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  1. Maribel is 10/10, five stars, top notch, the cat's meow of DQ waifus. Possible the best character ever conceived in by Hori
  2. I think they should at least let all the equipments be visibe like IX and X, and maybe add the option to show the character's default outfit.
  3. You mean the deistic view of God and that religion is bad? I disagree with him, but hey, I love the game. =P Edit: Actually, giving it a second thought, it's not so much deistic because God does same humanity in a way... well it's ambiguous to me if the whole birth of the Hero was just the Spiritis doing or God had a role in it. It's been years since a played it. I never got around finishing it on the 3DS, I should. By the way, not a fan of the puns as wells, and I prefer the localization being closer to the original. But sometimes the localized name are better indeed.
  4. Homer? Wow, I couldn't take it serious. Jasper sounds evil enough.
  5. I never run out of money because I'm stingy. But that also means a lot time beeing poorly equiped or doing quests and forging.
  6. I used to read back in the days of the Nintendo DS. I read in a software I had in my flashcard. I read the whole thing and watched the anime as well (in the brazillian dub). In fact I used to watch it when I was very small and had no ideia what video games even were. It's corny, it's got all the 90's shonen cliches. It's great. Prison School is very funny, but veeeeerrry different. I downloaded the old anime subbed a couple of months ago to watch it again before the new one comes out.
  7. Not a fan is Mr. C's design, but he looks more menacing with the "helmet" on. Since he has this "sci-fi" looks they should have explored more this space/time alien theme and how he would have been interpreted as a demon/dark lord in a fantasy setting. But the way it was made the design feels off.
  8. I have a few from my playthroughs: Danganronpa e and Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1. By the way, I do like the Neptunia series, it's not great, but the combat is really cool and the jokes crack me up. The down side is the constant map repetition (the game overall is very repetitious).
  9. That it would be an action rpg was expected, but it would be really cool, given how much the series owns the the first games of the franchise, if they made an turn based DQIII-esque game adapting the whole manga with old school graphics and all. I doubt an action game will get the Vearn without skiping some stuff.
  10. Now I'm down for it. Actually, I think they shoul add another one so we can have two Maribels.
  11. I wish SE would release PC versions of all the remakes. Or at least port the mobile versions and improve it.
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