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  1. you are no longer sleeply because you sleep but never wake up sucks to be you JK I wish this tread would get more attion
  2. you get it but it blows up because some of my power are still in the air i wish that made more sense
  3. you do but then it explodes and kills both of you (to birds with one BOOM) i wish i could blow stuff up with my mind
  4. they do but you miss them and kill your self i wish i had a new computer
  5. you do but one comes back and stabs you HA carma i wish i could find and kill the one that stabed Silver Fang
  6. you find it but you bathe 2 long and stop existing i wish i could never blow up
  7. granted but you spin so fast that you fall inot a volcano GAME OVER i wish i had the new DSi
  8. (me to mine broke) you get one but it blows up lol EVIL MICROSOFT i wish i had all A's in school
  9. HE dose and you get molested i wish that i had made a wish last time
  10. he dose but then he leves and dosent fix you wall and your dad comes in and beats you with a toaster
  11. you can fly but while in the air you lose the ability and fall to your death i wish i could run at high speeds
  12. you get it but insted of wishis he gives you bad jokes i wish i was not sick
  13. is ready to have some fun

  14. you get a cake but then it inpoldes and you cry i wish i was super sayin over 9000
  15. you do but then you tripple and qudrople and you get kicked off i wish my legs did not hurt
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