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  1. https://m.ebay.com/itm/Dragon-Quest-Figure-Miniatures-lot-/323232313335 Carver, two Gigantes, and assortes miniatures. Many red slimes.
  2. It's worth copy pasting the save file but if it doesn't work for some reason stick it out.
  3. Destiny of the Dragonlord V 1.6 is up and out. Realized Critical Hits were only adding 20 damage. Don't know how I didn't notice sooner. jamis sound effect for crits script was over writing the default critical hit method I had set to 2x. It wasn't a problem on the other project that used it because I custom defined crits thru damage formulas, but in DotDL it was. Fixed along with every other known bug. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3J5cF0M7Ra-bS1aa3MwbDJ5VjQ
  4. I just did another play thru. 3 hour clear and found 8 more small bugs. Fixed all but one!
  5. Just watched someone do a play thru of Destiny of the Dragonlord V 1.5 and saw a few bugs. Didn't write them down and remembered all but one. Fixed the bugs but trying to remember the one I forgot. V 1.6 is coming soon. Edit: I am currently adding Conditional Branchs to all jars, chests and drawers that give an item. If you already own the max amount of said item, it will tell you so and not still add and waste the item. It now leaves it to be picked up anytime later and knows better than to mark it taken.
  6. I have chat as a menu option that brings up a list of only characters in the party. The menu option turns on a switch that an event in every map is triggered by... so the responses for characters are map specific and conditioned with switches. I'll glance at scripts later and edit this post. Edit: Hime Encounter Conditions to determine the condition for which some enemies within the battle do and do not show up. This allows day time monsters to not appear in a given battle and night time monsters to instead appear. I position them over top each other when possible and structure the enemi
  7. There's a script on the master list to assign place holder monster troops a roll between any monster id number you specify in the note tags per place holder... rolled when combat starts. The script I use to swap between day and night using every troop for both day and night seperately could do it too... but without the sheer variety.
  8. That's definitely the idea behind the third part of the hypothetical note tag. Existing solely to create a big gap if the player surpasses x required level vs the encounter. At that point, the player can also just cast repel/holy protection or throw holy water and not have to even see the enemy.
  9. I've long been debating how to change escape rates. I haven't explored it yet but I really do have a great idea. Escape rate starts at 50%. (Dev can change starting % to anything by the encounter. This would use note tags to troops.) Escape rate where alive active battler party agi average - alive enemy agi average is factored and the for an advantage. It would be a customizable formula and scale with another customizable formula for advantage adding or subtracting % points for that escape rate for every x increment to the sum of the first formula. This effect would be true or false in
  10. A conditional branch that just checks party size. No custom scripting to know if the party is 4 or less than 4 is necessary to process the event for both situations! Conditional Branch (Select Script on Page 4 as the condition and check the box for set conditions when handling does not apply) $game_party.members.length >= 4 (The text to the left is the condition script text.) Enter the event processing for how it's handled when there's a party of four, so the character becomes available at the ranch but is not added to the party. else Enter the normal version you're curre
  11. Should Nix less than 4. People like full parties, even when grinding out a recruit. People with full parties will be nagged they misses rng recruits and have regrets.
  12. Yup. Those wanted Monsters didn't all volunteer themselves fast. Same with the monster coins, proficiencies and enough tiny medals. I've also been in a lot of online lobbies and story help missions as Adol.
  13. Been done for a while. 6 weapons from plat. http://imgur.com/a/fCxyD
  14. Did you include meats to increase recruiting chance. For example, if Slime is required variable 30 or higher and is assigned + 0 thru 30 at random... using Beef Jerky could add ten to all the recruitables variables. Mayve a Pork chop is 20, a rib 40, a sirloin 80? Harder monsters scale much higher in required minimums to catch but can still be punped full of meat?
  15. Getting it back to slot 7 afterwards is stumping you. Explain better and I'll give an example of an efficient process. I'll try for what I think is the issue. I'd have a switch for each monster slot. Conditional branches if switch 1 off. Conditional branch if switch 2 off. Ect. If it hits slot 7 first as open, it adds the monster to slot 7 and flips the switch. It writes the class stats into the actor. It toggles variables for the monster to show up right visibly roaming in the ranch for the switch and variable. It does actor graphic and face graphic actor assigning. It writes a pre s
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