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  1. It's snowing here. It's nice to look at it.
  2. Yeah the wind here REALLY picked up and it got cold. My heater can't even compete with it.
  3. Yeah I ended up speeding through a lot of it
  4. It's really cold here, and gonna get colder tomorrow.
  5. Whoa this topic got deep. I'm taking Nintendo teases with a grain of salt. Maybe I'm a terrible person but the Slime Mori mori games just didn't do it for me DQ7 would be nice but I dunno I just can't see it happening.
  6. Yeah I think that game could make waves here. It looks even better than the regular Dynasty Warriors games with all of the RPG elements added to it.
  7. Looks pretty cool! I really hope we get this game. We get all the other Dynasty Warriors (Gundam, Fist of the North Star), so if we don't get this because it's Dragon Quest than the franchise really IS dead in the west.
  8. It's discouraging, to say the least. I'm not going to give up though. Hell I have loans to deal with and 4 months before I need to start paying. I have an emergency fund to help with initial payments but... My dad lost his job last summer (layoffs), and he hasn't been able to find work since. He's got age working against him though, not gonna be easy to hire someone who they think would retire in a few years (even though he won't be anytime soon).
  9. On today's adventure to find employment, a place is asking me to take an exam before I can be brought in for an interview. I swear it was easier to get work BEFORE I got a my Bachelor's. I'm running into so many "do x before we will talk to you", it's not funny.
  10. For what it's worth "shocking revelation" in previews from Japan generally doesn't mean much. It'll probably be a new character or something.
  11. Look at DQI compared to DQVIII. Maybe it's just a beginning of a beautiful series. That's what I mean. It feels like something that can only get better as it moves forward if they keep building off the foundation it has. The game itself though struck me as above average though. Not bad but not remarkable either.. You can kinda feel Dragon Quest IX vibes from it at times, too.
  12. It's a stretch, to be sure. But when you're in a fanbase where they are desperate for something to grab onto, it happens. Hope is hope. It's not impossible, just very unlikely.
  13. My younger brother seems to be coming down with something, and I have two big interviews coming up... uh oh. I just recovered from something last week, too!
  14. DQ Heroes does already have a name, but it's not punny enough for western Dragon Quest standards While I am joking, I also realize that I am possible right and become sad. It could be Spelunker Z's western name due to Spelunky. Maybe they don't want to mix names. Unlikely but who knows. I've given up on us getting DQ7. I'm hoping we can at least get Heroes.
  15. It's alright. It feels like it could be the foundation of something a lot bigger and better.
  16. I could never do the Amiibo thing. It just seems so frustrating to deal with Nintendo's supply hijinks. However, I would like a Ness for the sole reason of it being official Earthbound/Mother 2 merchandise. But yeah, not gonna deal with the headache.
  17. http://www.siliconera.com/2015/02/11/dragon-quest-heroes-screenshots-show-jessica-yangus-action/
  18. Using NoScript with Firefox goes a long way in keeping yourself safe while browsing the internet. The only downside is you have to specify what scripts you DO want to run because it prevents ALL of them, and sites don't display properly until you do that. Its worth it though. I used AVGFree for a while too, seemed to work well enough.
  19. That's creepy. I've never had that asked of me in any interviews I've had. The dude made me hella uncomfortable. Adding salt to the wound is the only offer I got so far was from that guy and he was aggressive, probably because he really liked my GPA. I told him I needed a day, but he wasn't having it. Anyway, another interesting story... a place wants me to purchase a 50$ ebook and read it before taking me in for an interview. Uh what. Maybe if I was offered the job I'd consider it but I'm gonna spend that money for something I'd otherwise never use just for a chance to interview. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  20. Oh boy job search stories.... I had a guy ask me if I wanted to get married and what gender I was planning on getting married too. Pretty sure you're not allowed to do that. Needless to say I wasn't interested in that place anymore.
  21. I'd like to, but money's tight. Whenever I land a job I'll probably pick one up.
  22. I'll hang around. My disappearance was largely due to going back to school/working. Now I'm looking for work though and have been exhausted traveling all around Maryland for interviews and I still have one next week which is pretty far. So yeah, just exhausted.
  23. Yeah, that's about right. I've been playing MH since the PSP games. I first tried the demo, hated it. Picked a game up on sale, tried it... felt OK about it, but didn't play it much. Then one day I put some time into it and killed my first large monster and from that moment I was hooked. Can't wait for MH4. Looks like Gamestop charged me for the Collector's Edition already...
  24. Holey Heroes huh? Well, as long as it comes out here.
  25. Um, life hit me like a ton of bricks. Decided to drop by because I miss this place.
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