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  1. That was one of it's problems, IMO. Android 17 in Z redeemed himself, and helped contribute to Goku's final attack at the end of Z. Then he comes back in GT as an immense jackass. The one thing I'll give GT is the 4th Super Saiyan level did address something I always found puzzling, that being why the ape Saiyan concept was completely ignored in ever super saiyan form. Also, the Shadow Dragons had very good designs. But I tend to like pretty much everything Toriyama draws. But still, hated the Android 17 twist.
  2. What's wrong with Dragon Ball Z? It and Dragon Ball are very fun shows too watch. GT... eh, not so much.
  3. Oh god, they are bringing Secret of Mana to the iPhone too RRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH If Seiken Densetsu 3... :cry: :cry: :cry:
  4. I have it on the PSP (two copies actually, long story ) already, so no interest here. Plus I don't have an iPhone. And I don't like Apple products.
  5. I was bored so I decided to help out The DQMJ1 Psaro is too pixelated to get a good screen of, but I was able to get a good one from IX's Psaro model. How's this?
  6. new request Best Lucca pic ever Also, I have a bunch of DQ6 avatars (and HQ screenshots I took from streams) I made out of boredom. I can send them to you for the gallery if you want. thanks
  7. Fanservice mode: turn off Royce from Lunar this time, anticipating the upcoming Lunar remake. Will look very good on this boards background
  8. would like to get this: Jessica from off one of the cards for that DQ Arcade game... for some reason I like that particular image. Thanks ahead of time... and if it's too risque, then just forget about it, I'll find something else.
  9. Borked secret of Evolution turned him into a Cho-Aniki!
  10. VI back when I got my first PC and I started playing games that never came over here. I also played Seiken Densetsu 3 for the first time that day. Needless to say that was an awesome day.
  11. Can I get this: ? Maka going crazy from ep 20 of Soul Eater thanks ahead of time.
  12. After a while, retiring Frog In lieu of the DQIX info influx, I'm pretty hyped for IX so I'd like this as my avie Probably won't change it again until VI media comes out and we get a good pic of HASSAN. thanks ahead of time!
  13. Slayers is the best I can recommend for something along the lines of DQ.
  14. Can I get this as an avatar? one of my all-time favorite RPG characters
  15. playing Pokemon Pearl... but just fooling around with different party arrangements. Trying to figure out how to raise a good Drifblim. also playing FFIII a bit on the DS. On my second playthrough now...
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