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  1. All mobile? No. A marriage of both? More probable. Look at The Adventure of Dai. They are doing an arcade machine, a console game, and a mobile game. Mobile games are still mostly casual affairs. They'll still continue to do deeper console games. Pokemon Go didn't kill off releasing console Pokemon games. The Monsters series didn't stop after DQMSL came out. It's "super light" for a reason. People will still want the regular experience. We haven't seen any news lately on the latest DQM game because they ran into some development issues and COVID has kicked most everything down the r
  2. I have heard a common problem with Android phones is that if you have debugging on, it won't let it play. I have had a lot of fun with the game. I love that they give you unlimited retries on that first banner.
  3. I forget the exact circumstances you are right that they didn't initially intend to come up with a straight up trilogy like they did with 1-3. That's why the connections are so much more loosely tied together. But they did end up tying it all together in VI with it's ending and the post game.
  4. 1. Do you see the Zenithian trilogy get the DQ11 treatment a.k.a prequel or sequel? I see that as a possibility. It is something they could do with 12 and focus on that trilogy. 2. Which DQ is the most popular in Japan? Is it 3 or 5? While it is true that Your Story used 5 as its focus, I believe that's only because 5 has a stronger and deeper narrative than 3 does. 3 was a true sales phenomenon when first came out in Japan. While 1 and 2 were still really popular, 3 blew everything out of the water and solidified Dragon Quest as the most popular video game in Japan. That's whi
  5. @Liamland It's not possible for the entire series but it is possible for any of the sequels released during the PS4 era. That includes Super Robot Wars X, V, T and Moon Dwellers. X, V, T uses all licensed mechs from other anime except what the protagonist uses and some of the antagonists. Moon Dwellers is all original mechs throughout. The way I got the games was buying physical copies from the Play-Asia import site. You only need to get a Singapore account if you want to buy them digitally or buy/get the DLC. If you buy them digitally, use free DLC (my copy of X came with some free
  6. That sounds complicated, pricey, and illegal. Also, I'm not 100% how paying for someone else to have sex is revenge. You don't pay for a hooker in advance like that. So it works out because then you are potentially publicly embarrassing someone by having an irate hooker at their door pissed off their time is wasted and that they aren't getting paid. Don't ask me how I know.
  7. FYI my vote is for Dragon Quest IV mobile, since that was the actual topic lol.
  8. I just finished the last volume. The ending was definitely open ended. I was hoping for a show down with Terry but that was not to be. As far as I can tell:
  9. Yarr! I be a pirate too till they officially release it in thee ole English matey. Shiver me timbers! And great pic from DQ VII lol. Very fitting.
  10. DranzerX13 and Mimas: You are gifts to humanity. Thank you.
  11. I am extremely jealous. Seeing it on Netflix Japan gives me hope it will come here too. I'm more hopeful in general about the new series. I'd actually be surprised if that didn't come over here via Netflix or Crunchyroll.
  12. Hello! Mine is AGTVRG7767 I just sent a few people invites.
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