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  1. Does that mean you were both enthralled and disgusted? I mean, I couldn't decide if the ending was depressing or not.
  2. Alright, I haven't posted in forever. But since I watched DQYS last night, I'll share the following thoughts... Since a normalization follows the infamous twist, I was not as disappointed as I was anticipating. If anything, things like the old lady and the potion resolution were actually a creative way to alleviate the famous choice. At first my wife was down about said choice, and pleasantly surprised at the "everything's cool" twist. I also liked a certain moose joining into the fray. The infamous twist was good in intent. It was a big middle finger to the "games are for kids"
  3. Was the first time I heard this: Merry Christmas.
  4. Here's an unpopular opinion I have. I strongly prefer the DQ2 soundtrack over the DQ3 one. In fact, the DQ3 overworked theme is second from bottom on my list. And then I go about my day.
  5. My wife and I are playing through the original trilogy together, since she never had the chance to play the original 3 titles. We got through DQ1 and now we're working on 2. Been a great time so far, really enjoying the graphic style and the soundtrack. I grew up on NES, so to me Midi is sweet sounding.
  6. The reason lies in a massive spoiler. I'm the type of guy that will like a movie despite something that should ruin it, so although I personally think its a serious bummer, it might not affect my enjoyment of the other parts. Read if you wish: https://nintendosoup.com/dragon-quest-your-story-gets-slammed-by-fans-online/
  7. Buy it. There's a swath of things to do and more freedom to build. The characters are far more interactive.
  8. Maybe a custom order from an Etsy store? There's a DQM:CH case I want to purchase from there.
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