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  1. Etrian Odyssey X gets its official titty monster:
  2. Didn't even know those ones existed. But I sometimes get ads for asian dating sites.
  3. It's the PSVita. It comes with the territory I used Match, but then work swamped my life and couldn't get much out of it. When things improve, I may have to use those sites. Thanks for the recommendation.
  4. Got stood up for a dinner date today. This dating business is hard.
  5. Got a big payday thanks to overtime so I picked up the Guilty Gear Sound Box from CDJapan. Sure hope they don't cancel the order on me because they actually don't have it like what happened to the DQ1 Hero nanoblock figure I ordered. It's always a trip ordering from CDJapan.
  6. Probably Jupiter or Venus. I can't pick.
  7. Watching Sailor Moon Crystal. Sad to hear that it's essentially been dropped. Apparently they are working on movies for it but... no news in like a year on them. So I leave you with this...
  8. Agreed with this. As long as they release the games I don't mind if it never becomes mainstream.
  10. Sometimes does. I think I was able to get the OK easily this time because I was the only team member working the last few hours Friday and I had to work on Saturday. Then THIS happens lmao Regardless, I feel your pain. Is this the American dream we are living?
  11. http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/facebook/000/175/315/PicardDoubleFacepalm-1.jpg So, I took off today. Boss approved it and all. But a coworker couldn't really cover that last hour I work and now has to call a bunch of people to help her out. Had no idea. Thought when I got the OK, it was all clear. So today I get a nice day off with guilt and a coworker who probably likes me even less than before tomorrow. Sweet. Linked pic is an accurate depiction of me this morning.
  12. My Hero Academia premiered on Toonami last night. A fairly standard episode 1, I guess. I need to see more to see if it'll do anything for me. Not a huge fan of superheroes, though.
  13. Preordered when I saw the boxart. maaaaan I sure do love the Switch. My favorite game so far this gen is definitely Xenoblade 2 with Breath of Wild close behind it. Lets see how this one ranks in there.
  14. I was hoping for something like the Xenoverse games.
  15. The create-a-ninja thing is what interests me most. Sounds like it could be fun.
  16. I did it lads, got through the day. Now I just gotta get through the morning shift tomorrow and I get a 3 day weekend (I took off Monday) Anyways speaking of Naruto, I never really watched it (but always loved the art) but I'm interested in that upcoming Shinobi Striker game. Worth looking into? I liked Ultimate Ninja Storm 4.
  17. lol late reply Anyway, soundtrack comes out at the end of the month. I have a preorder in, but they sold out on Amazon Japan and its already reselling for 23,000 yen (!!!). Hopefully my preorder ships.
  18. I'm really failing at this whole work/life balance thing. On Friday after 1PM I'll be the only person on the team. Everyone else is leaving early. It's me vs 200+ branches until 6PM. Lord have mercy.
  19. Pornhub ads is legit a good idea. There are excerpts of the comment section there floating around on twitter and it seems to be like the most chill and respectful discussion on the internet.
  20. Very nice! Looks great!
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