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  1. I respectfully disagree. F*ing Hellcloud required a long grind for me, so much so that I took a break from the game. He was the toughest boss in the game, even tougher than both rounds with the Demon Lord. I had to grind a little for the final Demon Lord battle, but not all that much. Hellcloud required at least eight hours of grinding. *triggered* Just over a month ago I was replaying through Dragon Warrior VII and my save file corrupted... last thing that I had done? Died to Hell Cloud. I was too tired to take another swing at it. I loaded it up the next day and it gave me the "c
  2. No one ever said DQXI was announced. I'm just saying the people in charge knew of DQXI's existence well before they ever considered Dragon Quest Heroes for localization. This just seems like the most likely scenario. As a side note, I don't understand when people call Dragon Quest grind heavy. I haven't had to grind for the campaign in a Dragon Quest game since the nes days. Even Dragon Warrior IV is beatable without grinding, although it is hard as hell. The only exception would be Dragon Warrior VII if you prepared your party poorly, and even then it's only the final boss that you h
  3. I would like to note, if Dragon Quest Heroes really bombs, I don't see anymore Dragon Quest games here for a long time. It really is a critical title for SE and us. This isn't unusual, if a game bombs, why make a sequel? The problem is that SE is stupid for using Dragon Quest Heroes, a game that is not "really" a DQ game. But think who would make this decision? Someone who doesn't understand the intricacies of gameplay, and only thinks in the broader sense of a franchise. It's big business, and even if actual Dragon Quest games do well here, they look at the overall numbers.
  4. Not to be even more depressing, but where I work we internally have cancelled projects, but never make the information released to the public. This is in case 5 years down the line someone decides to revive the project. This is a common practice, because officially cancelling something already announced to the public looks bad and is way too final. With that said, I've always believed that DQVII will be released here. Moreso now with the announcement of Dragon Quest XI for 3DS. Think of it this way... why release Dragon Quest Heroes, a game that was not heavily asked for and only for t
  5. But you have to remember that any company is in their rights to protect the integrity of their intellectual properties. They are not required to demonstrate damages to exert legal control over their IP, including any additions or alterations that could devalue the property in any perceptible way. All they would have to argue is that somebody is mucking around, half-assing their IP, and they'd be right - whether they're right or not. And there is NO legal 'gray area' about wholesale duplicating the translation of Dragon Warrior VII - that is flat-out illegal, just as surely as lifting the compl
  6. I find this whole situation interesting, because I'm sure a fan translation would qualify as modding. This is not an illegal act, even to distribute as a patch (side note, cease and desists do not imply a legal high ground). The length that some companies have gone to prevent the modification of their games is borderline insanity (outside of the obvious multiplayer games). Anyway, I think you made the right decision to stop. They went out of their way to ask you to, and this can really only be a good sign. I doubt it's because the original script was being used, although this does pres
  7. Thanks so much guys! Almost halfway to my target, but I've got another eight days to go~ I'll keep you guys posted on what I find from the data, if you're interested.
  8. Yeah. I made a full set for the primary cast a long time ago... I never finished Saro or Doran though. I also made some for a few other characters, like the DQVI, DQVII, and DQVIII heroes.
  9. Well, you're welcome to still play any of the demos. The survey itself will redirect you to the links if you aren't eligible to participate.
  10. IvorEvilen

    Reia Cubed Screenshots

    Screenshots from my game... participate in my research study to play it: https://purdue.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_8wynA5CVBjyAivr
  11. Oh, thanks for that. For some reason the text was appearing black on my end, so I changed it to white... not really sure how that happened in the first place. The deadline is the 20th (for now). I am having issues scheduling my defense, so I'd rather be done with everything sooner, as opposed to later. Note: The game can't be played on mobile.
  12. Hello everyone, it's been a longtime since I posted (I still actually visit the forums daily, old habit I guess). Anyway, I wasn't really sure where to post this, but I need help! I am in the process of completing my master's thesis, but I don't have enough participants in my research study. The game I am using for my research is a game I have been working on for nearly two years now, that has heavy influences from Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. Originally it was a project to create Dragon Warrior IV in 3D (and some of those art assets have yet to be replaced, so it does have a similar feel)
  13. i second that, FFIV basically is one of the best ff from all ff series while DQIV is a good one, but not the best one from all... its a matter of opinion of every people duh... ... I think you misread my statement...
  14. The worst Final Fantasy versus the best Dragon Quest? Pssh, easy choice.
  15. Today is a good day.

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