and B) Start buying some more DQ merchandise from the SE store, from plush slimes to jewelry. I also plan on buying some more copies of DQXI as Christmas gifts for friends. If you know anyone who needs a special gift this year, buy a copy (if financially able to).
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