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  1. that is veary good now we just need 2 more people but not enogh people seem to like the idea i really want this to work out thogh
  2. OK people I'm writing a story and I'm going to use this game as a reference. sadly i can only accept 3 people i will read the first 5 peoples and make a decision from that.The best will win. The idea is 3 kingdoms who are slowly starting to gain strained relations. People know war is bound to break out it is just a mater of time. Each kingdom is preparing there best me for battle but that's not you you are the king of your kingdom. You will decide how your kingdom prepares for the upcoming battle how the will act politically and what kind of troops they will use you will also need a commander for your troops so keep that in mind. OK a few ground rules you can be good, neutral, or bad. your troops must be okd by me. There can be infantry ranged cavalry and a small amount of a mega trop which i will decide depending on your alignment. You can decide what your normal troops are. You can be human, elf, drow, or necro. Also be prepared to defend your castle you be attacked by wild monsters. Also keep your people happy and you just might get something out of it . You may also leave your kingdom with your commander you will not control him you will send him out for a set amount of time and IF! there's like a 15% chance he might die but it would be worth it. There will be no attacking of others until the war. I can promise that this will be fun a checked at least twice a day which is more than most people can say. So be prepared to put some time into this and if your not go away now because i want to take this to the end.
  3. you are no longer sleeply because you sleep but never wake up sucks to be you JK I wish this tread would get more attion
  4. you get it but it blows up because some of my power are still in the air i wish that made more sense
  5. you do but then it explodes and kills both of you (to birds with one BOOM) i wish i could blow stuff up with my mind
  6. they do but you miss them and kill your self i wish i had a new computer
  7. you do but one comes back and stabs you HA carma i wish i could find and kill the one that stabed Silver Fang
  8. you find it but you bathe 2 long and stop existing i wish i could never blow up
  9. granted but you spin so fast that you fall inot a volcano GAME OVER i wish i had the new DSi
  10. (me to mine broke) you get one but it blows up lol EVIL MICROSOFT i wish i had all A's in school
  11. HE dose and you get molested i wish that i had made a wish last time
  12. he dose but then he leves and dosent fix you wall and your dad comes in and beats you with a toaster
  13. you can fly but while in the air you lose the ability and fall to your death i wish i could run at high speeds
  14. you get it but insted of wishis he gives you bad jokes i wish i was not sick
  15. is ready to have some fun

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