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  1. Knowing it's going down was bad for my OCD. Thank God for OCD. All the mysteries are now solved. I know who Dethdaroth is, I know that the moon was once the planet Madria, I know that Madria was originally called Planet Earth, I know that the Space Government rules all the universe. I know I used about 1500 plus gems to revive and beat Sol Dethradoth. What I don't know is if the continuation of the story is merely one playing other worlds. And I never set foot on Balzath Continent. I wonder if in the Japanese version if you actually take down the Space Government.
  2. Alright, I just beat Sol Dothradeth (hoarding gems for revival made it possible). The whole Season 2 thing...I have no more go to marks and the chick asked me to stop the Space Government from her book. Either season 2 is Japanese exclusive content or the "other worlds" are the various event dungeons (Gaius referred to one of the events as visiting another planet after all). Anyway, I think it will be no problem screen shotting all the replay scenes and weaving the into something readable. This game us lucky it has a good storyline, else I would have gone mad hopping all over the dun
  3. I've spent the last 2 weeks cranking through the story. Currently on Chapter 31. I cant help but picture Gaius soiling his Depends when the Astronomer broke his news.
  4. Believe it or not, the biggest issue I have with a missing title, such as Joker 2 Pro, is not having access to the new story content. I'd love to know the Young Yangus story as another example.
  5. I've been playing and I'm about to fight Marquis de Leon. Since learning that Bluestacks offers an on screen translation option, I can always jump for the Japanese version.
  6. Hello folks. I've been gone a long time. Had a rough year last year (nothing to do with Covid) but things have settled for me. To be blunt, with my life all beeped up last year, I barely touched a video game. Since learning of the tragic fate of DQS, I'm wondering if anyone can point me to any resources that summarize the main story chapters. I'm seriously considering a fan project: novelization the story with illustrations. I might have it set up online at some point.
  7. Does that mean you were both enthralled and disgusted? I mean, I couldn't decide if the ending was depressing or not.
  8. Alright, I haven't posted in forever. But since I watched DQYS last night, I'll share the following thoughts... Since a normalization follows the infamous twist, I was not as disappointed as I was anticipating. If anything, things like the old lady and the potion resolution were actually a creative way to alleviate the famous choice. At first my wife was down about said choice, and pleasantly surprised at the "everything's cool" twist. I also liked a certain moose joining into the fray. The infamous twist was good in intent. It was a big middle finger to the "games are for kids"
  9. Was the first time I heard this: Merry Christmas.
  10. Here's an unpopular opinion I have. I strongly prefer the DQ2 soundtrack over the DQ3 one. In fact, the DQ3 overworked theme is second from bottom on my list. And then I go about my day.
  11. My wife and I are playing through the original trilogy together, since she never had the chance to play the original 3 titles. We got through DQ1 and now we're working on 2. Been a great time so far, really enjoying the graphic style and the soundtrack. I grew up on NES, so to me Midi is sweet sounding.
  12. The reason lies in a massive spoiler. I'm the type of guy that will like a movie despite something that should ruin it, so although I personally think its a serious bummer, it might not affect my enjoyment of the other parts. Read if you wish: https://nintendosoup.com/dragon-quest-your-story-gets-slammed-by-fans-online/
  13. Buy it. There's a swath of things to do and more freedom to build. The characters are far more interactive.
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