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  1. As of right now it goes in this order Dragon Warrior(Quest) IV then I and then VIII I love IV because of the chapter system which is something I got used to in the Sailor Moon RPG that I played for the Super Famicom by getting it from eBay and a rom DW I has an obvious reason: Its the first but also just the fact that it was somewhat condensed area and at the time you really didn't have a whole lot of spells to learn or items to get. DW VIII is a good game but it does have its things that I just slam my head up on a desk for that drive me nuts! First ya got the alchemy system. I get that people look at this like its something cool and some people probably think that it is but considering how long it takes to get an item made sometimes just makes ya go ARRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! The second thing is the casino when ya go play Bingo. How many different ways can ya get screwed out of winning the game sometimes like they don't want you to win or get some of the better items in the game!(This also applies to the alchemy pot) This next one is a little bit harder to explain but I'll do my best. I understand that the game was made for the PS2 and it was supposed to be 3D. Cool. Gotcha. Let's move on with it. The problem there lies when you are trying to figure out which way is up(and some caves DON'T follow the compass that you are given) its sometimes disorienting to look at an area and go *OK I need to go this way to find (insert item here)* Kind of frustrating at times isn't it? The only saving grace there is that you got a map in each dungeon a la Zelda where you found a compass and a map for each dungeon you went into. Hopefully when S-E brings these three games over here they change one other thing that seems common in II ,III ,IV and VIII(probably VII too but I haven't played that game) and that's when they list enemies if there's more than one grouped together they put them as ONE GROUP!! Its a pain in the neck when you see like 3 slimes together and this is how its listed: Slime 1 Slime 1 Slime 1 sorry for turning this reply into a complaint but there are the games I found to be the best so far and the order I put them in. when the remakes come out and I can play V and VI on a DS I might have a change in my ranking but we'll see on that
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