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  1. XSEED is pretty rad. They're totally like Working Designs. Except you know, without a certain someone... Sorry, his fiasco of butthurt on NeoGAF during the Lunar PSP release was just silly.
  2. Yeah and these TitS are big. Prologue runs about 7-10 hours according to people playing it.
  3. Those games, while still playable, were a notorious wreck of localization. Namco Bandai at work, I suppose. These games are being done by XSEED now. XSEED, while small, does projects that are labors of love for them, so they turn out very well.
  4. Female Psaro I believe is based off that one girl who always is at DQ events in Japan cosplaying as him. Decided to toss her into the card game, I guess. Pretty sure her photo's been posted on the board before... if not I'll post that too D:
  5. http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/loh/loh6.htm Supposedly passed up by 6 other companies due to sheer size and word count, these games are finally being released here. People who played them say they are among the best JRPGs ever. They do really look good. First of the trilogy is out now. If it does well enough, they'll probably do the other two as well, even if the PSP starts fading off.
  6. wait wut under that pretense, this site would have to take down almost every image it has up! Unless you're talking about the fanarts...
  7. Such a tease Dragon Chaser: thread is really supposed to be for official artworks. If you want, we can make a separate fanart thread (or is there one already?) Also, found these two good ones, no source though: I'm assuming there's a pic like that for each game... haven't seen the others.
  8. some monster arts I've never seen before SFC DQ5 guide
  9. From DQ6 SFC guide -- artwork of mermaid and Barbara attacking from DQ5 CD Drama from DQ5 PS2 guide
  10. Made this topic to try to collect the harder to find stuff. Scans from japanese guides, drama CDs, etc. Will post some other stuff in a bit, photobucket is being silly right now.
  11. Why feel bad about that? For men tallness is usually seen as an asset.
  12. Age -- 24 Nationality -- Greek/Italian Height -- 6'2'' Wht -- somewhere around 180lbs Black eyes Black hair but it's thinning a little so I'm probably gonna shave it off if it progresses. Some people tell me I'd look better like that anyway, so I'm even debating doing it for style. Facial hair grows real fast but I never grow a beard 'cuz they itch too dang much I'm a currently unemployed introverted man who really has no idea where he's going in life Maybe going back to school for some cert courses.
  13. Old thread but it's worth noting that the PSP has gotten a TON of awesome games in the past year and even has some good ones in 2011. (Persona 2, FF4 compilation, Tactics Ogre, Dissidia 2, Ys, etc)
  14. Finally finished watching Fullmetal Alchemist 2... Holy crap, it was great. I didn't like the first series at all, as such I never followed the manga. Also had a very satisfying ending, don't get that much.
  15. Hey, what's wrong with Sailor Moon? That show was awesome. Well... SuperS was kinda ehh, but even that got good towards the end when Nehelenia popped up. Anyhow, don't watch much new anime these days. Sometimes watch Dragon Ball/Z, Ranma, Slayers, Lodoss, even watched the Ys anime recently. Anime has kinda gone down a road of extreme perversion as of late (I realize it's always kind of been there, but the pandering has been stepping up to the point Miyazaki is even saying "WTF MAN")... no thanks.
  16. According to folks I know, there's more. Asuka and Penelope are blocked too.
  17. That was one of it's problems, IMO. Android 17 in Z redeemed himself, and helped contribute to Goku's final attack at the end of Z. Then he comes back in GT as an immense jackass. The one thing I'll give GT is the 4th Super Saiyan level did address something I always found puzzling, that being why the ape Saiyan concept was completely ignored in ever super saiyan form. Also, the Shadow Dragons had very good designs. But I tend to like pretty much everything Toriyama draws. But still, hated the Android 17 twist.
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