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  1. WTF ?... It's say : "Due to a change in your connection setting or suspicious activity, access to your account has been temporarily blocked." Omg... -_-' ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok then, I recreate a new account japan. But now, There are a new problem ! in fact, now, Square Enix ask us to connect in our account (japan) and add the "dragon quest X" Service... When i go to my japan account, i have nothing to activate, and i haven't receive any code to do that (like beta of FF14 : ARR) So, How can we do that ? plz --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I try to activate it in my account : But there a no button or other thing to activate my dragon quest X account... like we are here (Final fantasy XI for exemple) : If someone have any idea to share with me. Thanks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ok then, nevermind, square enix just ban again my new account... We definitively can't play Beta PC (even with an Open VPN Japan server)... ;(
  2. Hello guys Open Beta will re-open in 1 hour, and my vpn japan work well, so witch server i need to choose to join you (mimas, Woodus, saigan) ?
  3. hello guys ! I am new to this forum, and i am french (then sorry for my english lol) i have a question about Dragon Quest X. I actually play DQX on PC with the beta test, and thanks to the tutorial of "Giuseppe Nelva" & "cranberry", i was able to respectively install, play, and finish the first part of offline mode ! But, unfortunally, i can't play the 2nd part of offline mode, maybe because of the beta test limitation ? PS: Thanks Saigan, i really appreciate your videos "let's play dragon quest X" !
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