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  1. That sounds complicated, pricey, and illegal. Also, I'm not 100% how paying for someone else to have sex is revenge. You don't pay for a hooker in advance like that. So it works out because then you are potentially publicly embarrassing someone by having an irate hooker at their door pissed off their time is wasted and that they aren't getting paid. Don't ask me how I know.
  2. FYI my vote is for Dragon Quest IV mobile, since that was the actual topic lol.
  3. I just finished the last volume. The ending was definitely open ended. I was hoping for a show down with Terry but that was not to be. As far as I can tell:
  4. Yarr! I be a pirate too till they officially release it in thee ole English matey. Shiver me timbers! And great pic from DQ VII lol. Very fitting.
  5. DranzerX13 and Mimas: You are gifts to humanity. Thank you.
  6. I am extremely jealous. Seeing it on Netflix Japan gives me hope it will come here too. I'm more hopeful in general about the new series. I'd actually be surprised if that didn't come over here via Netflix or Crunchyroll.
  7. Hello! Mine is AGTVRG7767 I just sent a few people invites.
  8. I know I’m digging up an old topic but after seeing so many reactions to the film, it seems like the Western audience seems to be a lot more accepting of the movie’s ending. Very interesting. I was hoping for a physical release in the West but I might just import the Japanese release of the movie. The podcast was fantastic. It was great interacting with all you guys.
  9. I'm thinking about getting the Korean version of the new 30th Anniversary Fortune Street game. I have next to no vocabulary but I can read Korean characters, which is lot more than I can say for anything that's in Japanese. I have two questions: Does this game support online play? I'm in SK and my wife is in the USA so we want to play each other online. Would I need a Korean PS Plus account to play online? That would suck if that's the case. I would hope I could use our USA PS Plus accounts instead.
  10. Never mind. Figured it out by myself. Pictures forthcoming.
  11. Anyone have a good guide on to how to play the game? I played it last time I was in Japan but wasn't sure on what I was doing. I have the card I won last time plus some king slimes I got from doing DQ the Real at Universal. I don't know Japanese FYI.
  12. The group Mission Atelier is hosting a Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3 event today. The group is trying to gather people to politely barrage Nintendo and Square Enix with requests to get DQM3J localized in the West. Please join us in our efforts today. Please see the FB link below. Mission Atelier is a FB group that regularly campaigns for Western localization efforts of Japanese video games. https://www.facebook...26181834106670/
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