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  1. Well I've finally beat the final boss. I also got that rare Killing Machine, but not in the area mentioned in the quest. It's been one hell of a ride and I've loved every minute of it.
  2. What puff puff is the last one in the game? i.e. what one should pop the trophy? I'm at Battleground now. Man, it really reminds me of the Catacombs in Dark Souls 1.
  3. The frozen lake mentioned in the quest, in the south of that area. I've gone around the whole area killing them, though. No idea what's going on. EDIT: I've now killed 146 of them with no rare appearing. If I continue with the game to Act 3, is this quest still doable then? Maybe that'll sort out whatever glitch is going on now.
  4. Dragon Quest has such an uphill battle, though. By western standards, it looks like a kid's game. It's in a genre that doesn't typically sell well any more. Unlike other games in the same genre that have sold well recently, like OT, it's on a console with a large back catalogue that people are buying instead, with enormous games released alongside it (e.g. Spider-Man, SotTR), and it wasn't advertised properly by either Sony or Square Enix. Man, advertised at all, really. I've seen no IRL ads for it whatsoever, and that's where you really need to aim for if you want more than the dedicated fans who would've bought it anyway. The silver lining is that at least there are no other similar releases (e.g. other RPGs, let alone JRPGs) at the same time, but I don't know if that matters when almost everyone with a PS4 has just bought Spider-Man and FIFA 19, and are also waiting to buy RDR2, with Rise of the Tomb Raider also muscling in on the action. There're are more major releases too. But the point is, regardless of genre, people only have so much time and money to ago around.
  5. Man, I can't believe this is the same year that Monster Hunter World came out in. That feels like an age ago. But yeah, this is my favourite Dragon Quest bar none. I've been waiting for a true successor to DQVIII since that game came out and we finally have it; then it exceeded my expectations and wasn't just as good, it was better. It's also the best Final Fantasy game I've played since IX since it's really inherited that series' much more involved plots and interesting, varied characters. It's like SE have fused DQ and FF and the actual FF is now some bizarre action game/J-pop music video hybrid. Anyway, I digress. This game deserves to win that award although, sadly, it seems inevitable Spider-Man or GoW is going to win quite easily.
  6. "S" stands for "Still can't get UE4 to run at more than 4fps on Switch". Let's not forget that was the original reason for the delay; they're doing the PR thing of trying to pass it off as some "S"pecial version of the game, but it's really just a very delayed, low resolution port of a PS4 game. I'm also conflicted on the idea of there being extra content. Horii said he was against DLC, but then if they make extra content in order to get people to pay money for a game they already own, what is that other than convoluted DLC? Worse still, it causes people to buy a console they don't even own in order to access that extra content. Charging £10 for an extra dungeon is far less morally bad. It's like saying "I won't charge guests to use my toilet, not like those other guys I've heard about that charge people £10 for that (play along with me here lol), but I will charge people to use my bathroom door and it's going to be £300".
  7. I have now killed 120 Killing Machines in the area around the frozen lake in The Snaerfelt for the quest "A Dish Served Cold". Not a single rare one has shown up, that being the objective of the quest. I've levelled up so much that the hero is nearly is nearly level 60 and I haven't even I feel like something is glitching out quite badly here.
  8. It was #2 in the UK for a week, beaten only by the behemoth that is Spider-Man, but then it dropped down to about #30 the next week. It really annoys me how Sony hid it away on PSN. It was practically invisible on there, it didn't even show up in the Recommended For You section even though I play a load of JRPGs.
  9. is currently immersed in DQIX

  10. I don't really see how P3 was emo. And "pop"? You mean that it had J-pop in the soundtrack? I find that a pretty weird thing to complain about. It's like saying that all games of the 16-bit era and before were bad because of "that repetitive midi $#!&". J-pop (as well as the other musical genres such as rock and hip-hop) really suit Persona 3 because it's set in modern day Japan, just like using classical music suits DQ because it's set in an Old European setting (though to be honest, it'd be more like lyres and things like that, rather than fully blown orchestras). As for the emo thing; the storyline is less emo than, say, Saro deciding to KILL EVERYTHING because BAAAWWW a girl I met a few times was killed by those humans WHO JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND ME! See, you can make anything into emo; admittedly, it doesn't take a lot of effort to do that to a white-haired bishounen elf-boy who has decided to hate an entire civilisation - no, planet - because a girl he liked got killed. The only things that could be considered emo about P3 are stylistic things; the main character's haircut and the way in which they summon the persona. SMT designs have often looked emo, though. Look at the characters from DDS or SMT3. Anyway, to answer your question: Yes, P4 is a lot better than P3, especially from what appears to be your point of view. The hero does not have hair over one eye and no one puts guns to their head to summon the persona. Worried Mothers Of America, rejoice. From most peoples' point of view, the improvements include such things as, well... Everything. The S.Links have been overhauled and made a lot less linear, there are now several dungeons rather than just one massive one, the plot isn't based on moon cycles so it flows more naturally and less predictably, the hero has a family now which gives a good emotional basis to the game, the other characters seem to have more to do in life than just stand around in the lobby of a tower block, it's more down-to-earth in the sense that they're countryside school kids rather than part of some elite special agency... There's also more to do with your time, such as take part-time jobs, some of which lead to S.Links, and there's a fishing minigame which can get you some very rare items. I haven't played Persona 1 or 2 but I am looking forward to playing them. You probably know that Persona 2 came in two parts but only one part was released in America (and then quite laughably localised; e.g. they coloured in one of the characters brown and changed his dialogue to be stereotypically African-American...) The other part was only ever released in Japan but a translation patch for it has been released so now us English-speaking folk can play it. If you didn't know that, here you are - Happy Christmas: http://tsumi.wordpress.com/
  11. Still playing Persona 4. You can just throw hours at this game and still only get a small way through it. Then again, I have been playing it less often that I'd like, I spent a long weekend out of the house with friends and when I have been in I've been busy with Christmas things and I've also been made a mod of Fakku which takes up quite a lot of my "computer time". P4 is like MGS in the sense that it's more like a book, TV show or movie than a game but then when the actual game does make an appearance, it can be very addictive and also quite challenging. I'd make that comparison even if it wasn't for Slime Master mentioning Metal Gear above this post. Another similarity is that on one hand the game is very linear and you're really just going through a storyline by moving from point A to B as the game desires but then on the other hand there's a lot of freedom in how you get from point A to B. In P4's case you could focus all your effort on the social aspects of the game but find yourself getting your ass kicked whenever you go into a dungeon because you never level up. That said, the socialising parts of the game actually aid you in making new persona and if you get the best relationship level with someone, you unlock an ultimate persona, specific to them. Like MGS you can enjoy it as a storyline and not focus on the gameplay or you can try and master the gameplay without much regard for the plot - obviously, it's better to do both.
  12. I haven't been around for a while because I've put about 110 hours into FFXII (replay) and have just started playing Persona 4. I liked Persona 3 but, kind of ironically for a story-led RPG, I felt it was at its worst when the main story was the focus of the game. It was good when it was just the characters doing more "low key" missions but when the main story got laid out in front of me I just felt it was pretty uninteresting and weak. There was a particular scene, a big revealing scene about a certain character's plan, that was so horribly cheesily done and the hammy but passable voice acting really came apart at the seams here. Anyway, P4 seems to be way more focused on the characters rather than some cheesy story so far. The voice acting is similar to P3 - there are some characters who make you want to mute it whenever anyone else is nearby and may be listening to you play (the Death kid in P3, Teddie in P4), there are voices that are decent but sound obviously like acting (Mitsuru in P3, Chie in P4) and then there are the top tier voices that are pretty believable but can still sound a little flat at times (Junpei in P3, Yosuke in P4). Sadly, there are some typos and basic spelling errors in the game and quite a lot of mistakes in the official guide. It makes the whole package feel a little cheap. As the game illiterately says "It's rediculous!"
  13. Started playing Chrono Trigger DS the other day. Certain things that I took for granted at the time now seem quite amazing, even if they were in a modern RPG, whereas certain things that impressed me at the time now seem quite ordinary. It's nice to play a game you haven't played for ages just to get that different perspective on it. It has some nice new additions - as well as the optional DS controls that are well integrated (though slightly pointless, since the traditional controls are actually easier to use), there's a new ending you can get, a monster arena (you have to train him and enter him in battles - you can also do wifi battles) and I think there's also a coliseum thing for your party, though I may have made that up. There's also an Extras menu that features 8 different categories of unlockable stuff: the music, artwork, the anime cutscenes, a bestiary, an item list and a list of all the techniques you've gained with a description of each. The 7th and 8th categories are currently locked for me - perhaps one of them lets you view any of the ending you've achieved?
  14. Haha, this feels like something of a loaded question. Casting my mind back through DQI, II, III, IV, VIII and what little I've seen of VII, am I right in thinking that Torneko is the only non-generic merchant? Y'know, that has his own sprite and all.
  15. Phantasy Star Zero is just the DS version of Phantasy Star Online. Well, I don't mean to say "just" - PSO is one of my favourite games of all time. It's just that the way you phrased it: a series you enjoyed as a kid, leads me to believe that you're expecting it to be like the Master System/Mega Drive games. It has an offline story mode but then so did the Phantasy Star Universe games; they were basically PSO2 with a pretty tacky and rushed out Story Mode shoehorned into the PSO engine. That all sounds pretty negative. PSZ or PS0 (however you prefer) is one of the games I'm most looking forward to but just don't expect anything like the classic PS1 to PS4 gameplay and storylines.
  16. Now playing Tales of Eternia (originally released in the US as Tales of Destiny II due to copyright infringement) and it's a great game. It puts a lot of focus on character, plot and setting but because of the great real-time combat system it also has a lot of gameplay to offer. I'm also playing FFXII: Revenant Wings which has actually pleasantly surprised me. It's technically an RTS but it isn't really, not at least what westerners mean when they say RTS. I mean, if this is an RTS then Cannon Fodder or Diablo are RTS. It's essentially a really simplified FFXII with mission-based gameplay. The only way in which I'd say it's justified to call it an RTS is in the sense that rather than just having the main plot characters going around fighting stuff, you also summon espers to fight with them in squads and you can capture special summoning points around the maps in order to summon more allies and/or to deprive your enemy of that ability. You start off summoning crappy enemies such as Alraune, which are from FFT, and Cactoids, which are some of the first enemies from FFXII, and eventually can summon the "proper summons" such as Ifrit and Shiva before moving onto the ultimate ones like Odin and Zodiac. It's fun and it's easy to play - it also makes the most of being on the DS. I've also started playing DQVII and have really got into it.I've only just got to the point where you can actually fight enemies, though. Since I've only played DQI-IV and then DQVIII, this feels like the meeting point between the two halves of my DQ experience. It has a lot of the same elements as the old DQs that were, for better of worse, absent from DQVIII but then also has a lot of elements that I'd only previously encountered in VIII and not the older DQs.
  17. Thanks again for doing this. Your translation is very good - I can't comment on the accuracy as I can't understand Japanese myself, though obviously I trust you with it, but what I can comment on is the fact that it doesn't sound like it's translated... So many fan translations sound clumsy and like the translators lack the talent to put it into well formed English sentences.
  18. Wow, this is great. I've only just found this thread because I was staring at the screen wondering what to have to eat when I found that I was staring at your signature! This is some pretty exclusive stuff for us non-Japanese speaking DQ fans.
  19. Stopped playing Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia since my save file corrupted. I haven't got back to playing Star Ocean 3 since my 2 week hiatus. All I'm playing now is Mother 3. Now let me just say, I cannot recommend that game enough! Really, if things like bishonen's (e.g. Sephiroth and, controversially, Psaro and Angelo) put you off, and all the other clichéd crap in JRPGs is a source of annoyance for you, let me tell you that you won't find any of that in Mother 3 at all. So, in case this wall of text is putting you off, I'll just say: Play this game! Get the translation from the link below! However, if you want to read on and see why I think it's so good, please continue. I think some of the reasons we all like DQ is that it's not like the majority of JRPGs and it has this great "vintage" feel to it - it's in no rush to seem modern or cool or anything. They're also maturely written in the sense that you won't find any moody teenagers (a la FFVIII) and don't tend to be stupidly cynical about things but then aren't naive either, with innocent people dying and genuine tragedies befalling the people within the games. Well Mother 3 is like that. Perhaps the biggest difference is that DQ don't tend to be that story-based and almost all of the character development is done within Party Chat, if at all. Mother 3 is like a beautifully written book with memorable, well-realised characters. In some ways, it reminds me of a Ghibli movie. I guess another difference is that Mother 3 is one of the only JRPGs I've ever played to not have anime-looking characters and, by extension, has no anime archetypes as its characters. As much as I love the games, certain DQ characters are just copy-pasted anime clichés. Yangus is one of the only ones that isn't from The Big Book of Anime Archetypes in some way or another and even that's just because he was dubbed by a Cockney rather that the Yakuza voice I suspect he was given in Japan (I bet he calls the hero "aniki" rather than "guv'nor" in Japan). Jessica's personality isn't particularly anime-ish but her appearance is clearly aimed at otaku and bears no relation to how a real adventuring woman would dress. Mother 3 possesses no such anime-inspired character design choices. You can get the translation here: http://mother3.fobby.net/ The ROM can be found by using common sense and Google.
  20. I was replaying Star Ocean 3 but my two weeks away with my friends have put a massive dent in my ability to carry on from where I left off. I started playing the new Castlevania the other day but just after killing the 3rd boss, my save corrupted and I couldn't summon up the motivation to replay it through to that point again. I think the next game I'll really be into will be Persona 4. Until that point I think I'll lay off the games for a while.
  21. Holy crap - 401+ hours! That's over 16 days. Half of me is impressed with your dedication and the other half is thinking that you could have had over two weeks holiday abroad or something like that. Then again, I spent about 160 hours on Disgaea and a similar amount of time on Star Ocean 3 (which is a credit to SO3 since the final boss was defeated at the 55 hour mark; Disgaea is just grinding from start to finish so it's more a case of how long you can be bothered to grind for no apparent reason). I didn't even bother completing FFXII - the last FF I completed was IX. Anyway, when it comes to gaming I'm currently doing the following: DQVIII: I'm still only 2 or 3 dragons in at the Dragovian Trials. I recently saw the 2nd, happy ending. DQIV: Grinding to the point that I can defeat those chicken and egg bastards! New Super Mario Bros: Slowly but surely trying to get all big coins in all levels, having completed the game months ago. Since that's more like mopping up than actually properly playing through a game, I'm strongly considering replaying Star Ocean 3 again - I know all its faults but I just love the unique feeling it has. I would start playing the PS1 DQVII but I don't want to burn myself out when it comes to DQ; I've completed DQVIII, I, III, IV and played II, Rocket Slime and DQMJ all in a row.
  22. All I'm playing at the moment is DQVIII. The in-game timer says I've been playing for about 90 hours but it's probably more like 70 to 75. I've just left it on while I go on the internet, go to the shop or go and have a conversation with someone else in the house. In fact, Trode even said "Have you been leaving the game on overnight while you sleep?" in the Battle Records screen. So yeah, 70 to 75 of actual gameplay and that's still longer than it should have taken me to get to where I am - just got to Empycchu or however you spell it. It's strange though, I think I'm quite over-levelled since I'm about level 38 and in my last save game from years ago when I was at the Dark Citadel, I was level 42 and my playtime was a rather ridiculous 140 hours. Despite that, Trode has often said "You really are intent on not levelling up, aren't you?" on several occasions. I loved it last time I played it but had quite a lot of reservations. My main issue was that I went through a period where I just couldn't be bothered to play it because the story was so un-engaging. It took until the story events at Arcadia for me to get into the story more. I mean, let's face it - after you get Angelo the story really flattens out for a very long time and doesn't remotely pick up again until you go to the Dark Ruins. I really think they should have started the game with the event of Dhoulmagus taking the staff, then had you, Medea and Trode leave together and the meeting with Yangus on the bridge could have been the tutorial battle, with Trode shouting advice at you; "Use 'Attack' to beat up that ruffian at once!". It would have set the story up much better than beginning in a miscellaneous glade somewhere and being told "We have to find this guy". However, this time around none of those things bothered me. I think it's because playing DQIII put it all in context for me. In DQIII there are no characters with personality (it wasn't that they tried and failed - it just wasn't something Enix seemed to have even slightly aimed for), no real story to speak of and potentially massive gaps between anything interesting happening. Somehow it all remains enjoyable, though. Seeing the past of DQ helped me to accept DQVIII for what it was. This time around I also noticed more of the in-jokes that I totally missed before - I mean, this time I actually recognised Taloon and Ragnar in the Monster Arena!
  23. I'm now playing FFIV too. It can actually be quite annoying at times - I've had my party of two wiped out in one attack by an enemy a few times already. The problem is that this isn't like many other RPGs where you can really customise your character; in this you MUST have Rydia and Cecil in your party at this point, they're X level and so have particular spells and abilities and there's no sense of equipment customisation. In short, it's like in something like Zelda - at a given point you'll have certain items and no more; the only way you could be better is if you spent time looking for heart pieces (or grinding in FFIV's case). However, the player's skill can overcome adversity in Zelda whereas in FFIV it's obviously all down to stats and your manual dexterity counts for nothing. Not to mention, in Zelda games you can go off the beaten track and get items before you were "meant" to; FFIV is strictly linear so there's no chance of that happening.
  24. Dragon Quest III (GBC), which I've mentioned before. The World Ends With You Etrian Odyssey II Metal Slug 7 All on my DS. There are loads of games on hold, though. Suikoden II, Metal Gear Solid, Star Ocean 2, Half-Life 2: Episode 1 and Hotel Dusk are just a selection of some of the games that I'm eternally going to get back to "tomorrow".
  25. Dragon Quest VIII on the PS2 was the first one I properly played. It was the first Dragon Quest released here and it didn't even have the "VIII" at the end. I'd known about the series for years and had started DQV on an emulator but didn't get that far into it before I stopped playing; it wasn't anything to do with the game, I think by sheer bad luck something in real life distracted me. Now I'm playing FFIII on a GBC emulator on my DS. I love it and it really shows how most modern JRPGs are horribly dumbed down. I've pre-ordered the DS remake of DQIV and will do the same for V and VI, not to mention IX.
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