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  1. Currently at about 2 thirds into Inindo - way of the ninja(SNES). Didn't realize how good it was since I quit after getting whooped on first fight last time I played it, lol!
  2. I found me another hack(Chrono Chronicles) and I'm about halfway through it. Schala is dead on Chrono Cross right? After you beat Lavos she disappears/fades away to the afterlife or something(been a while since I beat it) I thought. Couldn't find the story for this, sorry for asking. Finished it in about 4 hours. Now playing last hack I know of for Chrono Trigger(Chrono Shift) before I go back to regular games.
  3. Finished Chrono Trigger: Prophet's Guile(hack) a couple of days ago and it wasn't bad, though very short. Currently playing Unlimited SaGa - on fourth character, Ventus about halfway. Xenosaga - just got through that big Gnosis ship part, and San Andreas - though beaten, just getting extras like insane jumps, tags I missed(1 freakin tag out of the 100!), etc.
  4. Game looks real nice! Hope everything goes well with this game, and that those Genosidohs are weaker descendants of the original, !
  5. Most of my stuff is on my sig, which I keep updating, but you get the picture! Most recent ones(to play next) - Xenosaga, Unlimited SaGa, Mega Man Command Mission, & .Hack G.U. series.
  6. DWIV was just too cool, and the characters and stories for each kept me wondering what was going to happen next, as it was my third one played. Loved messing with costumers yelling at them to get the heck out of my store just for kicks while playing as Taloon(Torneko). Casino rules!!! DW 1 & 3 are tied for second because of being the original, and the introduction to character creating which made it great, on top of the stories which were interesting. DW2 & DWVII would be a close 3rd because of the difficulty, and they turned out to be really good even though a little tedious a
  7. My first game in the series was DW1 and it caught me by surprise as I never knew they made games that could go for more than a day, ! But anyhoo, here they are in order of played and beaten: Dragon Warrior series DW1 DW2 DW4 DW3 DW5 DW6 DW7 DW8 Any news on 9 coming here(US) anytime soon? DWM series DWM DWM2 Cobi's
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