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  1. Alright, I haven't posted in forever. But since I watched DQYS last night, I'll share the following thoughts...

    Since a normalization follows the infamous twist, I was not as disappointed as I was anticipating. If anything, things like the old lady and the potion resolution were actually a creative way to alleviate the famous choice. At first my wife was down about said choice, and pleasantly surprised at the "everything's cool" twist.

    I also liked a certain moose joining into the fray.

    The infamous twist was good in intent. It was a big middle finger to the "games are for kids" crowd. However, its one of those things you'd be better off knowing at the start of the flick. It would have driven home that nostalgic middle finger.

    Having read the spoilers last year, I understood Dr. Agon's line.

    Finally, turning a long game into a 102 minute film required cuts, but I was actually surprised at how well they fused together the plot considering the restraints.

    That said, DQ5 would make for a solid mini-series.

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  2. 11 hours ago, Sackchief said:

    That's actually a cool idea.  We could make a custom label for Dragon Quest Re Quest NES cart too.

    Oooo...a custom box too!


    Need to start playing with paint.net again.

    13 hours ago, Choppasmith said:


    Hey thanks man. It makes me happy I can do this for people. Believe me, I'd LOVE to jump ahead and do the SNES remakes. I think you're right in that if I did do that, the other games wouldn't get done. I'm still a novice to rom hacking so I like to stay with what I know and what I'm used to, learning as I go, than jumping systems and having to learn new procedures, tools, etc. And I know people aren't exactly foaming at the mouth to play Dragon Warrior 2 of all games, but I don't want to leave gaps for possible newcomers who insist on playing the originals.


    Sounds great! I honestly don't know much about that stuff, just keep in mind with the rom expansion needed to accompany the script this definitely won't work on the original cartridge.


    Anyway, progress update. The script is pretty much finished and updated DW2's strange dictionary system mentioned a few posts back.



    The intro is definitely a conundrum for me. It's not just the text (DW2 had the third person narration, the monsters speaking) that's completely different, but the "choreography" of the sprites. I'm thinking of dumping the third person narration just for the intro and use the modern style *: labeling (there's no parenthesis in the game like DW1 so I'm going to use the asterisk for the various emotes in the game like sob or sigh). I hope to really capture and compare both versions side by side and see if it's possible to match them up.


    Oh and if you haven't checked, version DW1 1.3c featuring a ton of fixes based off reports and feedback is out. I think there's one little typo and another little title screen tweak by Chicken Knife for a future update otherwise it's pretty final.

    I don't see why you can't improvise a bit on the intro. You can modernize it without a full on script port. Kind of like the puffpuff girl in your DW1 hack (haven't played it, read your readme though).

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