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  1. Um, life hit me like a ton of bricks. Decided to drop by because I miss this place.
  2. Well that I sadly have to agree with. I said it elsewhere, Type-0 was the victim of being on the wrong platform at the wrong time. But there's still a part of me that thinks that just dropping it altogether is reflective of the new look of Square Enix outside Japan. Big HD AAA JRPGs (ie. FF13 spinoffs...) or Eidos games only. My hope with this particular game is that as it is such an overhaul, that they may look at it as a better venture for them. But the passing of the previous two 3DS games does not bode well. I wasn't expecting Rocket Slime, but I though Terry's Wonderland hand a chance
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tn96MYCpenM Do we really know that? Honestly I just keep forcing myself to not get excited about this game because I have a feeling we're gonna get burned. I remember 2ish years ago when we all said "Square Enix will always release Final Fantasy!", but now they've reached a point where they didn't release a Final Fantasy when it was 90% completed. Yes, this is in reference to FF Type-0. Regardless of whether or not it was a PSP game at the wrong time, they decided not to release a Final Fantasy when it was virtually complete. The other issue
  4. Don't see how Pokemans will impact this. Pokemon Black and White became a MASSIVE success on the DS after DQ9 DQMJ1 and 2. Nothing will steal Pokemon's thunder. If this doesn't make it over, it won't be Pokemon's fault. It will Nintendo's peculiar localization habits (Fire Emblem 12, Xenoblade, Last Story, etc). Nintendo seems serious about making DQ relevant now and it seems to be working. So perhaps we'll see this over here. And I'll have to borrow my brother's 3DS to play it D:
  5. No, you have to let them be killed by enemies. It supposedly says that they like you so much that they'd die for your cause, increasing your rank with that faction.
  6. If you want Cressida, you'll find the 3 heart system a pain in the butt. In essence, to recruit Cressida, you must have high reputation with the Galgastani clan... the best way to do this is to have recruited Galgastan units die. You have to have them get killed 3 times for this to work so... yeah, it just creates more work.
  7. Law route in Tactics Ogre is by far the best route to go first. Ozma and Ravness are among the best characters in the game. Ozma is probably THE best. She is literally invincible with the... I think it's called Ivory Tower skill. She can't die. Just use it after every action, send her up front to build up TP again and use it again. Easy. Then you use the post-game gimmick to go back and get the neutral/chaos characters. Have fun recruiting Cressida, total grindfest. Deneb's also a grindfest. But at least Deneb's quest is easy enough. As far as the FFT/TO debate. FFT = better character
  8. Considering I'm a straight guy with no real fetish what-so-ever...no, I really didn't... What does that have to do with anything? Sounds like someone needs to hit up Pixiv. Namely the DQ5 section. After that, you'll be ready for the internet.
  9. Did someone say manga Gracos? I think I heard someone say manga Gracos.
  10. XSEED is pretty rad. They're totally like Working Designs. Except you know, without a certain someone... Sorry, his fiasco of butthurt on NeoGAF during the Lunar PSP release was just silly.
  11. Yeah and these TitS are big. Prologue runs about 7-10 hours according to people playing it.
  12. Those games, while still playable, were a notorious wreck of localization. Namco Bandai at work, I suppose. These games are being done by XSEED now. XSEED, while small, does projects that are labors of love for them, so they turn out very well.
  13. Female Psaro I believe is based off that one girl who always is at DQ events in Japan cosplaying as him. Decided to toss her into the card game, I guess. Pretty sure her photo's been posted on the board before... if not I'll post that too D:
  14. http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/loh/loh6.htm Supposedly passed up by 6 other companies due to sheer size and word count, these games are finally being released here. People who played them say they are among the best JRPGs ever. They do really look good. First of the trilogy is out now. If it does well enough, they'll probably do the other two as well, even if the PSP starts fading off.
  15. wait wut under that pretense, this site would have to take down almost every image it has up! Unless you're talking about the fanarts...
  16. Such a tease Dragon Chaser: thread is really supposed to be for official artworks. If you want, we can make a separate fanart thread (or is there one already?) Also, found these two good ones, no source though: I'm assuming there's a pic like that for each game... haven't seen the others.
  17. some monster arts I've never seen before SFC DQ5 guide
  18. From DQ6 SFC guide -- artwork of mermaid and Barbara attacking from DQ5 CD Drama from DQ5 PS2 guide
  19. Made this topic to try to collect the harder to find stuff. Scans from japanese guides, drama CDs, etc. Will post some other stuff in a bit, photobucket is being silly right now.
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