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  1. It's been a while since I've been on. (Things have changed on here since then) I've cleared the Grand Trial on Akala, did some side stuff and am currently outside the resort.
  2. I should've worded that better. This was what went down in the conversation(which I copied from another post elsewhere): Basically, the French guy asked if Eevee would get an alola form or eeveelution in SM. Ohmori/Iwao then said that they didn't give Eevee an alolan form in USUM, but since Eevee is a pokemon that evolves in many different ways, maybe it could still get something, and if the French guy wanted to know more he should ask Kukui. So yeah. The answer was only in response to whether or not Eevee was getting an Alola form/evo, not about Alola forms in general. Ohmori and Iwa
  3. There was an interview today that one French site that claimed the crew said there were no new alolan forms. Turns out that it was either for clickbait or they got the response mixed up(The actual question involved whether or not the Eevee family were getting Alolan forms in USUM, to which they said they weren't). TPCi's PR pointed out that no such claims were made.
  4. I still need to get to pre-ordering one of them here in the near future. I'm going to be doing a Wonder Trade session on October 31st centered around a couple of old creepypastas.
  5. English trailer I have officially cleared Heartgold's main and post game at the requirements I set. Having cleared all of Kanto, fought the Elite 4 rematch and Red, gotten both a Kanto and Hoenn starter and caught Kyorge(which was caught in one Heavy Ball, that was fast). I will be keeping the file going in case I want to do any full odds shiny hunts on it.
  6. https://www.serebii.net/news/2017/04-October-2017.shtmlLooks Oha Suta is going to show some USUM footage. Whether or not it will be a decent or big is not known.
  7. ^ I was admittedly still waking up and waiting on an episode on Saturday morning when the stream was happening. I only really found out about the crashes during it from anons on /vp/. I only really took a few quick looks at it.
  8. Avatar change go! Hey, Sphinx! Do you want to see what hope looks like? Well here it is in equine form, it's your mare Somnambula!

  9. Nothing due to tech difficulties. They may reveal something tomorrow or else do a mini direct to make up for it. When new information comes you know I'll be around to post it From what I garnered, it was just a live battle demo. I don't think they were planning on revealing anything new with it.
  10. They had issues during that battle demonstration, it crashed 3 times.
  11. I wasn't that high in my X playthrough. I was roughly around the Champion's levels. I bounced between having the Exp. Share on and off, though. Sun and Moon inverts it a bit by using scaling experience, which makes it harder to level to 100. It's actually the only real criticism I have towards the games. The Battle Buffet really could have used a Blissey trainer and the route connected to the Battle Tree could have used Chansey as one of the random encounter possibilities(I find the Champion defense matches to drag on a little too long). The main reason for this is because of Hyper Tra
  12. I definitely find it interesting that they've added actual new Pokemon(as far as I can tell) mid-gen. While they are UBs, it still counts. Which is similar to the previous gen adding extra Megas and such.
  13. New UBs. (Didn't watch the Direct, I was busy leveling in Heartgold) I got lucky with getting a Lucky Egg yesterday(I wasn't paying attention to Frisk message, so I used Thief just in case).
  14. I have six gyms cleared in Kanto on Heartgold, currently hunting a Chansey with a Lucky Egg using the Repel trick.
  15. Ready for the Elite 4 now. Also found out that Arcanine can't learn Earthquake from the TM. Considering that Meganium can learn it, that's pretty odd. Team Penny: (All of them are at level 48) Meganium - Mabel Female Ability - Overgrow Nature - Modest Item - Miracle Seed Moves - Petal Dance, Magical Leaf, Return, Earthquake Ampharos - Jerin Female Ability - Static Nature - Bold Item - Magnet Moves - Thunderbolt, Discharge, Signal Beam, Rock Smash Heracross - Videl Female Ability - Guts Nature - Quirky Item - Black Belt Moves - Close Combat, Brick Break, Ni
  16. Caught Ho-oh yesterday, in a Love Ball of all things. It kept breaking out of the best balls I could use at the time(Ultra, since it wasn't night), so I started throwing different balls at it. Went through Victory Road and am now leveling for the Elite 4. Admittedly, putting gambling up that high is pretty silly regardless of if it were the case or not. I know gambling and Lottery require someone to be of legal age in real life, but still. It's not like it's Manhunt(I remember the sequel getting an AO rating which caused them to censor it since AO pretty much means it might as
  17. All eight of the Johto gyms are cleared. Never been all that found of Clair. Making you have to go out of the way just to prove you earned your victory. I'm confused, because of this: The replacement of slot machines with Voltorb Flip was likely due to stricter PEGI guidelines which required that any game deemed to "encourage or teach gambling" be classified 18, which had previously caused the replacement of slot machines with game machines in European versions of Pokemon Platinum. Source: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Voltorb_Flip#Replacement Does 18 mean 12
  18. If I remember right, Voltorb Flip became a thing because of the Europe's rating systems marking simulated gambling as 18+. Yes, Pokemon was in danger of getting a rating equal to the dreaded AO rating at the time. Because of this, I do at least understand why they had to make a change. I just wish they could have thought of something other than a minesweeper style game. The highest I cleared was level 6(8 is the highest level). Voltorb Flip would be more tolerable if it's payout was a better overall(getting around 27-54 tokens at level 1 isn't that great. around 100 would have been bet
  19. I have the fifth gym cleared, grinded on Voltorb Flip for a Thunderbolt TM. I'm never playing that annoying game ever again. I'm now grinding for the sixth gym.T Team update: Bayleef - Mabel Female Nature - Modest Ability - Overgrow Flaaffy - Jerin Female Nature - Bold Ability - Static Hercross - Videl Female Nature - Quirky Ability - Guts Espeon - Cleo Female Nature - Bold Growlithe - Garth Male Nature - Lonely Ability - Flash Fire Note: Caught after getting Eevee and before the Burnt Tower and fourth gym. Leveling him up until he knows Flamethrow
  20. I can't wait to get Fly, it will make Apricorn Farming alot easier. Next up is Lapras after midnight(I have to go by the DS clock, since it's not set to Daylight Savings Time). Minor Scout team update: Scyther - Cutman Male Nature: Gentle Side note: The first one I caught had Technician, so awesome! Cutman is my top favorite robot master from Mega Man, so I named it after him.
  21. I've actually decided to go for Lapras later this week since it can be obtained sooner than Shellder(I'm taking my time at the moment anyway).
  22. My Platinum version lacks a save file to do any trading(I do have more than one DS system though), so I'm avoiding trade evos like Scyther>Scizor. I do plan on getting a Scyther tomorrow in the bug catching contest to help in the scout team(False Swiper). Pokerus wise, this is the third time I've encountered the status in game. The first was in my original gen 2 playthrough many years ago, the second was in Platinum(I think, mainly because I have several Pachirisu that got it and if I remember correctly Trucy was what I named my character in Platinum). Team Penny assemble! M
  23. My battle with Bugsy was very iffy to say the least. My primary plan was nerfing Scyther's speed with Thunder Wave. I pulled that part off, but due to my party's somewhat lackluster firepower(not even my Flaaffy's Thundershock did a lot to Scyther) paralysis wasn't as helpful as I hoped it would be. HGSS Bugsy is definitely a massive improvement over GSC Bugsy. His Scyther has Quick Attack combined with the Technician ability and he uses U-Turn in this version. Two of my mons got KO'd in this battle, Flaaffy being one of them. Butterfree ended up being my most valuable member in this leade
  24. I could have sworn that you couldn't catch Mareep in Crystal. It's something I remember never happening in Chorocojo's Crystal play-through. I love that you can get Mareep before the gym if you want in HGSS. I got a refresher on the fact Falkner's kind of annoying in HGSS . Roost is in some ways more annoying than Mud-Slap in the originals, I had my Chikorita Poison his Pidgeotto(My Chikorita also tanked two Gust attacks, Poisonpowder missed the first time), but it was still a long and drawn out battle. It kept using Roost for the longest time, even when it had over 50% HP.
  25. Speaking of Game Informer, which Goo was talking about previously. http://serebii.net/news/2017/18-August-2017.shtml Of course, there are a couple trailers out as well. ^ (Admittedly not showing much new, but it's something at least) ----------- Cleared the first gym in Heartgold and am about to go through Union Cave.
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