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  1. If only the ones near me didn't close down years ago, I would be showing up left and right for this.
  2. First video review I've seen, and a pretty good one at that.
  3. I cant believe they got the VA for the protagonist back!
  4. Physically, the game the disc, price, and box art are the same as the normal version of the game right? The only difference is you get those download codes?
  5. Wow, thanks! Hmmm 3 doesn't seem to do it much.... Decisions, decisions
  6. So I recall it went on sale Cyber Monday, but beyond that have they prior or after? I got a $10 Google Play gift card and was thinking of using it to get 2 and 3.
  7. Final Fantasy- as stated before its disappointing as hell that the only crossover between two JRPGs was a BOARD GAME. Maybe they can use similar reasoning that DQ Heroes or Dissidia did for there crossovers. Hell I'd settle for a Final Fantasy + DQM crossover. Elder Scrolls- The gameplay style of Elder Scrolls first (or third) person, open world action would work really really well with Dragon Quest. Animal Crossing- as previously said replace the Animals with DQ monsters, could possible take place in the same continuity as the Rocket Slime games.
  8. As far as you all remember does the L Button have much use in the Dragon Quest games for DS? Its exclusively camera rotation, right (ba dum tsh)? I was thinking about giving a friend my old DS Lite, but the L-Button on it doesn't work. And I've tried blowing that thing like hell all kinds of ways to no avail. Tried cotton swabs too.
  9. Since Monsters is already a spin-off series itself, I'd like to have FF monsters in the mix. A chance to raise monsters beyond what 13-2 had to offer along with it being better crossover material than Itadki Street was.
  10. Oh man, those minecraft style monsters are sweeeeet. I'd love to have that if they made it in english.
  11. I'd be down for minecraft as I mentioned in the other topic. If any of you have the DQ QR codes for your ACNL stuff, you should post them. I myself named my town Aliahan, but graphically doesn't have anything DQ related since I'm not much of an artist, nor could I find any good DQ related stuff.
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