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  1. It got pulled out of the PlayStore in Brazil D :
  2. By the way. Just how many DQ heroes are named Alus? VII's, the son in the movie, the one in the manga...
  3. Also, knowing about the twist at the end helps dealing with it. I mean, if I had spent all this time waiting to see THE DQV movie and it ended like that it would just be too sad.
  4. Oh, I know why I missed it. I was watching it with portuguese subs. It said "candy" hahaha. Whoever did the translation had no idea.
  5. What? Somehow I missed that. I'm watching it again.
  6. Since there's a spoiler topic now, I'll move it there. Edit: you just did it.
  7. So, I guess this will be the last of Sugiyama? That is, if he is even in it.
  8. Does that exist? I've looked before and come up empty. The BD comes out in march I guess, so we won't see a fan sub before that. Yeah, japanese/anime movies take that long. I guess we'll see it on Netflix before that.
  9. After I saw Dai in Jump Force I know Square and Sheishua had worked something out so they could make money with it again. This is really exciting. By the way I hope the game is a RPG.
  10. I got it like two weeks a go. I don't play games much anymore. Since Builders 2 came out, and it looked pretty good, I felt like trying it. I don't own a PS4 and Vita game was on sale. I also don't buy games unless they're on sale anymore. I'm having a lot of fun. I'm still in chapter one, I guess I'm playing it very slowly. I've have build an underground prison in my city, complete with chains, skeletons, jail cell door, and the people of my town seen to love it. Not only they spend the hole day inside, they like to sleep there was well.
  11. I bought it last week for Vita because it's on sale (the first one). I had only played the demo version a bit when it came out. I don't own a PS4, but I'm pretty much happy with the Vita version. Maybe I'll get 2 for PS4 or Switch if I buy one of them some day, Now, what I'm really ashamed is how much fun I'm having with this game. I always avoided Minecraft, but this is addicting.
  12. Well, that's why the wife choice mechanic is there anyway, and that's why they added a third option in the remake. It is a japanese game. I played the game 3 times (the DS version), I married Bianca all three times, never managed to let her die alone. The one time I started playing for the purpose playing with other girl I didn't get very far into it.
  13. Probably one of the worst ideas ever and the worst game entry in the series to pull that. If they really wanted to go this path, they should have gone with an original story. It would still be a bad choice, but there wouldn't have all the emotion associated with it. I still want t see it, though. At least knowing about this beforehand helps lowering the expectations.
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